Got ___ Milk?

Good morning!

I slept awesome last night–thank goodness! The night before I went to bed toooooo late (gotta be better about electronics like I said with improving sleep, eh?!)

Taught an extra Zumba class and am going to go teach another one today. It’s lucky I love to dance, or else I would hate my life. Hah. Seriously, take beauty in the small things, people. It makes life SO much better :)


Something else I totally love as of late? Almond milk.

I can’t get enough of the stuff! I drink it as an after lunch snack. I use it in all my smoothies (having been downing lots of ’em too). I drink it with cookies. I use it to pour on top of my cereal (if I have some). I down it with oats. I add it to yogurt to make it thinner. And I drink it with dark chocolate.


Although I love almond milk, I do realize the protein is seriously lacking. In regular cow’s milk, however, the protein is ALL there. The problem is, I don’t like the taste of regular milk (this excludes my beloved chocolate milk)……

And that brings me to what I wanted to talk about. What “Got _____ Milk?” should we all have? Does it matter? What are the pros and cons?

Some popular milks on the market:

  • cow’s milk
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • soy milk
  • rice milk
  • hemp milk

All of those milks have varieties too. There are chocolate, vanilla, regular, light, 2%, eggnog (seasonal!), less sugar, added calcium, etc., etc.


With all these choices, HOW is one supposed to choose? WHICH one is right?

No wonder people spend lots of time (and money) grocery shopping! It’s time consuming just thinking about all of the possible options to buy!

Here are MY thoughts, based on research, education, personal experiences, taste, and preference.

  1. Cow’s (dairy) milk DOES contain ample amounts of protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Dairy milk can be a nice addition to a healthy diet. I drink chocolate milk (dairy milk as base) ONLY for post workout–it tastes good and the benefits are too much to pass up!! However, dairy milk is NOT needed for everyone. It is NOT the only Calcium source. And the (insanely rich) dairy council spends wayyyyy too much money shoving information and campaigns down everyone’s throats. SO sick of all their “data” and “research” proving that dairy milk is the best thing since, well, we were born, and that dairy milk is the only answer to weight loss, childhood obesity, and a healthy nutrition plate. Besides, alone, I don’t like the taste of plain dairy milk.
  2. Soy milk is cheaper than almond milk. It tastes good (especially the vanilla flavor), but I don’t love the aftertaste. Soy is a great protein alternative to those who are vegetarians or vegans, but there are some possible not-yet proven consequences that come as a result of too much soy. (Basically, if you drink soy milk, try not to get more than 3 servings per day, and less if you eat/drink soy isolate protein). I will occasionally buy soy milk.
  3. Rice milk is a nice alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Rice milk is about as expensive as dairy milk, so the cost is not necessarily something hard to change. It has a distinct taste, though, and I don’t really love it. If any of you do, please comment away in the comments section!
  4. Almond milk is really high in Calcium and healthy fats, and as such, is a nice alternative to cow’s (dairy) milk. However, like I mentioned, almond milk does not have near as much protein per serving as dairy. Almond milk can be used in cooking and baking just like ‘normal’ milk-which is a nice thing for those of us who don’t love using dairy milk in everything. And almond milk (vanilla) is my all-time favorite taste for a milk substance. Already mentioned above, but, boy do I use it a lot!
  5. Coconut milk is another type of vegan/vegetarian friendly milk. It is a tad bit more expensive, but it is tasty! I’ve only had it once, so I can’t say much as for experience, but it does boast some great nutritional stats such as it’s low in sugar, has some protein, and good amounts of fat. The downside is this : some of the fat is saturated, and that kind of fat is not so great for our arteries or our cholesterol levels. I would say, drink this in moderation.
  6. Hemp milk is a type I’ve never tried! It is also another milk for those who might be lactose intolerant or for those who are vegan and/or vegetarian.

A lot of what we put in our cereal is a personal preference, but it’s important to know what is IN that type of milk, where it comes from, and what it does for us.

{granola + almond milk + Greek yogurt}

Cheers for having lots of options for all of our different palates and preferences! (And to those who advocate for that!)

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful for a beautiful new car that I love!
  • I am grateful for lentils! They are totally delicious.
  • I am thankful that I get to do work I love. Helping people change their lives for the better is seriously cool :)

Off to dance and shake my thang <3

What is YOUR personal preference for a milk??! Do YOU ever check the stats and nutrition-or do YOU go by what tastes best?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. After having my son I became lactose intolerant which completely sucked b/c I LOVE milk! So I had to find an alternative that I could drink but wouldn’t upset my insides. So I tried ALmond milk and I’m in love! My fav is the vanilla flavor but I the regular isn’t bad either. Although, I am a litle upset that Oreos don’t get soft when dunked in almond milk like they do in regular milk. :(

  2. vanilla almond milk is my go-to choice, as well. although i did try flax milk the other day and that was pretty stellar, too. but i never drink just plain milk; i always mix it with something or use it for baking, so…….. :)

  3. I’m in love with Coconut Milk and Almond Milk right now. My husband prefers regular milk.

  4. I’m a cow’s milk lover, but I always have a carton of chocolate almond milk in my fridge. I used to drink like a gallon of cow’s milk a week when I was a kid. I was always asking my mom to go buy more :)

  5. I love almond milk- and yeah- it is definitely lacking in the protein dept. I just make sure that I get my protein from another source! The fact that a cup of unsweetened almond milk is 35-45 calories (depending on the brand) is a big plus!
    Have you had the coconut-almond milk from Blue Diamond? SO GOOD.

  6. I miss normal milk… so good on cereal. I can’t have soy milk or pasteurized milk, so I use other types. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but I use unsweetend flax most often because it’s only 25 calories in a cup!

  7. krystal says:

    I’m vegetarian and I’m always on the look out for the best milk alternative. I gotta say, so far, the winner for me is also almond milk. I do recommend giving sunflower seed milk a try! It’s tasty!

  8. My favorite tasting is dairy milk, but I have a hard time swallowing it as a vegetarian. So I usually opt for Soy Milk. I do love me some Almond Milk, but just like you am concerned that there isn’t enough protein in it. So I drink it sparingly. And yes, I check stats. As veggie, I HAVE to make sure I’m getting my goods!

    I am thankful for my brand new tempur-pedic bed, my cute new bootie heels and colorful tights!

  9. I love almond milk so much. Rice milk is watery and bleh…but okay. Cow’s milk…if it were organic I’d be cool with it…but personally, I’m scared of all the hormones and extra junk in commercial milk…so it’s very rare for me to drink it.

  10. Interesting post! I used to drink SO much regular milk (I love skim), but I don’t buy it anymore because I don’t go through it fast enough so it would just end up going bad. Lately I’ve been buying either vanilla soymilk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk!

  11. Very interesting! So glad you touched on this.. I switched to almond milk a few weeks ago after living on soy milk for yeeeaaarrss. I started to worry about those “not-yet-proven consequences” so decided to play it safe with almond milk. I don’t like that it is more expensive but I am definitely enjoying the taste! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Hey! Have you ever tried Sunflower [milk]? I bought some last week and it’s just a beverage (milk) made from Sunflower seeds/oils. It’s only got 70 calories per cup, which is less than a lot of milk alternatives. It has a thinner consistency like rice milk (which I prefer) and it’s color looks like soy milk. Right at first it tastes like sunflower seeds but then it tastes like nothing. So far I’ve used it with cereal and blended in a protein shake and I like it. :)



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