Mac And Cheese

Hey friends! Happy Saturday!

Anyone trying out that LEGS: Pyramid workout today ?? It is killer awesome, so please let me know if you do :)


A few weeks ago someone (can’t remember who) posted about macaroni and cheese. Then Ashley posted about making Oh She Glow’s mac and cheez. And then Kath ate mac and cheese.

That DID it. I HAD to have macaroni and cheese. Rightthatminute.

At first I just bought some (because it’s easier and I’m lazy):

It was pretty good.

It was definitely cheesy, that’s for sure.

Nothing to get insanely stoked about, but it did the job.

BUT, I still wanted to try Angela’s vegan mac and cheez recipe .

I read all about it from Ashley, decided that if she liked it and did it, I could maybe give it a shot.


Well, I did it……

{the start of the ‘cheez’ base}

My family liked it (and I did too), but my little bro did say “this is NOT macaroni and cheese.”

Good point.

Maybe we should rename all our foods when we pretend to make them similar to foods from our childhood, for fear of making people angry with us??

Remember the ‘pancake’ story from a few weeks ago?

Yah. Still not living that one down.

Back to mac and cheese. I liked Angela’s recipe, I did. It’s definitley tasty in its own right. (AND her pictures are SO much better, so go look at hers). And I really LOVE that the recipe ‘hides’ vegetables, but I just don’t think it’s anything like macaroni and cheese (and thus the name of it is sort of misleading, even with the ‘se’ replaced with a ‘z’)…..

So my ‘craving’ for mac and cheese was not necessarily fulfilled through that. Whoops. My bad.

I guess that’s why I will never be vegan! Hah.

Well, I am off to teach PUMP! I have some energy to burn off since I am feeling much better….so my class better beware 😉

Have a lovely weekend!

**I SURE will. Tomorrow is our 2-Year Anniversary of Engagement (we celebrate all the small stuff because we’re lovey dovey 😉 )!! Can’t believe he asked me to marry him 2 years ago…. It was such a beautiful starry night in the {cold} mountains!

{We went sledding and snow-shoeing in the mountains and danced under the stars. He got down on one knee after giving me a sweet, hand-made poem/card, and said some amazing things!! So cold the ring kept flipping around and falling off. We did have to have it re-sized as well.}

Better view of the ring(s):

Is macaroni and cheese quite the story for YOU?? Do YOU like cheese?? Any of YOU try any awesome vegan dishes lately?? Do YOU celebrate every little thing??

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  1. I literally cannot remember the last time I had mac n cheese. I’m thinking it was like freshman year easy mac in the microwave… I loved that stuff (and yes, now I think it’s nasty). Angela’s recipe looks delicious though!

  2. Aww, happy engagement anniversary!!! And yeah, sometimes you just need some super cheesy mac n cheese. Preferably baked and topped with more bubbly cheese. 😉

  3. I LOVE vegan mac and cheese! I have a taste for it more than regular cheese now and I’m not even vegan.

  4. stacey says:

    So funny you posted this about mac & cheese! I was having a serious craving for it myself! I love getting annies white cheddar mac & cheese; seems I buy it every 2-3 months; but if i’m in a hurry and needitnow! hahaha then i run up to panera bread and get a small cup of there mac & cheese which is good in a pinch and organic! even better! i try not to eat it but like once a year ; so see ya next year panera mac & cheese since i ate it this past tuesday! ha!

  5. i made mama pea’s mac and cheese once and that was pretty good… but you’re right… it’s not like the real thing! still good though!

  6. Gorgeous rings! If you want a REAL m&c recipe, I’ll give you ours. My FIL owns a restaurant in Shreveport, La…let’s just say Paula Deen ain’t got nothing on my mac and cheese. :)



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