Brown Bag It

Hey you guys!! I am baaaccckkkk :)

It was a totally fabulous skiing vacation with my family!

My entire family (all 10 kids + spouses, grandkids, and my parents) stayed up in a cabin high in the mountains. It was so fun just to relax, ski our selves silly, eat, play games, and just spend time with one another.

You can only imagine how excited we all are to get together since most of us don’t live anywhere near each other!

{husband and me on the lift. excuse the creeper outfit-it is cold up there!}

It was seriously such the perfect little vacation–I could not have asked for anything more!

Oh, and it snowed while we were there. LOTS.

We LOVE new snow in my family. LOVE it. Fresh powder is the bomb to ski in, so we all had great days of skiing! And that kind of snow is the kind that makes your legs buuurrrnnn as you ski down the mountain. I love that burning feeling–even high up in the mountains πŸ˜‰

I also think new snow is so beautiful! (This is of course if I’m not driving in it. hah).

A huge thank you to Katie, Lindsay, and Lauren for their awesome guest posts while I was spending as much time as possible on the mountain πŸ˜‰ Check out their awesome posts here, here, and here!

Once again, if I haven’t emailed you back, haven’t checked your blog, or responded to you on Facebook or Twitter, thank you for understanding my need for a an unplugged vacay. It was sooooo perfect and much needed!


Brown Bag It

I grew up in a home where my mom always packed our lunches. Always. Plus, we ate home-cooked meals, we only ate whole wheat bread, and we hardly ever ate out.

Those ideals still stick with me, especially the ‘bring your lunch’ habit.

It’s SO hard for me to shell out 2-3x the amount of $$ for food that might taste and be the exact same as if I had taken it from home. Plus, for the most part, packing a lunch is healthier.

{lunch can be upside down, right?! The chocolate was shared, by the way. Hah.}

Why to Brown Bag It

  • Bringing your lunch is healthier! If you are interested in watching your waistline, your future, and the health of your family, it is a much better option to buy the groceries and make the lunch at home.
  • Brown bag it to save money! Restaurants and convenience food is more expensive dollar per ounce than the grocery store. Enough said.
  • Grab your lunch from home to save time and stress! We packed our lunches every day while skiing, and so when we got hungry, we grabbed ’em from the car, plopped down inside a lodge, and ate away. It was perfect and it saved sooo much time (hello no waiting in lines?!), and we didn’t have to stress about healthy options being available.
  • Brown bag lunches taste better!Β Eating food from home is tastier, more wholesome, and most likely without any extra fat, sugar, or salt (unless you add that in). Basically you know what you’re getting when you grab stuff from your pantry–can’t say the same about any place you eat, you know.
  • Eating home-brought food can be exciting! You have complete control when you pack your own lunch-how cool is that?! On my flight out to the ski trip I brought a leftover piece of omelette, paired it with an apple, and ate them in the car after arriving to the airport. It was totally delicious (and random) and controlled solely by me. That is awesome.
  • Brown bag lunches can be transportable and less messy! For the most part, food brought from home can be packaged well so that it travels well. A lot of restaurant food has extra sauce (fat, sugar, salt, etc.) on them, so the travel part might not be so safe.

I am now totally excited to eat my ‘bagged’ lunch today!

But first, I gotta get some BodyPUMP teachin’ in! I haven’t taught in 5 days, so this could be interesting to say the least…… πŸ˜‰

What do YOU do for lunches??! What are some of YOUR reasons for brown bagging it??! How was YOUR weekend?!!! <—I missed you all!

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  1. money and health are my reasons for rarely eating out! I know what’s in my food, and it’s so much less expensive!!!! I like to bring my own salads to school, and for flights I’ll bring apples, bananas, nuts and granola bars.

  2. Yes!! Glad to hear you had an awesome vacay! That’s awesome that the WHOLE fam was able to go!! I always bring my lunches, too. It is a major pet peeve of mine to pay a lot of extra $$ for something that I could have easily made from home!

  3. I live like 2 minutes from my office, and get an hour for lunch…so I’m always able to go home and cook something. And *bonus* I get to watch Ellen while I’m eating :)

  4. I work from home so I kindasorta brown bag every day :)
    If ONLY I could get the husband to do it.
    thus far he hath refused.

    loudly :)

  5. ahhh so glad you had a great time out here! :) it sure did snow quite a bit! i always brown bag my lunch. like you said, i’d much rather just pack my own than dish out money everyday for a lunch that is most likely not as healthy as my brown bag lunch.

  6. I love packing my own lunch. I know that I’ll enjoy the food and that it will be healthy! Sometimes though, a brown bag won’t cut it- I’ll have to use an actual lunch box with a cooler pack to keep things fresh ;). Glad you had a great trip!!

  7. welcome back girl!! so glad you had a great time on your trip. its so nice to unplug once in a while :)

    Majority of the time I bring my own food to work..i’d rather not waste the money on other food, and i like being in control of what I eat. It will usually be leftovers from the night before, or a sandwich with fruit/salad/veggies…whatever. I change it up all the time.

  8. I don’t ski (it SCARES me!) but your trip looks awesome! I know my husband would definitely love that fresh powder (especially since we had none this winter).
    I have packed my lunch for work every single day for seven years. For me, the only other option would be cafeteria food, or nothing at all. I’m not interested in either option. I look forward to the weekend when I can actually take time and make my own lunch and eat it right then… and of course during the summer months when I don’t have to pack at all… ahhhhhh.

    • skiing is NOT scary…. :) But mountain biking and trail running are. HAH πŸ˜‰

      You do such a good job packing all your food–it’s impressive!

  9. On days when I have class or I know I will not be home for lunch, I always pack a sack lunch! Makes me feel so much better than going to get fast food and it is so much cheaper/ easier!!

  10. I pack my own lunch so that I can eat healthy (or try to anyways) and save money. Sometimes, even though I pack a lunch, I still end up going out to eat with co-workers or my boss because it’s part of the office politics, but on those days, I just save my lunch for the next day, which works ok too!

  11. When I worked in an office, people thought I was nuts for bringing my lunch everyday. If people wanted to go out for lunch, I’d eat my lunch and go sit with them and chat!

  12. Welcome back, Annette! I’ve actually never even seen real snow in person before– only on tv & in pictures. However, when it’s 65 degrees out, this Miami girl always swears to be freezing, so i’m not sure how it would go.. haha

    • No snow in real life?! That is amazing to me! WOW. But what a cool fact about you, Brittany! Yes, the snow is a tad colder than 65….. πŸ˜‰ hehe

  13. WHOA that snow is insane! And I live in Montana and we don’t have snow like that where I’m at!



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