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Hey friends!

I am SO glad it’s Friday….and not yesterday anymore. I kinda wanted to die yesterday because I was so sick :( I was up all night Wed throwing up (sorry, TMI), but had to teach Zumba in the morning….worked, slept, and then could not find a sub for my BodyPUMP class that night. SO guess who had to teach that too?

This {sick} girl.

Boo hoo. Luckily the ladies were super understanding (!!) and did not judge that I went down in all my weights, that the class was probably so much less fun, and that I looked scarily like death itself.


But, I am sleeping in today (wrote this last night) and subbed out my Zumba class for this morning–so hopefully I will wake up feeling better.

{That is THE only issue with being a fitness teacher : sometimes you can’t JUST take a rest day or a sick day.}


After all that sick and feel-bad-for-me talk, let’s talk workouts, shall we?

I LOVE pyramid-style workouts because they usually prove to me that I CAN lift more than I think. These workouts challenge our bodies and sculpt them into strong, fit shapes. The following workout is awesome because it empowers us in our knowing we CAN lift heavy weights–and will get anyone’s legs Summer ready.


Here is a workout that is simple to follow and WILL show results in no time. And who doesn’t want sexy, strong legs?!

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And that is how it’s done! This workout is no joke because essentially you are adding more weight each time (while lowering the number of reps), so make sure you warm up (as mentioned) by jogging or dancing for 3-4 minutes and doing some dynamic stretching for 1-2 minutes as well.

{See what the Bulgarian split squat looks like here and more on the squats and lunges.}


Remember that exercise myth we talked about awhile back? Yes, well, it’s still false. Women will NOT bulk when lifting heavy –unless they are consuming more calories than is needed.

But we already talked about why the scale isn’t budging yesterday….

**By the way, check out the fitness party over at Lindsay’s place –you can get a ton of great workout ideas there too!


And with that, I hope you have a lovely Friday!!

Have YOU tried a Pyramid-style workout before?? Do YOU love working YOUR legs?? Friday plans??

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  1. I worked my legs today! I do love working my legs! Friday plans are nothing which I love! :) :) Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. phew, that workout looks like no joke. i’ve been avoiding squats and lunges after my IT band issues, but hopefully i can get back into them soon!

    HAPPY FRIDAY! hope you feel better!

  3. oh no, i’m sorry you’re not feeling well girl! it’s definitely going around… hope you feel better soon!

    i love pyramid workouts! like you said, they really do challenge you and push you to do more than you might think you can do. this one looks awesome! i love working out my legs… it’s always TOUGH, but i suppose that’s what i love about it? i’m weird like that i guess. 😉

  4. My fav is leg workouts, too!! They are so tough and always leave me burnin’….but I KNOW I am getting stronger.

    Great post today.

  5. That looks like such a great workout! I’ve never done anything like that with adding weight and decreasing reps. Totally going to have to try it :D. I hope you feel better asap!

  6. Wow! That looks like an intense workout!! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Intense leg workout! I may have to give it a try

  8. Yuck! Luckily I’ve always been able to find a sub for my classes when I’m sick, and I think I’d just cancel the class otherwise! You’re a trooper- it’s NO FUN teaching when you’re sick! Hope you feel better.
    That leg workout looks CRAZY- I can’t imagine doing that on the same day as Bodypump!

    Oh- hey I have a question for you. When I go over a certain amount of weight (which isn’t really THAT much) for squats in BP, I get this horrible pinch in the side of my lower back- like right between my hip and the center of my lower back. It worries me because I feel like I’ll just make it worse if I keep adding weight, but at the same time, I don’t want to go TOO low in weight. Any thoughts? :)

    • I know-I was so SAD that no one could sub?! What the heck?! 😉

      For SQUATS: be aware that it is a very small round in the spine that causes the pain. Practice bracing the core, even as you sit back and down from the butt. It is a SMALL thing, but check out from the side what your back looks like in a squat, if there is a slight round in it (in the lower back part of the spine) THAT is where the pain is coming from.
      Something fun to try, stand up straight, brace the core (pull the belly in and feel the ‘brace’ that happens in the center), and feel the slight tuck of the hips in that position–you want that to happen at the bottom of a squat as well, because that is what protects the spine, even with heavy loads on your back.

      Another thing, a weak core also translates to a weak lower back–this is why I try and do a lot of core and Pilates work so I don’t feel that twinge in my back (and it HAS helped, b/c I used to have that twinge too!)

      Of course you know this, but remember to never sacrifice form for weight. So get the form right, and THEN add weight.

      GAH! SO long-sorry :( Hah

  9. I LOVE the sound of this leg workout!!!! And I agree 100%, no need to be scared to lift heavy ladies!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Feel better!

  11. Great leg workout! Looking forward to trying it!

    And about teaching classes when you’re sick (I’m a mom, so I want to take care of everybody when they’re sick)… I used to do this too, thinking that nobody could cover my classes for me. But when little colds turned into bigger colds and my supervisor took me to task for showing up sick, I stopped. You need to remember to take care of yourself first; that’s what you’d tell participants who showed up sick to your class, isn’t it?

    Feel better soon!

    • I know, I agree with you. I was SO sad no one would sub for me :( Luckily I did feel a BIT better by the time I taught–and then I took the next day off (I found a sub for then), so that helped and I am all better :)

      Thanks, girl!!

  12. LOVE pyramid workouts! It’s my favorite kind. Really helps to add weight overall.

  13. That looks like a great leg workout! I love when my legs are so sore its hard to get upstairs!

  14. I love leg workouts and this one looks killer! Pinned it. :)



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