Put The Work In

Hey friends! Good morning :)

WOW. I am blown away by how many of you loved yesterday’s Body Fat Protein Link post!!

Actually, I am not really all that surprised. I spent a loooooottttt of time on that post, and really did my research. I hoped that it would resonate with some, and I am SO happy that we all feel like we learned something. (I am a nerd and LOVE new research!)

I went to toooooooo much school to keep it all to myself, people!

{finally done with grad school-M.S. in Exercise Sciences, April 2011}

And all that study, writing, research, tests, and now writing and research for certain posts….well, just goes to show that if you put the work in, the results come.

And that is exactly what I want to talk about today.

Put The Work In

It’s going to be short and sweet, but I want to talk about a principle that is VERY hard for my clients (and me and anyone for that matter!) to understand and live…….



Awesome, right?! Patience is something that is lived, learned, forgotten, and then learned again. I am NOT a patient person (read: I pass any slow car and refuse to ever be in the right lane), and as such, have been very hard on myself and on results.

Something I do, and always will understand though, is that when you put the work in, the results WILL come. Patience is needed –no it is required, but those results come.

Here are some thoughts for you:

  • All good things take work.
  • You’re stronger than YOU think!
  • It takes at least 14 days for something to become a habit, and about 40 days for it to be automatic.
  • Small things usually can become great things with time, patience, love, and work.
  • Although a muscle can get stronger within 1 workout, it takes about 4-6 weeks for those results to really shine through.
  • Healthy fat or weight loss TAKES TIME. If it didn’t, everyone would look like athletes.
  • Every single workout makes you feel better. No questions asked. But there will be times in between those workouts when you want to give up. Remember this: winners never quit.
  • Weight training means more muscle. More muscle means some extra numbers on the scale (at first). But overtime, that number will come down. But it TAKES TIME.
  • Put the work in now, reap the benefits later.
  • Work is needful. If we didn’t work we’d all die at an early age.


Besides, who wants to die of an illness they could’ve prevented?! Let’s all stop being lamesauce and keep on keeping on.

Or, like my field hockey coach in high school would say : the faster you go the faster YOU GO.

Yes, the more you put the work in now, the better you’ll feel now AND in the long run. Don’t give up! Keep pushing! PUT the work in and see the results come.

Have no fear, if you have an injury or just feel like giving up, that too shall pass. Stay strong. Stay tough.


Let’s be TOUGH together, shall we?!

And if you can’t give something up because you’re stressed about something you have no control over, go read this post by Julie.

Alright, off to kick butt on a run. Have a LOVELY day being patient and gettin’ the work done!

{P.S. If you have an extra moment, I was nominated for Fitness Magazine’s Fitterati Awards in the Fitness Category (blown away!!!) SO if you’d like to vote, click here. Thank you in advance!}

What have YOU put the work in for and seen the results??!! What were they?? How did YOU feel?!! What are YOU going to kick butt in today??

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  1. i’ve been lifting heavier weights consistently and i can now lift a lot more weight! :) :) consistency pays off!

  2. Excellent post!!!! I AM tougher than I think :) thanks for the reminder!

  3. i voted for you already but congrats, i hope you win! :)

    it took a long time for me to build up my running base…i remember when it was hard for me to run 5-6 miles and now the distances i’ve gone have blown my mind to an extent…marathon training seemed like a distant thought and i’m so excited to get into this journey. Patience is definitely key…alot of people expect quick, overnight changes..but anything worth having takes time to achieve :)

  4. This is very true, things take time! I’ve learned this with running: I started out after my injury with 3 miles as my long run last august, and now I’m up to 13! Sure, it took about 8 months, but it’s all about sticking to it and you will slowly improve!

  5. yes patience is certainly key! it’s often times easier said than done though. 😉 i’m going to kick butt on my run today!

  6. When I started working with a trainer and doing exercises for my core, and not just running, like my workouts in the past, I saw that the core training really helped my running. Like you said in your post, the results weren’t fast, but over time I saw that the core training really helped my entire body and it made me a better runner, even though I was spending a lot less time actually running!

  7. Congrats on the nomination!
    Patience is something that I am constantly working on. As a high school teacher, I am tested several times each and every day (there’s nothing that makes me crazier than having to repeat myself over and over again because kids do not listen).
    I also have to exercise patience in weight loss, knowing that every ounce lost will add up, and the hard work WILL eventually pay off!

  8. Great post Annette! It’s so true that you have to work hard for things that you want. I can be a patient person but then sometimes I’m not at all…especially in the car haha. I would say that school and exercise are two areas where I’ve really out in hard work and seen the payoff- still am seeing it actually!

  9. I jump on the scale to try and make it come down. it doesn’t work. and I am cleaning than ever… i blame it on building muscle. which i am okay with. 😉

    Great post. Let’s give it some twitter love…

    • IT takes time. SO yes, give it that. And feel about how YOU feel and clothes fitting-those are helpful indicators too, that you’re improving. But all in all, TIME is of the essence –and there should be a lot of it for those goals and results to happen :)

  10. Slow and steady wins the race!

  11. I started challenging myself to lift weights just over a month ago and I can’t get over how much strength I have gained! I have some signs of definition in my thighs for the 1st. time ever!! and I am 43 yrs old! I’ve always done cardio, yoga and some light arm weights but I’m really not sure why I didn’t start full body weight training years ago.

  12. Congratulations! I love the inspirational list. It resonates with me a lot — I seem to always want instant results!

  13. fantastic and well said!! I am going a little stir crazy because my motivation was actually driving me to do too much and now i’m trying to take a step back and go back at things in a more healthy way

  14. Michelle says:

    Love this post! This is something that I really needed to hear this week. Thank you!!!!

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