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Soooooo, everyone is different. Did ya all know that?!

I just found that out. (Hah.)

I kid, I kid. But kind of sort of.

What I mean is this: what works for some may not work for you. What tastes good to someone else might not taste good to you (right, Ashley?! <—she looooves PB, and I can’t stand it ;))

But it’s good to follow some general guidelines to help YOU feel your best. Because ultimately that is my goal around here : helping you LIVE your life well. Food is a very important part of that equation, my friends!

Best Tips For Eating Well

  • Eat a good, quality breakfast. I know I sound like a broken record with this breakfast thing, but if you start your day off crappy, how do you think said day will turn out??
  • Balance decadence with whole foods. Enjoy some decadence and exciting, delicious-to-you foods once in awhile, and the rest of the time, savor those delicious whole foods! I eat about 90-95% whole/healthy foods, and the other 5-10% is usually spent on fro yo, caramel, or some yummy home-baked good 😉 <—by the way, dark chocolate is a whole food, so that (in moderation) goes towards the 90-95%!
  • Eat in a calm, happy, uplifting environment. This is a huge factor in your eventual fullness or satiated feeling (satisfaction) from that meal! Seriously, who really enjoys their meal in a crazy, loud, chaotic environment?! You should mention this to your kids too 😉 (heh)
  • Details help. Did you know that you enjoy your meals and feel more satisfied when they are presented well? Try adding some fresh flowers, a new placemat, candles, a fresh breeze, nicely arranged food, or new dishes. You will astound yourself with how incredible that meal will be! (Don’t worry, some meals I eat out of a tupperware too!)
  • Focus on consuming REAL foods…and then go from there. Real, whole foods taste amazing-and are amazing for our bodies. Go for these foods when balancing a budget, and then be choosey where you spend your food money next. Remember, anything that is canned, packaged, or in a carton or box is not really that great for you (for the most part).
  • Enjoy the moments and savor your food. Do you know what a piece of really good dark chocolate really tastes like? How about a red bell pepper? Take the time to eat your foods slowly and enjoy the variety of tastes, textures, and flavors. It is an incredible experience to actually sit down and “eat”…instead of running around while scarfing.
  • Avoid the ‘health halo.’ More on this in a later post, but just be wary that because it screams “whole grains” or “healthy ____” does NOT mean it is the best choice. Also, be wary of certain stores that have that halo….not everything in the store is amazing for you and your body. If you’re in this to lose weight, every calorie counts (except for raw veggies)-even the healthy ones that come in that sweet box.
  • Eat as many vegetables as you can. This is a simple one. DO that and you’ll be happy, healthy, and feel amazing. That is of course if said veggies are not dripping in butter, oil, or fried. Grab a large salad and load it with all your favorite veggies-just forgo the really heavy salad dressings and top it with some lemon, garlic, and a bit of olive oil. Delicious!
  • Focus on feeding YOUR body what it physically wants. Separating what your emotions want from what your body physically needs and wants is a very tricky thing (especially if you haven’t gotten rid of the diet mentality). And is different for everyone. Be wary of this difference however! (More in a later post).
  • Try to eat a good balance of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. As already noted, protein is vital for a healthy body weight and/or for body fat loss. Having enough of that macronutrient plus the other two (complex carbs and healthy fats) in all meals and snacks will keep you satisfied and pleasantly full for longer than if you had just eaten 1 or the other (i.e. just eating a piece of bread or a sugary candy bar).

These tips and tricks are what keep me healthy, happy, and well-fueled for my intense physical activity!

I am never over-stuffed, and nor am I underfed. I actually enjoy eating now (imagine that!?) and see food as fuel, instead of those heinous feelings and experiences of tooooo many years viewing food as good or bad, seeing it as my enemy, being afraid of it, and avoiding certain groups or foods.

You can get there too! Promise. If I can do it, YOU can too :)

Use these tips to fuel your healthy lifestyle, and I promise you will be happier! Of course, if you’re still feeling like you can’t get rid of that guilty conscious or bad relationship with food, feel free to contact me via email ([email protected]), or check out the coaching services I provide–I am happy to help anyone who is wanting to change their lives for the better :)

And remember this:


You can get that healthy relationship with food by using these best tips for eating well! It might take time, but boy will it be worth it to live that life free of worries about food(!!!!).

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for an amazing Heavenly Father and Savior (or God or Deity) who does still work miracles today. It’s incredible to step back and see what He can do if we just let Him!
  2. I am SO thankful for a husband who is willing to drive lots and lots of miles for us!
  3. I am super thankful for my hard experiences. I would not be the person I am today without my trials and difficulties.

Off to dance and shake my thang (teachin’ Zumba). I need it bad. I am a work-a-holic as of late…. (and I like it. hah)!

Have a LOVELY day <3

What is YOUR favorite tip for eating well (from here or other wise)??! What do YOU do to remember food is fuel??!

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  1. i’ve been eating as many vegetables as i can… spinach, kale, and cabbage in massive amounts!

  2. You are such a beautiful teacher babe!

    My tips for eating well?

    Make a goal to have half of your plate veggies in addition to whatever else you are eating, if you want dessert enjoy a beautiful piece of fruit, drink water while you are eating, stay away from refined foods, before buying “whole grain” items from the supermarket look at the ingredients. If the first ingredient is “enriched” anything step away.. you could do so much better than what is in your hand!

    ALSO, indulge! Living a healthy balanced lifestyle includes treating yourself once in a while!

    • Awww thanks :)

      I love that if it’s “enriched anything step away….” LOVE that!!

      And yes, indulging is a good thing –a very good thing! Gotta have my ice cream!

  3. This is so perfect, just what I needed this morning!

  4. i love that quote! i try to have at least 1-2 servings of fruit or veggies at each meal. it helps me get in my produce for the day, and it gives me energy and nutrients! today i am thankful for more daylight in the evening so we can take after dinner walks without it being dark. :)

  5. p.s. you know i LOVE my peanut butter! 😉 hehe.

  6. I totally agree about the health halo thing. Can’t wait for your post about that!!

  7. YesyesYES to the first tip.
    I’ve not skipped breakfast in 19 yrs 😉

  8. such good tips! i think its really important to make sure you are eating throughout the day…i know when i let myself get too hungry, it leads to me just wanting to stuff my face later.

    I always make sure to have a good, healthy breakfast. it makes me feel so much better starting my day off right!

    and whole, healthy foods = :)

  9. You don’t like PB? I would die without it!

    Thanks for the treadmill tips…I just feel so slow when everyone posts interval workouts at like 7 and 8 and I’m like…6.3…5.9….

    Going to vote!

  10. Great tips! I totally agree with what you said about the healthy halo! Just because something says “organic” or is sold in a health food store, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy! It’s easy to get fooled by those labels.

  11. i eat foods that are in their natural form as much as possible
    limiting/doing away with processed foods, etc.

  12. “Focus on feeding YOUR body what it physically wants,” rather than what it emotionally thinks it wants – this is a tough one for me, particularly in a work environment. I try to keep to good regimen of eating several small meals throughout the day, but when I get busy at work, I do not feed my body what it physically wants, rather I just give it what it emotionally thinks it needs sporadically throughout the day! I will look forward to reading more about this in a later post!

  13. ahhh I wish I could be where you are with food, I’ve had such a hard time trying to get to a healthy, balanced relationship with it and get rid of the “diet” mentality.

    • Awww girl :( I feel your pain! If you want to meet with me, I do phone coaching as well–it helps a lot to talk to someone who’s been there. Just let me know!

  14. great tips girl!!

  15. I love all of those tips! The one I usually have trouble with is taking the time to really savor and enjoy my food. I’ve always been a fast eater and I really need to slow down haha.

  16. ohh this was a wonderful post!! you need to have the little share icons so I can tweet it quickly :)

    I have definitely learned over time that more veggies mean I feel fuller.

  17. What people eat is so low on their list sometimes. Life is busy and you only have time to eat, not to think about what to eat and then eat. =) Reading posts like this helps though! Thanks Annette!

  18. I have a sticky note inside the door of my pantry that says:

    Does your body need this food for fuel?
    What are your emotions right now?

    It makes me take a step back (MOST of the time!) when I am in a “snacking” mood. It holds me accountable for what I am putting in my body and why.



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