Sedentary vs. Physically Active

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How was your weekend?? Mine was fantastic! Full of BodyPUMP (squats–butt building–rocks!!) spinning, laundry (lots and lots), cleaning, packing, family, yummy dinners, church, and some hot tub time. Glorious (well, all except the packing part).


Sedentary vs. Physically Active

The other day I was reading an article about a study that proves children do better at school when they are physically active.

To me, this is obvious (the strong, positive link between kids’ school performance and physical activity levels), but it is always nice to have a scientific study and a bunch of researchers proving that point.

The study found that children who were given opportunities to be physically active (read: recess and PE classes) had higher grades and test scores than those who were not given that time.

Our brains do better when we have a chance to be physically active. We think, write, read, and perform better when we exercise our bodies. Have you ever had a writer’s block?? Did you just sit there and get frustrated, or did you get up and go for a walk? Science proves that those who get up and go for a walk would get past that block and be able to perform much better.

And those of you who have children, it is vital that they get that physical activity–especially in a world where sitting on the couch, playing with our phones, or zoning out in front of a TV are becoming popular pastimes! Plus, with childhood obesity on the rise, it would do us all well to help the kiddos get excited about being physically active.

Sedentary vs. Physicalyl Activity Pictures

Want another study and some pictures to prove that it does well to be physically active NOW and enjoy the benefits forever??

Of course you do 😉

Here is a picture of the cross-section of a 40 year-old triathlete’s legs:

The picture shows the muscle and surrounding tissue.

Now check THIS out :

The cross-section of the 74 year old triathlete’s legs is almost exactly the same as the cross-section of the quads of the 40 year old triathlete! (And the 74 year old sedentary man’s legs are full of adipose tissue and atrophied muscle).

What we do when we’re younger matters…..and we should continue being physically active.

The adage that the elderly must become fat, without muscle, and sedentary is SO very false. We can control our destinies-and it all starts with building physical activity into our daily schedules NOW!

Whatever age, whatever gender, and whatever ethnicity, YOU can be physically active and reap the wonderful benefits. Oh, and if you have children, share that beauty with them, and watch your family become one joyful unit!


And with that, I am off to be super physically active — stair mill machine and teaching BodyPUMP here I come!

What are YOU doing now to make sure YOU build physical activity into YOUR schedule?? If YOU have kids or a spouse, what do YOU do to help them enjoy the beauty of being active too?? And just for fun, what is YOUR favorite way of being sedentary?? 😉

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  1. love this! we take many “brain breaks” at school… like at least one every hour… our most common break is 20 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, but oftentimes i let the kids choose. :)

  2. I just don’t think I’m good enough to be a triathlete. :)

    Have you ever heard of rebounding?

  3. I just read an article on this yesterday in Fitness Magazine! When I was a kid, my favorite teacher always recommended throwing a ball up and down while studying, or pacing back and forth while trying to remember facts …. rather than sit at a desk and try to absorb the information. I’ve carried it through into my adulthood/career life. Definitely helps, I recommend it!

  4. I’d like to think that the way I treat my health now will be a direct result of how I feel when I’m older!

  5. Great article! Great way to look at the future and know being healthy is worth it!

  6. i secretly hope to be one of those 80 year olds running marathons…so cool! I hope when I start my family that I get my kids motivated to be active..its so sad to me to see kids engrossed in tv and video games when they should be having fun, being active outdoors!

  7. I get frustrated every single day at my job, because the school system does very little to promote healthy living for students. Kids are ALWAYS being rewarded with candy and doughnuts and pizza. I have never once given kids candy or any food items as an incentive, and never will (and honestly, I think I am the only teacher in the entire school that won’t!) My kids joke that I would give them “a bowl of oatmeal” for a job well done.
    I am trying to create some sort of healthy initiative for kids here, but it’s just NOT something that the administration thinks is important. So sad.
    I’ve been able to get some teachers on board with embracing fitness (I’m our school’s “wellness coordinator”) and arranged for a weekly Zumba class that starts this week. I am also running a “spring into fitness” challenge, where teachers log their exercise minutes each week for the next two months. Luckily, I have at least 20 other teachers on board… it’s a good start!
    (Sorry for the rant!) 😉

  8. I have seen those cross-section pictures before and they still fascinate me! After majoring in exercise science I really began to understand the importance of exercising throughout our entire lives and not just doing it to “lose weight” or “be skinny”. i want to live a long and healthy life, so that’s a big motivator for me!

  9. i make my workout a priority every single day, and if it’s a rest day, i still try to go on a walk or something to get me off my butt. cody doesn’t love “working out”, but he does love to play basketball & football with his friends, so i always encourage him to go play when he gets a chance. my favorite way to be sedentary is to blog and read blogs! 😉

  10. Great post! You know me, I maintain a very active exercise schedule throughout the week…It’s just something I truly enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like work for me.

    I really hope I will continue this lifestyle when we make babies…I can’t tell you how much I want my babies to grow up healthy and happy and active!



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