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Hey people! How’s it going?

The work week is intensifying for one last hurrah before the weekend. Awesome.

In other news, I went UP in my back track weight (I teach BodyPUMP for those of you who are newer) to 45 lbs! That is over 80 reps of back exercises with that weight…Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it 😉

But as I reminded my class when I was putting that weight on my bar (and encouraging those who have been getting stronger to add some to their bars), I’ll say it here too: the magic happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone. 


Yes, yes it does. And that magic is also known as saaawweeeet DOMS. Hah. But in all seriousness, if you’re working out and not getting results, check out this post on stepping outside your comfort zone OR email me.


Yesterday as I was online shopping working I came across some online tools to measure body size so as to correctly order the right size for the article of clothing. I was perusing some swimsuit websites as well and one of them listed a way to figure out what your body shape was and then the site matched which body type would look best in what swim suit.

Great concept, right??

Well, what IF you’re not ANY certain body type but something more of in-between?!

I threw up my hands in frustration to my husband and said some snarky comment like “well, I guess I have no body type.” Or something totally intelligent like that.

{drinking a smoothie at my parent’s}

But really, the fashion industry MUST know that each of us is very different, and as such, those certain body types can not be the only answer for finding a suit that fits great, right?

In a world where fitness, health, and strength are meshed, there is no “skinny” ideal to strive for, nor should there be.

As mentioned over and over on this website, I am DONE with the skinny ideal (it was not a fun life to live) and have found a healthy attitude and perspective with fitness as my answer. I love my fit body. I love my strength. And I love what my body can DO. But those things don’t necessarily add up when it comes to the fashion industry.

{After going through all that looking/thinking about it, I read Ashley’s post. AMEN to that. GO read it!}

For example, I have seen body types (in magazines and online stores) listed, such as :

  • curvy
  • busty
  • petite
  • straight
  • athletic
  • well-endowed
  • pear
  • apple
  • boy-shape
  • slender
  • broad shouldered

As I look at that list I’m like 4 or 5 of those! Gahh!!

{yep, I’ve gotta butt-but luckily it’s sort of shaped. heh}

Better just go to the stores and try on the clothes or suits, eh??

Seriously though, the fitness industry and the fashion industry need to get together and design some clothes for those of us who are athletic, slender, broader-shouldered, have a chest, have a butt, and are not stick-thin.

Enough with this skinny ideal (I am not saying I don’t like naturally thin people); I am saying that we should not all be striving for this size 0, perfect thin-legs look that is not natural for many of us. The fashion industry has that ideal in mind when designing, and well, us fit women are rebelling!

Who’s with me in that rebellion and want for change?? :)

I also think, to help some women out, the fashion industry should change from numbering style (i.e. 4, 10, 29, etc.) to letters or arbitrary codes or something like that. But I don’t have any answers, and I am not fashion designer.

But for now, and until I can figure out what the heck of all those body types I am, I will stick with wearing my Nike & Champion fitness clothes all day long with my shoes I got yesterday. It’s sure to be a hit.

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for some cool stuff I’ve received in the mail recently. Look out for some fabulous giveaways……. 😉
  2. I am thankful for toenail polis.
  3. I am grateful for leftover pizza. LOVE that food.

Off to DANCE!! I love me some Zumba! <3 I am teaching 2 new songs and I love ’em. OH happy day!

What do YOU think about body types?? Has that stuff ever helped YOU buy any clothes or swimwear?? What do YOU think the fashion/fitness industry should do to fix it?? What are YOU thankful for??

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  1. i hate body types! like you i am definitely a combination! i am so NOT an online shopper because of this… i have to see it and wear it to determine if it will work!

  2. I’m like you and Linz and also and in betweener. It’s very hard for me to find clothes that fit. Most of the time the waste on jeans fit but the legs are baggy or vise versa. It seems like every time I try online shopping I’m returning items b/c even though I got the size I thought I would wear it still doesn’t fit right. :(

  3. It’s hard because I’m an hourglass figure but I’m a smaller figure…like I don’t have a butt but I have hips and boobs….so I’m not skinny but I’m not curvy in a Beyonce/ J.Lo way. Living down here in S. Texas where all the men love their mamacitas, I usually have abuelas chasing me with tacos! :) But when I was in college at a private university where girls got boob implants as graduation gifts, I was HUGE being 5’6 and size six.

    So basically, I think it’s crap. You can be too skinny, too curvy, too fat, and too thin all in the same store.

    What’s even more confusing is the ecto/ meso/ endomorph stuff….

    • Hah, love your comment–“you can be too skinny, too curvy, too fat, and too thin all in the same store” SO true.

      I gotta get on that post…

  4. Leftover pizza – have you tried reheating it in a skillet? Life changing.

  5. caroline says:

    I am thankful for vacation time! As for the body type articles in magazines I tend to skim them and get the basics of what works for each body type. I think one doesn’t need to define themselves as a certain body type, just know what clothing type works for them.

  6. amen, amen, and AMEN! haha. i couldn’t agree more with everything you’re saying here! (thanks for the link back too 😉 ) and i love when you said: “But for now, and until I can figure out what the heck of all those body types I am, I will stick with wearing my Nike & Champion fitness clothes all day long…” my fitness clothes are my favorite clothes to wear… i wish i could wear them ALL the time!

    today i’m thankful for my booty and strong legs! how fitting, right? 😉

  7. haha, i just got done reading ashley’s post, actually! love your thoughts on the topic!

  8. soooo agree with this. i dont think my body fits into any of those types too! i’m a combination of a couple of def makes it hard as anything to find a dress that fits properly when I need to be super dressy…blah!

    i’m thankful for good, healthy food…i’m definitely needing it today after a couple days of way too much chocolate :)

  9. My body does not fit into a ‘type” at all. It’s so hard for me to find clothing that fits really well because I have the flattest butt ever- but big huge quads. The two don’t go together.
    For your BP weight, are you including the bar? I am just amazed at how much weight you put on for each track (I was just floored when I read your thoughts on 80 and what you lift!)- you put me to SHAME!

    • The weight does not include the bar, the bar weighs maybe 1-2 lbs? So it’s just the stuff on the side. I must say, it has taken me awhile to get to that weight, so do not fear–you will get stronger! I love LOVE lifting, so I like to push myself too :) But do what’s best for you, and once it starts to get easier, you will know it’s TIME to add weight. Promise. I have those moments where I’m like “oh boy, this is easy. Gotta add!”

  10. I never fit the body type images! I am tall with a long torso but I have short arms, big hips and butt but tiny waist, jeans never fit me! I wish i could get all of my clothes custom sized lol!

  11. Maybe you could take up sewing? =) AnnettePerksClothing line….I’d buy it. =)

  12. I’ve always had an issue with body types! I would read Seventeen magazine in high school and they would show the best items for certain body types and I fit NONE of them. Yes, I was small chested, but I’m an apple shape and not a pear, so I wasn’t also small-waisted. I had long legs, but a short torso. It was so frustrating!

  13. krystal says:

    Hey Annette, I’ve been following your blog for about two months note and I thought I’d finally introduce myself! I want to thank you for all your enthusiasm toward health and fitness, it’s very inspiringand refreshing. I really enjoy reading your views and tips toward eating behaviors and fitness. Keep up the awesome posts!! Also, I wanted to get your view about an eating habit, can I email you?

  14. This is a great post, Annette! As someone who has struggled with body image for my entire life, I can safely say that trying to categorize myself into ONE body type is where I fall into trouble! It’s very difficult not be influenced by the media and “sizes”, and to just accept our bodies for how they are!

    Thanks for sharing, girlie :)

  15. Great topic. I’m little in the middle and I got much back. Sir MIXALOT says it all:-)

  16. Great post! I think SO many women don’t fit a certain category, so this definitely speaks to the everyday person out there…thanks for sharing! I’ll check that link out to Ashley’s post too. 😀 Way to speak for [most of] us – let’s focus on being healthy, strong and fit. 😀



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