Goodbye Saddlebags Workout

Good morning to you all :)

Friday it is! I can definitely take that.

I could also take the brand new Hunger Games movie, some fro yo, a really long nap, new shoes, my husband, and time to read a good book.

But instead, let’s just go with what I can DO. Mmmkay? I can bring you a totally awesome targeted-area workout. (This area was requested by a reader–your wish is my command ;))

NOW, what you must know ahead of time is this : there is really no such thing as spot training. You can’t just do one exercise over and over for one area and expect that area to be lean, strong, fat-free, and sculpted after several rounds of that one exercise.

There is much more to getting sculpted, lean and strong (like eating well, getting in some moderate to intense cardio workouts, lifting, getting enough sleep, etc.)–but usually those areas of our body that we don’t necessarily love follow as sculpted & lean when those ‘other things’ are in place.

Those ‘other things’ are:

  • speed training or HIIT work (in any area of cardio)
  • eating whole foods (eating well!)
  • avoiding junk, processed foods, refined sugars and flours, and trans fatty acids (i.e. fried foods, chips)
  • getting quality sleep
  • lifting weights consistently
  • increasing weight selection as much as possible (no ‘dinky’ weights just because you’re a ‘girl’!!)
  • getting as much physical activity as possible (taking stairs, walking further to the car, etc.)
  • see other fitness advice and fat loss tips


Saddlebags Area

The ‘saddlebags area’ is the place near the thighs, butt, and hips that tends to carry extra ‘stuff’ for women. As women we are designed to have our center of gravity be lower (hence why it’s so hard to do those darn pullups!) for child-carrying and childbirth. That is a beautiful thing!

What is not so awesome is that any extra fat storage tends to stick around in that saddlebags area even with weight loss and/or fat loss.

However, when those above fit tips are in place, the following workout can help you minimize the jiggle, get that toned look, and wear your clothes with more confidence and less sucking in!


Remember resistance training (weight training is a type of this) builds muscle. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat–so any time you add these resistance moves to your workout, you add extra caloric burn via muscles!

This workout is designed to target the butt (hello gluteal muscles!), hips, and thigh areas. Enjoy!

Ready, set, GO! Remember, all the magic happens when you do something different from what you have been doing.


Links for help for some of the moves: back squats, hip extensions, 1-legged deadlift, clams.

Have a lovely Friday!!

Oh, and because it’s Friday, check out more workouts and fitness moves (+ mine)! Thanks LindsayΒ :)

In Sweetness and In Health


What are some of YOUR favorite moves to ‘target’ the saddlebags?? What are YOU going to change about your routine so YOU can get what YOU’ve been trying to reach??! Weekend plans?

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  1. Such a problem area for me! Will definitely be doing this Saturday!

  2. This is a fantastic workout! I could use something like this today… I don’t want to work my legs and my arms are slightly tired, so this works

    • Oh wait… this is a lot on legs lol… I took a quick glance initially and apparently did not catch the details on it haha
      Well next week then πŸ˜€

      • :) It does have a lot of legs because compound moves like the lunge and the squat are ahhhhmazing moves to really tone the entire area of the butt, hips, thigh areas.

        Have a lovely day, Tessa :)

  3. i love sumo squats! although I always feel a little silly doing them at the gym in front of people…hahaha πŸ˜‰

    i’m hoping to see the hunger games this weekend as well, yay!

  4. I’ve been doing a lot more long walking since I can’t run with my knee injury, but I’ve been speed walking and doing lots of hills – definitely feel it in my “saddlebag” area after a few days in a row!

  5. This workout makes my legs hurt just looking at it!

  6. I’m loving these suggestions! It’s such a tricky area for me, like a lot of women…

    I’m a true lover – and definite HATER at the same time πŸ˜‰ – of the sumo squats. They work!

  7. great workout! i love side shuffle walks with a resistence band around my ankles… those always target my hips so well!

  8. I can’t wait to try this workout!! Two minutes of walking lunges sounds hardcore! I really like doing side lunges :)

  9. caroline says:

    how about you move to IC and be my personal trainer? weekend plans? work, sleep, pick up husband from the airport.

  10. nelda says:

    Work out looks good! But how do you do a “clam”? LOL sorry…..

  11. Too true! There’s so much more to getting fit than “target toning,” but I still like to focus on a trouble spot or two every now and then. Thanks for the workout.

  12. now i need to start incorporating more cardio! gosh i really need to find a balance.. i think after livefit is done ill be able to find a good balance between the two… i am in phase 3 now and the workouts are just SO long that once school starts again (aka next week) i’ll have to break up the weights and cardio parts into two sessions…

  13. Ok – I did this workout on my lunchbreak today (luckily I keep dumbbells in my desk). I seriously hated it the entire time – but it felt great when I finished. The lunges were really difficult to do with as fatigued as my legs wore. ‘Gonna be nice n’ sore tomorrow! Thanks again! I always try your workouts, as they are so easy to incorporate at work when I need a break :)

    • WAHOO!! I am not a person who treads lightly, ya know?! I believe that most people who exercise are not exercising at their capacity–so it’s fun to throw in some challenges here and there πŸ˜‰

  14. I am gonna implement these with my in home clients. Thx

  15. WOW I love this hun! I will try it out for sure :)



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