Motivational Monday


How was your weekend?!

Mine was fabulous. I slept for 11 hours on Saturday night AND took a nap on Sunday. Who am I?! I also rocked a spin class (oh yes I did, Ashley 😉 ), watched a fun movie, spent time with my sista, and did lots of laundry and cleaning.

This week is going to be great-I can FEEL it!

Oh, and one person’s week is about to get 10x more exciting….the WINNER of the Working Out Sucks Book Giveaway is……

{45 comments were entered in by the time the giveaway closed, sorry to those who came late!}

But, Congratulations to the Blond Duck! I will email you to get your address to send your prize (and some goodies)!

Don’t worry, there are some other fun giveaways in the works!


To get you all pumped to do this CRAZY awesome workout, here are some motivational Monday quotes (pinned by ME):











Now that you’re sufficiently READY to tackle the week and a workout, go DO this “Outside Your Comfort Zone” workout. It is THE workout that mixes BodyPUMP with CrossFit with Bootcamp. You can’t beat that.

You miiiigggghhhhtttt get a little sweaty though….

But you can thank me later :)

I am off to teach some PUMP! And Happy Birthday to my little nephew–he is 3 today!

Which of those quotes resonated with YOU?? What are YOU going to do about it?? What would YOU like to see in workouts on here?? 

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  1. woot! way to get your spin on girl! :) and seriously, THANK YOU for these motivational mantras this morning… i need them so badly. i’m just not feelin it this morning, so i needed that extra push! xo

  2. Love the motivational mantras! I need them to help get me back into a groove. That workout looks awesome! About how long does it take? I know everyone is different but just wondering!

    • It is different for everyone, especially if you do the squats and such timed (like 1 count down 1 count up, instead of just speeding through it). Took me about 45/50-ish minutes, hope that helps.

  3. since i’m all about lifting heavier this week, the “strength” quote resonated with me! (and it was the perfect motivation for me to get out of bed and get to the gym early in the morning on my day off work! so thank you!)

  4. Feeling motivated!

  5. Loving all of the quotes – I’m ready to tackle today!

  6. omg I am so jealous of your sleep. I’ve never been able to sleep through a night, but the past week has been so much worse. I am up half the night and it’s really starting to get to me… so exhausted today.

    • Oh no, girl!! Do you try powering off your electronics up to an hour before bedtime? What about massage? Or foam rolling? Or stretching? Reading a good book (not a scary or mystery one)? All those things help me! Oh, and NOT drinking too much water before bed…haha

  7. I loved “Keep Going” and the one about Commitment. These were great!

    And the workout looks super good – might have to try that for my at-home Wednesday workout. Thanks!

  8. Wow your positivity is contagious! Glad you had such a kick-butt week, and thanks for sharing all those motivational images to get us there, as well! Just pinned that workout to try; looks like we might get more than “a little” sweaty lol.

    The quote about deserving commitment from yourself resonated with me. We must be our own biggest supporter.

  9. Celeste says:

    That was an awesome workout – took only 20 minutes, and I thought it would take way longer – but i was so deliciously sore afterwards – and it’s hard for me to get sore.

    Thanks for an awesome set! I rarely comment on here, but try out most all of your workouts at one point or another. I have never really strength trained much before (since I hate the gym environment), but started when I found your blog a few months ago and realized I could do the workouts on my lunchbreak at work.

    Please keep posting them!

    • Wow, you did that fast! I tend to go slowly on my squats and lunges, so that’s probably why it took me longer. But, NICE job, girl! Glad you’re sore 😉 It’s a great feeling!

      WAY to go lifting weights and getting strong. Feels good, no?! :)


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