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Hey you guys…..FRIDAY is here!

Except this weekend I am going to be husband-less = not so fun at all.

You all know I think the world of my husband–and I don’t like when he’s gone–I miss him–but I might survive. I have my parents and 3 siblings around, so I will be well taken care of!

Pretty sure my weekend will be like this : I am going to eat dark chocolate, teach all my fitness classes, eat fro yo, sleep tons, and read lots of good books.

Sounds not so bad anymore, right?! 😉

{Trying to convince myself. Seriously what the hey did I do when I wasn’t married?! I Can’t live without the guy!! }

On to something I also have to have in my life…..

FITNESS! And core work. And glutes work. Yummy.

I teach core cross training and Pilates, so I always have some moves on hand to help clients/members get a stronger core and a better butt. Sound good?!

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ANYONE has 10 minutes in their day…..so yes, get up off that office chair, grab your co-workers or kiddos, and get at it!

Just some of the MANY benefits of a strong core and butt:

  • Reduced stress on the hip flexors
  • Look better in your clothes (!!!)
  • Being stronger, faster, and better at every fitness or physical activity
  • Stronger quads and hamstrings (because off less stress from the pull of weak flexors/core)
  • Look better naked (someone has to say it!!)

Now is the time to get that core and butt you’ve always wanted! Please ask me or google something if you don’t know how to do the exercise.


Oh, and check out more exercises on the FLOW page by Lindsay!

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Don’t forget, (I posted it earlier) read this post about the FREE Vega products and then enter NOW to receive them. NO charge!! Wahoo!


Have a LOVELY Friday!! I am off to teach some ZZZZUUUMMMBBBAAAA!

What is YOUR favorite glute exercise??! Core exercise??! What are YOU doing this weekend??! WHO wants FREE Vega?! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out :). Looks like a GREAT workout! Can’t wait to try it! I hope you have a good weekend even though the hubby won’t be there.

  2. yay friday!!! i think your weekend sounds fabulous :) its my sisters 20th birthday this weekend, so im excited to spend time with friends and family.

  3. i don’t like when my husband goes out of town either… like you said, what the heck did we do before we were married?! 😉 enjoy that froyo, dark chocolate, teaching, and sleeping! that’s exactly what i’d be doing! squats always make my booty sore!

  4. Definitely pinning this one! :)

  5. Your weekend sounds great! I am trying to make myself stay IN TOWN and keep it low – key (at least for Saturday). Sunday starts off with me teaching back to back Spin and Bodypump … and then collapsing for the rest of the day. :)

  6. Yay! Just signed up for Vega! Yum yum!

  7. can’t wait to get my sample pack! Thank-you

  8. Ahhh I love speedy 10 minute workouts that I can just do randomly in the middle of studying or right when I wake up! This looks like a great one!

  9. Ha! Love that image and quote. Funny and true, lol.

  10. Oooooooo pilates!? You teach pilates!? I love pilates :) I admire you even more than before girlfriend 😉 hahahaha


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