Vega Sport-Performance GIVEAWAY

Hey friends!

(FIRST OF ALL: Winner from Friday’s Giveaway is :

Congratulations Brooke S!! I will email you to have you send your address to the company so you can receive your two bottles, absolutely free!)

It was such a good, busy, and relaxing weekend! My sister came into town, so that was fun to have her and her husband around. I was SO tired though at the end of it, mostly from teaching and also tons of other things going on…..So on Saturday I went up in my weight selection during teaching BodyPUMP….wanna see ’em?

  • squats : 60 lbs (I had gone down to 55 for awhile)
  • chest: 40 lbs (first time!!)
  • back: 45 lbs

The rest of the class were ‘normal’ weight for me, but I was SO happy to be able to teach and lift heavy weights during that class (both muscle endurance and muscle strength). And in case you’re wondering, during the entire class we lift more than 800 reps! #nojoke

But, I must say, I was able to do this weight selection AFTER taking a spin class ONLY because of the Vega Sport Performance Products I was sent. This stuff is GOOD and legit and plant-based and chock full of protein and awesome.

Sounds good, eh?!

Want to hear more?? There is SOMEthing in it for you too 😉

After my explanation and review, ONE lucky winner gets an entire tub of Vega Sport Recovery (making you recover better, faster, and stronger after any of your workouts!) Oh, and did I say all the Vega products are plant-based, vegan, and dairy free. So it makes anyone happy!

Vega Sport Performance Review

The Vega products I was sent were separated into three categories:

  1. Prepare
  2. Sustain
  3. Recover

Each bar, drink mix, or protein powder was designed to either prepare the athlete for the workout ahead, enhance the athlete’s performance during the workout or race, or help the athlete’s body recover from the workout so he/she can return quicker, faster, and stronger.

It sounded very awesome to me. And I couldn’t wait to hit up the workouts after getting my box!

After trying a bunch of the different drink mixes, powders, and bars, I was SO impressed.

My favorites were :

  • The acai berry pre-workout mix for water from the PREPARE group. It was tasty! And it helped me teach Zumba with the zest I needed (on a day I had not gotten much sleep and needed a major boost)!
  • The pom-berry electrolyte hydrator mix from the SUSTAIN group (I drank it during a spin class). I felt good, awake, strong, and able to do the hard sprints quite easily. Plus, it was a tasty addition to my water (no calories).
  • The chocolate coconut protein bar and the chocolate saviseed bar from the RECOVER group. These were SO tasty. I will definitely buy these again. They were delicious, full of 15 grams protein (plant-based), and only 240 calories. They tasted decadent and delicious but were quite satisfying!

I also liked the protein powders (berry, vanilla, and chocolate), but the bars were my ultimate favorite! (The vanilla powder was a tad bit too chalky for my taste, just fyi).

Oh, by the way, I did not have a chance to try out the gels yet (I don’t do gels for classes, only long runs, and have not done a run longer than 8 miles during this time), but they look awesome!

Vega is an awesome company and is dedicated to formulating their products based on all-natural ingredients and is committed to all-plant products. SO cool. Thank YOU, Vega Sport for allowing me the opportunity to try your awesome products!

And now it’s all about YOU, my friends……If you are a serious athlete or even someone who likes to workout, these performance products are for you!

{blurry shot-but I was enjoying my VEGA at my parents’ house–they liked it too!!}

Vega Sport Performance Giveaway

To win a PRIZE pack of an entire tub of VEGA sport recovery, please leave a COMMENT on this post telling me what you like to eat after a workout!

For EXTRA entries :

  • Tweet about this Giveaway using this : “I want to win @FitnessPerks GIVEAWAY, thanks to @TeamVega : “
  • Facebook about this Giveaway (url:
  • Blog about this Giveaway

*Don’t forget to leave a comment telling me you did these things so it can be counted in the drawing.

{delicious! The top bar was the Acai sustain bar….eaten between spinning and BodyPUMP one day. It was good, but just not my favorite}

GOOD luck! Cheers to a great Monday! {The winner will be chosen randomly from all the comments. GIVEAWAY ends on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST}

Off to PUMP. Can’t wait to get back to those weights 😉

So here is YOUR chance to win your very own Tub of Vega Sport Recovery! LEAVE a COMMENT telling me what YOU most like to eat after a workout?! What is YOUR workout going to be?!

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  1. since i workout in the morning, i like to eat breakfast after! :)

  2. i tweeted!

  3. Kinzie says:

    After working out I love to eat bananas along with incorporating peanut butter…of course :)

  4. I’m bad. I don’t eat after working out.

  5. caroline says:

    What or if I eat after a workout depends on when I workout- but an apple is always my go to for anything!

  6. Darbi says:

    I try to eat cottage cheese or oatmeal with pb and chia seeds.

  7. Danielle says:

    I like to drink my post workout meal! A monster smoother with protein powder is the way to go!

  8. Danielle says:
  9. Brian @VoodooChum says:

    After weights I usually drink a protein shake and after runs a banana.

  10. My favorite thing to eat after a work out is either an apple with peanut butter, or a green smoothie! Vega would be a perfect addition to my smoothie!

  11. Danielle says:

    I tagged you in my facebook post!

  12. i love to have a protein shake after my workouts!

  13. i tweeted!

  14. i posted it on FB!

  15. My favorite post-workout eat is a smoothie jam packed with fruits =)

  16. I tweeted

  17. Awesome giveaway. I’ve only tried one of their protein powders. I would love to try those bars. Need to see if my WFs has them. What I eat post-workout depends on the workout actually

  18. I tweeted (@hriacobacci)

  19. Great giveaway. (I tweeted about it too.)

    I’m trying to discover what to reach for after my long run. My most recent 9-mile run had me feeling a bit woozy afterwards, so I could definitely use some Vega goodness to add to my post-fuel routine. I don’t think I fueled with enough carbs after. Lesson learned!

    – Alicia

  20. After a long run I LOVE a chocolate protein shake with bananas and Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter mixed in! YUM!

  21. Tweeted! @MotherRunnerSue

  22. marci says:

    This package wold be great, because I honestly can never figure out what to eat after a work out, I want something light because my stomach never feels the greatest to take on food right after,

  23. Blair b says:

    After a workout I like to have a protein shake!

  24. Love VEGA!!
    After a hard workout I usually eat a homemade Larabar-type bar or drink a smoothie. Or grab whatever I can get my hands on!

  25. Samantha says:

    I’ve always debated what was the best to eat before or after a workout, and I usually try and stick with protein. I love a PB sandwich after a good workout, and I’ve heard that chocolate milk is good after lifting. Not sure if it’s accurate, but I’ll take any excuse for a glass of chocolate milk!

  26. i love either having some chocolate milk or an egg sandwich after my long runs! :)

  27. Post workout smoothie!

  28. tweeted @denajeanneb

  29. Jennifer K says:

    I work out early in the morning, so I like to eat a yogurt or drink a chocolate milk immediately after I get home. Then I might have a grapefruit w/cinnamon with some cereal or wheat toast w/pb or EB eggwhites. If I a am really organized and have time, I might make a smoothie instead.

  30. Jennifer K says:

    I tweeted this and it automatically posts to my Facebook as well!

  31. Celeste says:

    After a cardio workout, usually greek yogurt with feta and either grapes or strawberries. I love the salty/sweet/protein.

    After a strength training workout, nothing sounds better than a green smoothie.

  32. Great giveaway! I love to eat something with nuts or peanut butter after I workout haha.

  33. I tweeted!

  34. Olivia says:

    After I work out I like to have some kale and brown rice!

  35. Olivia says:

    I also tweeted! (@olivoliv)

  36. krystal says:

    When i workout in the morning, i have a big delicious breakfast after. If my workout is in the evening, I usually follow it with some almonds and a protein shake.

  37. Jordan K says:

    I usually only have a glass of milk or maybe a Laraber after I workout, so I’d love try the Vega Sport’s products! Especially if they are formulated for aiding in recovery because I don’t think I am very good about recovering properly all the time.

  38. After a long run, I love a sweet potato with some peanut butter and cinnamon!

  39. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  40. Kristin says:

    Chocolate milk!!!!!

  41. Laurel C says:

    i actually just got back from my run this morning, and am enjoying plain greek yogurt and a bowl of oatmeal :) i’d say it’s the breakfast of champions! lol

  42. Laurel C says:
  43. my daughter and I always go to Starbucks after our runs and either get there “perfect” oatmeal or have some kind of protein (like eggs or yogurt)

  44. Protein shake after hitting the gym

  45. Cassie says:

    I almost always have a smoothie made with greek yogurt or protein powder after a workout!

  46. Adam Chaim says:

    After my workout, I have a Vanilla Performance protein shake with banana, blueberries, raw almond butter & sometimes raw cacao powder…it’s delicious!

  47. I love eating cashews after a work out!

  48. Great review on the products! Always wanted to try their stuff! Post-workout I generally eat a bowl of yogurt with chia seeds, some almond butter, a bit of granola and blueberries or a green smoothie with protein powder. Would love to try a new kind of powder and really take control of my pre-/post-workout fueling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Elliot says:

    I tweeted (@eleeot), but after a workout I eat:
    A lot of spinach.
    Some chicken.
    Sometimes some tuna, broccoli, carrots, and celery.
    The game, “Jenga”.
    An entire bottle of Whole Foods Red Wine.
    8 Red Bulls.
    A randomly selected country’s flag.
    And Vega Protein.

  50. Sent a tweet! (@bonnielang)

  51. Ilene says:

    I usually have some Greek yogurt with flax mixed in.

  52. Sara Floyd says:

    After my workouts, I like to have some soymilk or a protein powder smoothie!

  53. I like to eat Greek yogurt with cereal after a workout!

  54. I tweeted! :)

  55. Sara Floyd says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  56. I usually workout first thing in the morning…so I eat protien oats after…and I LOVE vega protien, so awesome!

  57. I love to eat Greek yogurt with my Greens plus protein mixed in!

  58. I love to drink a recovery shake after my workouts. My favorite is vanilla protein powder mixed with orange juice – it’s delicious! I’d love to to try the Vega recovery products!

  59. Hi-ya!
    I tweeted and FB’d this giveaway. @fiterature

    My fav post-workout snack is a banana and chocolate protein shake and some pancakes!!!

    Now give me some Vega!! 😉 Please.

  60. I eat a mix of nuts, protein shake and some fruit. I am just beginning my plant-based lifestyle (2+ weeks)

    Will Tweet, FB and Blog about the giveaway

  61. Brett says:

    Granola with chia seeds and almond milk, clif builder bar, a salad, Vega, an apple, portabellos, and almost always quinoa. Yes I eat a lot that’s about half the list lol

  62. Errin says:

    After a good workout, I like the vega sport tropical flavored recovery and then a few almonds and some chocolate milk! If it’s a morning workout, peanut butter and banana protein shake!

  63. I like to eat greek yogurt + granola after a workout! 😀

  64. I like to eat greek yogurt after a workout. I often blend up smoothies with protein powder too.

  65. Julianna @ Julianna Bananna says:

    I love to have a protein berry smoothie after I workout- frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, and vanilla almond milk is my favorite combo!

  66. Potato says:

    I like to eat lunch right after: usually something fast, like a hearty turkey sandwich, with baby carrots, apple, yogurt…

  67. Andrea P says:

    I workout in the morning, so breakfast is usually post-workout and it typically involves eggs.

  68. Megan Mojica says:

    My workouts consist of HIIT or muay thai and I follow that with protein pancakes.

  69. Brian Breit says:

    After my workouts it’s either a banana, or some oatmeal, or lentils and a protein shake.

  70. My workout always consists of running and some weight training! My go to post workout snack is always loaded with protein! Usually half a protein bar with a glass of organic 1% chocolate milk :) so yummy!!

  71. Great giveaway! After a workout I like to have a sweet potato green monster smoothie! Such great foods in there for recovery, and with the addition of vanilla protein powder, oh my it is so tasty :)

  72. Billiejean says:

    Body pump! Good job on the weight, and after spinning too! Anyway… After working out, I like to choose something light, such as coffee with almond or soy milk, or AB&J on a wrap or coconut or soy yogurt with some granola or an apple or banana.

  73. Billiejean says:
  74. Billiejean says:
  75. Bernadette Chan says:

    Love yogurt and berries with a banana!

  76. Bernadette Chan says:
  77. Bernadette Chan says:
  78. I like to eat some protein filled snack – whether its nuts, an egg, yogurt, protein bar, or something else!

  79. Tweeted!

  80. After a workout I usually make myself a smoothie! But sometimes depending on the time of day I’ll have something else, like supper, with protein and lots of veggies!

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