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Hey friends :) Happy Monday! I am taking another much needed day to ski (having a blllasssttt!!), and it’s been totally amazing so far-so thanks for the well wishes. (And that’s why I am kind of absent from blogs and twitter).

Enjoy the amazing Lindsay!! We’ve been best friends since we we’re youngins and she is one awesome person, so enjoy!


Hi!  I’m Linz and I blog over at Itz Linz.

Annette’s blog was the very first blog I read and actually introduced me to the blog world.  Annette and I are lifelong friends; we began in the same toddler class and were literally inseparable until we went to different middle and high schools.  Through the years we have kept in touch, gone to annual lunches to catch up at Panera, and celebrated at each others’ weddings in 2010.

{me and Annette at Annette’s bridal shower, 2010}

I have always considered myself “healthy.”  I played competitive sports since I was young and continued my workout pattern when I went to college.

It wasn’t until this past December that I expressed my desire to start my own blog that Annette gave me the final push I needed.  (Reason #531 why Annette is an amazing friend AND motivator!)

I began to chronicle some of my workouts, some of my favorite eats, and just random daily happenings.

A question I get a lot is how do I find the time to maintain my healthy lifestyle?  There are a lot of ways I could answer this question, but the most important response that I can give is that I make time to workout and make it a priority to eat healthy foods.

I teach third grade, so I get to school early, stay late, and continue to work when I get home.  When do I make it to the gym?  Usually I go before school.  Yes, I wake up at 5:15 in the morning and get to the gym by 5:30 when it opens. {Annette here: that is AMAZING!!} If I don’t, there are a thousand excuses I can make for not getting to the gym after school.  I could stay after school for hours preparing for the following day and grading papers, I could get home earlier to cook an elaborate dinner, I could be tired; you get the point.  Going early in the morning ensures that I get my workout completed without any excuses.

Another way to guarantee that I fit in a workout is to make plans with my friends.  If you can find the right workout partner, then you can make plans to workout with them.  When you know they will show up, you better, too!  I mean, who likes to leave their friends hanging?  Many times, I will make plans to meet one of my friends (also a teacher) at the gym after school.  Or, I will find a running buddy to go on long runs with.  My sister is another great option as a workout buddy.

What if you still can’t seem to make it to the gym?  Workout at your work!  What if your work doesn’t have a gym?  Well, the elementary school that I work at does have a gymnasium, but not a gym with cardio equipment and weights.

So what do I do?

I turn my classroom into a gym!  I genuinely love the people I work with, especially the three women who also teach third grade.  Sometimes we all feel stressed for time and have difficulty making it to the gym, so we agree to bring our workout clothes the next day for a workout.  Luckily, I know one stellar blogger who posts TONS of workouts that can be done with NO equipment.  Right after school we change into our workout gear and set up our makeshift “gym.”  We blast some jams and put up our “no equipment necessary” workout on the smartboard for everyone to see.

My coworkers were first skeptical of how we would get a “good” workout with no equipment.  By the end of the first set, their minds were quickly changed!

By the next day, they were [happily] complaining of sore muscles on every part of their body!  Annette has graciously posted multiple no equipment necessary workouts, so we are able to change up our workouts quite frequently.

One of my coworkers actually did one of them at home after her husband questioned the effectiveness of workout in our classrooms.  He quickly shut up after they got started. {Hah}

Another great way to incorporate working out into your life is by going to new classes!

Group exercise classes are a fun way to burn some serious calories!  I am a terrible dancer.  There is a reason that Annette continued on with dance and I didn’t.

However, I am lucky in that I have gotten to take several of Annette’s Zumba classes!  I know you all may not have that pleasure or opportunity (and I won’t for much longer! :(), but go take a new-to-you class.

While I know I looked like a fool, I honestly enjoyed pretending to be a dancer, sweating, and watching Annette, the unbelievable dancer, do moves that I only dream of!

Another class of Annette’s I have been fortunate enough to take is her beloved Bodypump.  My gym doesn’t offer it, so when Annette invited me to her gym to try it out, I jumped at the opportunity!

{after taking Annette’s BodyPUMP class – Dec 2011}

Oh.My.Gosh!  Even though I lift weights on a consistent basis, this class kicked my booty!  I absolutely loved it!

Taking new classes challenge your body and muscles while providing you with the motivation we all sometimes need.  The atmosphere in group exercise classes is awesome and I always thrive on the energy in the room.

Eating nutritious foods are equally, if not more, important in addition to exercising.

Make small changes to gain big results.  Annette constantly provides accurate information and a variety of meal and snack ideas, so there should be no excuse to say, “I don’t know how to eat healthy,” or “I don’t have time to eat healthfully.”  I prepare food in advance and always have snacks on hand.

I also have mastered making the easiest, least time consuming meals possible.  (Hello, Crockpot!)

Find some healthy recipes you love, make them, and then make them again with small changes.

I make chili almost once a week and there are a billion ways to switch it up: different types of beans, vegetables, meat, no meat, tons of various flavors, etc.  Speaking of convenient ways to make healthy food, have you ever heard of a tofu press?  Because I’m giving one away on my blog right now!  Enter here and enter soon because it ends on Tuesday, March 20th!


I love living a healthy, active lifestyle.  I feel good about myself when I do and that’s the only motivation I need.

The amount of energy I have when I am eating well and working out is unbelievable.  Annette, thank you for continuing to be an inspiration in my life and teaching me new things each time I read your blog.  New readers, pop on over to my blog for even more workout/recipe/meal ideas, or just to say hi!


Wow, thank YOU Lindsay for a great post on simple, easy tips to fit in a healthy lifestyle! Like you said, ANYONE can do this :) By the way, thank you for the compliments-they are appreciated!

Have a LOVELY day everyone–and check out what Lindsay is up to today :)

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  1. At the first school that I taught at, about 5 or 6 of the teachers would always go for a run after school. On days that it was raining/snowing, we would set up a “workout class” and do videos/etc – It was such a great time to destress and take our minds off of everything that went on throughout the day!

  2. great story!! i love annette too… i completely agree that she is such a great friend and motivator! :)

  3. Love this post! That is so cool that you would put the workouts up on the screen :). I’m new to reading Lindsay’s blog, but I’ve been loving it!

  4. What a great post! I am also a teacher (high school) and teach spin classes before I get to work- I’m out the door at 4:30 am- so I feel your pain on waking up so early!
    I have also tried to get my co-workers to get healthy and enjoy working out. We have a weekly Zumba class here. I also do yoga in my classroom after work.
    Oh- and I love my tofu press. :)

    • So fun! Working out early is the way to get it done! We used to have a teacher who did kickboxing classes after school, but Zumba would be really fun with coworkers!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to post for you, Annette! Hope your ski trip is a blast! :) :) (Who am I kidding? I know it is!)

  6. It’s so cute she put the workout on the overhead. I’d love to take one of Annette’s classes!

  7. Ok first of all, I had no idea that you two know each other in real life – that’s so cool! 😀

    Second, I love that you do workouts in your classroom with your colleagues! That’s such a creative way to get in exercise and it sounds like so much fun!


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