Guest Post! Running: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

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So I am on the beautiful ski slopes in the mountains of Utah (I know, suuuccchhhh a bummer ;)) so while I am away today, Katie is here to share with you why YOU can run if SHE can run.

It is inspiring–so enjoy! (And thank YOU, Katie!)

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can.

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie and I blog over at Peace Love & Oats! I LOVE Annette’s blog and I’m so happy to do a guest post for her! Today I thought it would be great to focus on how to get started with running, since that’s something I’ve done recently!

My Running Story:

This past weekend I went to a friend’s wedding in South Carolina. I did my undergrad at the College of Charleston, but moved to Chicago a year and a half ago for law school. I hadn’t seen some of my friends since then, so it was great to catch up!

Several of them have checked out my blog (gotta love Facebook) and asked me how I got started with running, because many of them wanted to get into it too! Trust me, I was more than happy to oblige!

A lot of people think, “I’m just not a runner,” or “I’m not made for running.” Well you know what? That’s not true. Yes, some people can be more injury prone, or others just have the perfect biomechanics to run 3 hour marathons, but anyone CAN run. How do I know this? Because I was one of those “I’m not made for running” people for most of my life!

I’m always shocked nowadays when people say that I look like a runner (HA!) or that they don’t believe that I’ve not always been in-shape or athletic. It’s so odd to me because I didn’t get into running until I left for law school, only a YEAR AND A HALF AGO! And I didn’t even start taking running seriously until this past August! And guess what? I’ve run up to 13 miles and have my first half marathon race in a couple weeks!

When I was growing up, I was never necessarily overweight, but I was always bigger than my friends, and not very athletic. I played every sport because that’s just what my friends all did, and it was fun to play with them. However, I was AWFUL. Let’s just say I played basketball for 6 years and never scored once… ever.

So how in the world did this un-athletic girl who’d never run more than 4 (PAINFUL) miles in her life get to running half marathons? It was pretty simple:


When I moved to Chicago and started law school, I was completely thrown out of my element. I decided I needed a goal outside of school to keep me sane, so I signed up for a 10K. 6.2 miles seemed unachievable to me, but I knew I had to try!

I used Hal Higdon’s 10 K training plan and got started. It was rough and very slow moving, but eventually I managed to run those 6.2 miles and finished the race! I stopped running after that because those 6.2 miles were the hardest I’d ever run in my life. I decided I was just “not meant” to run that far.

A year later I started running again, just 3 miles as my max, but I realized how much I missed it and wanted to get back into running! I was at a barbeque and overheard a girl say she’d run 10 miles that morning.

My jaw fell to the floor. 10 miles!?!?! She was not what I would consider a “runner” and I couldn’t believe it! If someone average who was just like me could run that far, maybe I could!? I decided to sign up for the same 10 K that year, as well as a 10 miler in November.

Again, I started off slow, with 3 miles as my long run, then going up to 3.5 the next week, then 4 and so on. Eventually I got to 6 miles before the 10K and felt awesome, way better than I had the year before! I realized that taking more time with building up my mileage really helped and adding in sprints and speed work on the treadmill helped with my pace!

I finished that 10K over 5 minutes faster than the year before, I was so proud!

(My cousin Allie and I before the race)

After that, I was hooked! I kept up my slow increase up until my 10 miler and rocked that too!

(My brother’s dog, Molly, and I after the race! She came to watch!)

And now here I am doing 12 and 13 mile long runs, gearing up for a half marathon race, and even registered for the Chicago Marathon!

If you want to get into running (don’t worry, not everyone needs to sign up for a marathon!) here are my tips:

Tips on How to Start Running:

  • Start slow with 1 mile, then add on each week or two weeks as you get comfortable with the distance.
  • Walking is fine! If you need to take a quick walking break, then DO IT!
  • Pick a race and register for motivation. Start with a fun 5K! Be sure to give yourself enough time to train.
  • Run with a friend, having someone else to keep you accountable can keep you from giving up
  • STRETCH. Stretching is so important to make sure that you keep yourself from getting any injuries!
  • Strength train! Running uses a lot of muscles and to keep yourself from getting injured it’s important to strengthen those muscles! Add in 2 days of weights each week.
  • Build in “pull back” weeks. Either in the middle of training, or right after a race, take a break! Do some cross training, like spinning or aerobics class, to keep yourself from getting burnt out and sick of running.

Running for me is a time when I burn off excess energy and anxiety and I just relax and have time with my own thoughts. I also love the accomplished feeling I get after a run, no matter how rough it was!

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to take up running and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]!

Thank you to Annette for letting me guest post today!


And thank YOU, Katie! Have a lovely weekend you all–go check out Katie’s awesome blog right NOW :)

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  1. I agree with you, Katie. ANYONE can run! I actually HAD always been into sports, but hated just purely running. I thought it was boring. It wasn’t until I got into training for races that my love for running developed! Best of luck to you on your half!

  2. GREAT story katie! i can relate… i never thought i’d be a “runner” and here i am signed for my first half marathon in june! i can hardly wait! love you both! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I don’t think I’m a runner either but I’m on week 2 of Couch to 5K and enjoying it. I changed shoes and also downloaded a podcast that helps.

  4. Down here in the land of taco trucks and burgers the size of my head, the only people who work out are hardcore runners or cyclists. When I first started running it was hard b/c my family hates exercise and thought I was nuts (esp nursing injuries) and I never felt good enough for the ‘real’ runners…but now I’m just slowly building up on the treadmill. My goal is a 9 minute mile! :) I’m just so happy I’m running and pain free!

  5. I love this post! I was a “non-runner” athlete as well until, like you said, I just STARTED!

  6. Hi Katie-

    Great blog! I love all of your running tips. I am registered to run a 10k in the beginning of May. I registered a few months ago and it has been a great way to motivate me to run throughout the winter!

  7. Great post and great tips! I have started and stopped with running too many times to count, and your tips are bang on! Good luck in your half and full marathons!


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