Focus On: Tuck Jumps

Happy Weekend my friends!

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A reader requested a focus on post on tuck jumps, and I deliver!

A tuck jump is definitely a Plyo move like squat jumps, meaning it is cardio inspired with jump and athletics training at the core. Tuck jumps are difficult to do but offer great benefits.

Tuck jumps:

  • are great for leg and heart health
  • can improve bone density
  • can be done anywhere!

Tuck jumps can be done during a workout and are great to add in to any circuit training. Tuck jumps use larger muscle groups (i.e. legs) so it is a move that will send your caloric burn soaring. Score!


To do a tuck jump correctly:

  • start with the knees bent slightly, the elbows at 90 degrees at the waist, and with a determination to jump
  • bend the knees and sit the butt into a half squat
  • jump up straight into the air by slightly bending forward, tucking the knees so they (ultimately) hit the elbows (or around there)
  • return on a soft landing (forefoot first, NOT heel first)
  • repeat

**Remember to keep your abs engaged and your sight straight ahead (you don’t want any jerking movements into your neck).

If you want, you can grab below the knees during the jump…just adds another dimension. (see picture below)


A possible round of a workout of 5 minutes or less: 10 tuck jumps, 10 pushups, 10 tuck jumps, 10 pushups. It’s a fun one to do in any hotel room, bedroom, gym or living room! No excuses, people πŸ˜‰

Have a GREAT weekend!

I am off to teach some PUMP. One of my favorite parts of the weekend….boy do I love to lift!

What is YOUR favorite plyo move?? Do YOU like doing tuck jumps?? Learn anything new lately??

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  1. those look hard! especially bouncing from tuck jumps to push ups… YOWZA! def will have to try those next circuit day! ya know… maybe in the classroom between desks.. haha!

  2. tuck jumps are intense but awesome at the same time! my favorite plyo move is probably squat jumps!

  3. I was doing these so wrong! :) Thanks for the tips!

  4. I do NOT love tuck jumps- I hate them! (But, I guess that means I also kind of do love them- because they are challenging!)
    Plyometrics are so awesome for getting your heart rate to SKYROCKET!

  5. These are no joke! they are really challenging.

  6. My favorite plyo move is a burpee, but when you jump at the end, do a tuck jump. Makes those burpees a lot more beneficial.


  1. […] Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:   20 Tuck Jumps [Tuck Jump Demo HERE] 20 Air Squats 20 Unanchored sit-ups (use a rolled up towel for lumbar support if you need it) […]

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    Focus On: Tuck Jumps | Plyometrics | Squats | Pushups | BodyPUMP | Cardio Moves | Fitness | Enjoy Your Healthy Life


    Focus On: Tuck Jumps | Plyometrics | Squats | Pushups | BodyPUMP | Cardio Moves | Fitness | Enjoy Your Healthy Life



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