Traditional HIIT Treadmill Run

Friends!! It is half way through the work week, and it is going fast! Lots to do….

{And if you missed it yesterday, check out my dance interview HERE}

But, to stay on top of it all (and to stay sane, really), I MUST have my workouts. Working out just keeps me happy! I love sweaty ones too. And workouts that really challenge me.

And I really love me some HIIT action. Especially when it’s extra hard, challenging, and sweaty.

{HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training}

Well, this run, my friends, is all of the above and more.

This workout is a traditional HIIT workout. Meaning, it truly combines slower paces with fast sprinting to make for a fat-blasting cardio party!

I talked to a medical doctor a few months ago about HIIT training and what he’s seen as far as the research and fat loss with patients, and he mentioned something that stuck with me that I want to share.

He said that for the benefits to be seen the quickest in both the cardiovascular realm (i.e. heart rate and blood pressure) and body fat loss realm, the fast(er) or sprinting sections should be longer than 30 seconds.

{Shorter sprints work for body fat loss as well (i.e. Tabata training), but because it uses a different energy system, it may not be as beneficial as longer sprints are, in strengthening the heart. Don’t worry though, all types of running are good for the heart in some way and in eventual benefits- tabata, HIIT, long distance, etc. So don’t fret. We’re just talking quicker (but still healthy) results here–like jeans fitting, love handles saying bye-bye, etc. 😉 }

Alright, so with all that scientific jabber, here’s the deal : incorporate longer-ish sprints (between 31 seconds and 1 minute) in your HIIT training and you’ll see faster body fat loss results and cardiovascular benefits.

Cool, eh?

Without further ado, the workout that will deliver those results:

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{remember, you can always change the speed by 1.0 mph down or up depending on your fitness/running abilities}

Best part of it all?? The workout part (the HIIT intervals and recovery) is only 23 minutes long! Anyone has 23 minutes in a day, I promise.

Plus, this workout incorporates 10 intervals and it gets you to 10.0 mph (I did it for only 45 seconds…I couldn’t last any longer. Gotta work on that). I guess 10 is your lucky number on this one!

Have a great workout today 😉

Off to teach some PUMP!! My upper body (especially) can’t wait to go at it again….hah

What is YOUR favorite way to get sweaty?? Any questions YOU have about HIIT running that I can answer?? What is YOUR workout for the day??

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  1. This is great Annette – thank you! I’m just wondering, I don’t tend to use the treadmill (sticking to low impact activities at the moment..), do you have any HIIT workouts for the elliptical and bike that you might be able to suggest? Would love to switch things up a little :)

    Annndd.. favourite way to get sweaty?? Bikram yoga for sure! 😉

    • Great idea–I will post some for the elliptical (love that machine. always have!)….I am a novice on the bike, so I don’t know if I could do that. Maybe I will ask a spinning friend if they can post one for the bike and let you know the url for it?

      Bikram yoga is NO joke!!

      • Thanks so much! That would be awesome – elliptical is my favourite, and novice on the bike too, would love for you to send me a link :) Thank you!

  2. can’t wait to try this one!!

  3. Are spin classes interval training?

  4. I can’t wait to try this!! So just to get it straight, shorter intervals work for fat loss, but aren’t as efficient for cardiovascular benefits? That’s interesting! I keep hearing in the fitness realm that things like tabatas are the most effective for fat loss. My workout this morning was a total body circuit! Quick and intense :)

    • That is right–shorter intervals are STILL good, don’t get me wrong (and I love ’em), but if you want the whole package (increased oxygen consumption, greater endurance for races, etc.) then go for a little bit longer intervals. BUT, if anyone has only a little bit of time and can only do shorter ones, that is much better than nothing-and they will still see results. Hope that helps!

      OH I love total body circuits. I bet it was a good one :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love HIIT workouts! Can’t wait to try this one out.

  6. looks like another great treadmill workout!! i love your treadmill workouts… they’re always fun and never get boring!

    • Awww. It’s probably because I have ADD and hated the treadmill for so long. Can’t do just the straight shot at one speed any more. Hah

  7. I just did my first HIIT work out Sunday and loved it! Such a great way to get sweaty and have fun! I can definitely get bored working out without mixing-it-up, so these types of exercises are perfect to beat boredom! :-)

  8. you are amazing…10.0=WOW…i think i’ve only been able to handle 9.0 for more then 30 seconds, haha.

  9. I LOVE HIIT workouts! I usually do 1 min intervals, so that’s good to know! Do you know about how far you went on this one? I have 3 miles to run this afternoon and just wondered how much distance this covered!

  10. I get a really good sweat on from the elliptical, and doing high resistance and incline training!

  11. I love HIIT and to pump some iron, I used to do the Turbo Fire, but I am recovering from foot injury, and can’t wait to be able to some HIIT cardio, since now I am doing only weights!

  12. I used to be all about the treadmill all the time for a good sweat, but I am switching it up a little now and I can get up a good sweat on both the treadmill and “pumping some iron” too. I use quotes because it’s not too heavy of iron, but doing the circuit training with the free weights is really giving me a good work out!

  13. great workout! i’ve been doing a mix of shorter sprints sometimes and longer others…but i definitely can’t keep the as fast pace with the longer ones

  14. victoria says:

    how many calories does this burn??

    • It depends on your body size (weight/height) but for me, the whole thing (warmup to cooldown ending) burned about 450 calories. Plus, you have a small after burn after the workout as well (Which you don’t get when you do steady-pace cardio). Have a good day, Victoria!



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