Ultimate Total-Body Travel Workout

Hey friends :)

Whooooo, after these last two days, this work week couldn’t get any busier. But of course, I managed to squeeze in exercise (and/or got paid to teach classes), but I am still proud of that fact I ran a little over 7 miles yesterday (on my own time), refueled with chocolate milk (duh!), and still got to work.

Oh wait, I work from home (read: day job as a health coach based from home). Hah. So yah, I am still not as cool as those of you who get the exercise in, get ready, AND travel to work. Totally still in awe.

But let’s be honest, we are ALL busy. We all have things going on. We ALL have excuses.


As a FitFluential ambassador I have the awesome opportunity of spreading the fitness love. Because fitness is a passion of mine, this is relatively easy for me to do :) But you all can tell this from any post I write.

(Is it really that obvious?! Hah)

Anyways, that total, complete love for fitness, and education in that arena, was further ignited with news of an upcoming fitness bloggers’ conference in Denver (hello beautiful Colorado!!) that I would love to attend. It looks freakin’ amazing and I would love the chance to learn more, connect with other fitness lovers, and be in Colorado again!

Yes, I am a nerd.

But a nerd who knows how to design workouts that make you sweat.

And that is a GREAT nerd to be. And you get to benefit. WIN-WIN.

Remember how we’re all busy?? And how we all take vacations?? And how a lot of you travel for work? Well, I have ANSWERED your problems of not having access to a gym or good weather for outside workouts during those travel days!


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Take it anywhere and get your SWEAT on. No equipment required–just your trusty, strong, beautiful YOU.

You’re welcome.

Have an awesome day!! I am off to teach some BodyPUMP <3

What is YOUR number one excuse for not working out?? What are YOU looking forward to in the near(-ish) future?? What do YOU refuel with after a good run??

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  1. no time! but fortunately i make time quite often :) i’m looking forward to the weekend (is it only wednesday?) and i always refuel with something carby!

  2. What does a health coach do?

    • LOTS :) I work from home, so I work with clients telephonically and by email. Pretty much I coach them as they change habits & behaviors and help them reach attainable goals (i.e. losing weight, getting more fit, etc.). It is a LOT of fun (and work). hah πŸ˜‰

  3. Love this! No time/too tired is an excuse I fight off very often. Especially by the end of the week when my whole body is sore! As a trainer I always think ” be a good example for my clients ” ! Something, even if it’s small, is better than nothing!! Super excited about my new obsession with TRX. Have you tried it? I don’t think one Peice of equip could work every inch of your body more than that! So tough

  4. perfect timing for you to post this workout! i’m going to be in a hotel for the next several days, so this workout will definitely be on my agenda. πŸ˜‰

  5. love it!!

    i couldnt really run when we went to el salvador last summer (too dangerous to go out alone) so i had to resort to workout dvds. this def wouldve done the trick.

    i LOVE refueling with chocolate milk after a good run. its cold, delicious perfection :)

    • Good point–it can be dangerous while travelling, so this could fix that. You ROCK.

      I agree on your choc milk comment-“delicious perfection” :)

  6. I love workouts like this. I have been known to do something very similar in a hotel room (or small hotel gym) because traveling is no excuse for slacking on your fitness! Luckily, most of my vacations revolve around hiking and biking, so the workout is built in. :)
    You should go to BLEND- speaking of lovely Colorado! I’m so excited for it- and I’m extra excited that my husband and I will also be taking an additional trip to Colorado in July. I need to just move there, seriously.

    • BLEND sounds fun, but I have work stuff going on during that weekend! You will have so much fun though, I am sure of it!

      ONE day I will live in CO. Mark my words πŸ˜‰ hah.

  7. #1 excuse is that I don’t get up first thing and get my workout done and then something comes up when I got to workout.

  8. That looks like an awesome workout!! Can’t wait to try it :). I think my number one excuse for not working out is being too tired…and usually when I’m too tired to workout I know it might be time for a break!

  9. I have to look into this conference! I spend a lot of time in CO and my best friend lives in Denver! Haha although I’m not sure if I’d qualify as health and fitness, perhaps an attempt at health and fitness?

    • You should totally come, Katie! I took a peek at your blog – I think you’d enjoy it. And you totally qualify as a health and fitness blogger! Shoot me an email if you have any questions – I’d love to see you in Denver!

  10. There shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out.. However, the only thing that holds me off, when is snowing.. : )

  11. Great post! My number one excuse for not working out is work – I have too much work and I work late at the office and don’t make it to the gym before it closes. This is a bad excuse because I could leave work early, go to the gym and then work from home after the gym….But, I use this excuse quite often!

  12. WOW! Great workout! I love workouts that you can do anywhere :)

    I am actually going out of town this weekend to do a blogger meet up πŸ˜€ I am very excited

  13. That’s a great travel workout plan, brilliant idea. mytravelfitness.com

  14. One of my favorite videos ever is this no equipment park workout in Central Park, a little old lady joins in about halfway through, check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEFbaHXKqwI

  15. lots and lots of water, having a workout buddy surely helps you overcome whatever alibis you may have from not working out =) mytravelfitness.com

  16. Samantha says:

    Hi Annette! I just found your blog and it looks great! One question about this workout though; you have bicep curls into overhead press, is that without weights (since this is a travel workout?) Is there another bicep/shoulder exercise I can do that would use my bodyweight? The rest of the workout looks awesome and a great way to stay in the “workout routine” even when away from home!


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