Quick Breakfasts

Hey y’all! How was your LOVE day?

Mine was perfect. How could it not be with the man I love?

And with the shoes he got me:

If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you know my WANT board is full of sparkly {high heeled!!} shoes and clothes. I love me some sparkle! So yes, I fell in love with a pair of shoes. I am nuts, I know :)


One of the best parts of yesterday was my fast breakfast. I had run a sweaty run and wanted food. And fast. You see, I am not a patient person, but I love fueling my body with the right foods. It definitely takes some talent to be both, let me tell ya 😉

Like I’ve said before, I am a no-frills kind of person when it comes to cooking (not when it comes to shoes though. hah.), so I am all about the fast and furious. Especially in the a.m.!

I usually work out in the a.m. (or should I say : I usually teach fitness classes in the morning), so when I get home my body needs food.

Here are some quick breakfasts ideas for those of you who, um, have a life. Kudos to those of you who can make fancy breakfasts in no time flat, I am just not that person. BONUS to the following: they are all healthy! And all of ’em have a nice protein fat carb ratio.

My Favorite Quick Breakfasts 

  • Go Lean Crunch cereal + almond milk + chia seeds
  • Egg + spinach cooked in a microwave + cheese + toast (I haven’t been feeling the ‘jam’ lately)
  • Spinach smoothie (spinach + berries + choc milk + almond milk + choc protein powder + ice)
  • Protein Breakfast Patties <—make a bunch and freeze ’em. Cooks up so fast!
  • Oatmeal + any topping of choice
  • Oats + eggs whisked in (extra protein punch) <—I’ve been doing this for over a year now and boy does it fill me up!
  • Toast + almond butter + honey
  • Fruit + banana protein bread

All of these take less than 4 minutes to make and most of them are portable. Let’s be honest here, none of us really have tons of time to sit down and eat breakfast calmly for 20 minutes before the whirlwind. It’s more like we eat breakfast while in the whirlwind of the morning.

I’ve mentioned this before as well, but it bears repeating : I usually eat something right when I wake up before a workout (or teaching) and I drink chocolate milk right after hard workouts and then a little while later I have an above option or “breakfast” –even if it’s at 10 a.m.

Find what works for you and stick with that, especially if your body feels energized and ready to tackle the day! Breakfast should be good fuel that gets the body revved, not junk that weighs you down! (Ahem, most American cereals, I am talking to you!)

{I am on a spinach smoothie kick as of late!}

Alright, I am off to PUMP! My butt is so SO sore from the lunges track. Those glutes sure can’t wait to do that all over again…… Heh. 😉

What are YOUR favorite quick breakfasts that are healthy?? Do YOU eat breakfast on the go?? How was YOUR V-Day??


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  1. my quick breakfasts are definitely egg whites or overnight oats! i do sit down for breakfast… it is a few minutes in the day that i take for me to eat and read up on my favorite blogs on the computer! hehe. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those heels!!!

    • overnight oats–that’s a good one! If I can ever think ahead….haha.

      I LOVE the shoes. Maybe you’ll see ’em next week?

  2. Thanks for the different breakfast ideas! I get so bored with the same old stuff. I’m definitely going to try some, especially after seeing the pictures. You made me hungry!

  3. I don’t know HOW you walk in those shoes!! I am totally a non-heel wearer. (Some of it has to do with my bunions, though!) They are cute, but still… yikes! :)
    I eat oatmeal with egg whites more than anything- but my other fave breakfast is microwave protein muffins + greek yogurt. That’s really the only thing that fills me up. I’d probably make more smoothies, but I have to pack my breakfast to take to work, so smoothies don’t really work out.

    • I love heels. Always have! My sis taught me how to correctly walk in them, though, so i credit her!

      Ahhh yes, the protein muffins. I need to make one. And stat!

  4. all great quick and delicious breakfast ideas! i DO love to sit down and savor every bite of my breakfast, so if that means getting up a few minutes earlier, than i do it. however, most of my breakfasts are all super quick and easy to make. the quick and easy ones are actually the ones that are my favorites!

  5. sweet heels sista! At one point you talked about quinoa for breakfast, do you still do that? What do you do with it?

    • I sometimes do–I just eat it like normal cereal + vanilla + cinnamon (and of course, almond milk). I have to remember when I cook it to NOT add vegetable spices and such, since I’m making it for dinner, and instead make it plain.

      LOVE my shoes :)

  6. Those kicks are GORGEOUS – enjoy your first “night out” in them!

    I love the eggs-in-the-microwave trick. Such a fast and yummy way to get protein. Sometimes I will throw a little salsa or Laughing Cow cheese in with it. I like the spinach idea – thanks!!

  7. favorite quickies include yogurt+cereal, protein shakes, and eggs!

  8. Those are all some of my favorite breakfast options!

  9. I always try to get up early enough to actually have 15 min to sit down and eat breakfast. I HATE rushing through breakfast – it’s my favorite meal of the day and one of my favorite times of the day! I find that if I slow down and enjoy breakfast, I’m much more calm the rest of the day. My favorite quick breakfast is oats in the microwave with protein powder and either a half a banana or pumpkin mixed in! Quick, delicious, and very filling!

  10. Love the shoes! Now that’s a guy who gets how to get the perfect gift!

  11. Cute shoes!

    I’m a creature of habit, I’m afraid. Oatmeal and eggs and berries or eggs and pb toast.

  12. I love those shoes!! I am a shoe-addict too :) What a sweet V-day gift!

    for breakfast i have been having one of the following:
    1. peanut butter on a toasted whole wheat english muffin topped with sliced banana
    2. an egg with red pepper flakes with a slice of pepper jack cheese& a little jelly on whole wheat english muffin
    3. oatmeal with peanut butter and a light drizzle of honey and cinnamon.



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