5 Reasons Why The Scale Isn’t Budging

Hi friends! Happy Thursday to you ALL :)

Life is fabulous–it really is. I hope you feel the same–and if not, cheer up, there are always small blessings in each day.



So, I have many different types of readers –some are struggling with disordered eating, some want to lose weight, some want to run faster, some are brand new to healthy anything, and some just want extra motivation to step their fitness game up. I try to cater to all these needs in my posts- and can- both because I am certified and educated to, but also because I have been through mostΒ of it all as well.

I got really skinny in an unhealthy/anorexic way a few years ago, and then I gained too much weight back while emotionally and binge eating. And then I went on a personal trip to the wilderness of Alaska and just let it all go, and then I met my husband.

After getting married and settling into a more healthy way of viewing food and becoming a BodyPUMP instructor, I started to heal and also lose the unwanted weight and body fat.

{thankful for this guy}

I know I’ve mentioned that I no longer use the scale-and kind of really hate that thing–but although I hate it and it does crazy things to my mind, I do not disregard the fact that people who have several pounds (or more than 20+) to lose to be at a healthy range should use the scale, at least until the happy weight or ‘healthy’ range has been met.

Once you’re in a healthy weight range, the goal is then to lose body fat and get fitter, and then the scale can be thrown out the window (especially if you’re like me and it was a problem in the past–for newer readers, when I was in my anorexic years I weighed myself daily and had to be a lower number constantly-it was a horrible way to live).

SO, for those of you who are wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, that is commendable! Losing weight is a hard, long process, BUT it is worth it to feel good about yourself and to reduce the risk of so many chronic diseases.

The process may be long and tedious, but it’s even worse when the scale doesn’t budge and you hit a plateau…..

Here are some tips of what you’re doing wrong and what to DO, especially if you feel like you’ve done or are doing everything to lose the weight in a healthy way!

5 Reasons Why The Scale Isn’t Budging

  1. You have underestimated your real caloric intake. Plain and simple: you are eating the same number of calories that you are burning without even realizing it. Because there are 3500 calories per pound of fat, there must be a deficit of 3500 calories PER week to lose 1 pound of body fat (the weight you want to lose). Two ways to change that : move more and/or eat less. In-depth ideas: Try to reduce your pasta portions, walk to the grocery store, measure your servings with cups and spoons, walk a mile more than normal, eat 1 less piece of cheese, or give up a small dessert every other day.
  2. You are eating more calories later in the day. It is true that eating more in the morning versus at night can help in weight loss. The reason this is so is because the body needs that energy from the food MORE during the day to do its’ work, workouts, and functions, than the body needs at night. Eat a quality, large breakfast, high-protein snacks, a good-sized lunch, a powerful snack, and a nice, lighter dinner. Late-night snacking is usually a result of not enough quality foods and/or protein during the day–so take a good look at what you’re doing and re-evaluate.
  3. You are overeating on the weekends, at dinner parties, and events, and jump back at it on Monday. This is by far the number-one mistake most people make with weight loss. Consistency is KEY in this health battle. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come before setting out for those high-caloric dinner events or restaurants. Besides, nothing actually tastes as good as being healthy feels. Those extra cookies are not worth the yucky feeling the next day, trust me! Choose one exciting thing each day of the weekend, and one extra indulgent thing at a party and you’ll be satisfied. Our bodies do not need 4 cookies at a time, I promise :)
  4. You eat off of your kids’ plates, you eat just as much as your husband, OR you hardly eat at all. All three of these things are almost innate if you’ve been doing them for awhile……Here’s the skinny : the food on your kids’ plate has calories, you don’t need as much food as your husband, and you MUST eat often to burn calories. The body’s metabolism slows if you don’t eat enough or often, so that would be jeopardizing your health and your efforts by NOT eating. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true science. Plus, from a real experience stand-point, the second I started eating more throughout the day (instead of bingeing at certain times), the more weight I lost.
  5. You are either NOT being real with yourself OR you’re not being patient enough with yourself. This one is a HUGE one. The scale will go down if you continue to give your best effort and TRULY be honest with yourself. Are you really working out hard at the gym? Are you really eating less? Are you trying to portion out your food by measuring it? Usually we will lie to ourselves and avoid admitting things that are hard to swallow…..so if this is feeling uncomfortable to read, you’re probably doing yourself a disservice. Get REAL with yourself and then move on from there. IF you are being honest, then keep being patient. If you STILL don’t see results, contact me directly and we can work out a specific plan.

I know some of this sounds kind of harsh, but let’s face it, over 2/3rds of the people in our country are overweight or obese, and some of those readers look at blogs to get tips. I am HERE to help you! If you have questions, please let me know!

{If I could get healthy, you can too!}

Another article to readΒ for those of you who are lifting weights and wanting to see more change in the scale. It’ll give you a boost of encouragement, I promise :)

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for my PINK (!) foam roller. Especially this week….. πŸ˜‰
  2. I am thankful hot water.
  3. I am very grateful for scented candles–makes the work week so much more enjoyable!

Have a LOVELY day!

P.s. Happy Birthday to my older brother! He’s a resident, so I am sure he’ll have a great day at the hospital….hehe :) Love ya bro.

What tips would YOU give someone with weight loss that has worked for YOU?? What do YOU think is harder to do-move more or eat less?? What are YOU thankful for??

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  1. My problem isn’t with eating, it’s with overtraining. I try to do too much too soon!

  2. i think it’s harder to eat less… i am so good when i am at my house or in control of the situation… if i am around food that i am not used to having, sometimes i stuff my face! (teachers lounge, parents house, etc.) ah need to get that in check and be more CONSISTENT like you said!

    • You’re doing awesome–at least you recognize that! It took me forever to be honest with myself that I did NOT need to stuff my face in those situations.

      P.s. –you pops is going to my pops?? When? What happened?

      • uh *your pops . hah

        • haha. yup… his back is all out of whack… bulging disks or some other fairly common/serious back issues. i’m quite confident your dad can solve the problem. :) so today the teacher’s lounge was packed with candy… and i couldn’t stop! ah i recognize the behavior but still continue. what gives?

  3. I love reading your inspiring posts! I love how to write honestly and truthfully but in a friendly understanding way! I defs fall into one (or more) of those categories and I’ve been trying for a while to change my eating habits to reflect a healthier lifestyle, but its hard to start a change and sometimes I feel so stuck.
    I really don’t have healthy advice that I can give to people about weight loss, I mean I know what I am supposed to do, but its so much easier said than done. I do think its easier to eat a little less than to move more, so I’m trying really hard to move more. And last night I went to my first bodypump class and I loved it!! I’ll defs be going again! It was so fun and motivating and made me feel great!! Thanks for motivating me to try it!!

    • YAH! Didn’t you love BodyPUMP?! Ahhh love it <3 SO cool you went!

      I agree with you--moving more seems easier....just stick with the eating well and it will come in time, I promise! Let me know if you have more questions!

  4. What a great post! I have maintained a healthy weight most of my life, I did have some weight gain after getting married, but I didn’t let that hang around for long, I started making a daily commitment to me, I make time for healthy meals, I make time for exercise, I make time to take care of me.

  5. well said my friend!!! i love this.

    today i am thankful for a delicious breakfast! cocoa custard oats with banana slices & PB on top – YUM!

    p.s. you’re looking GREAT! :) you always have though…

  6. loved this post! I am glad i’m not a slave to the scale anymore…it used to rule my daily thoughts way too much and i’m so much happier now!

    i would definitely say in alot of cases that people overestimate how much they are really eating..i have a friend who struggles with weight loss but she refused to count calories…and i just kept saying how sometimes you dont realize how much you are REALLY eating until you pay attention. its tough, but once you educate yourself, you dont even need to look up every single thing anymore. i dont calorie count anymore because i took it to an unhealthy level, but i already know the calories in most things and the correct portion sizes.

    anyways! i’m thankful for greek yogurt today, because i will be utilizing it in TWO of my meals planned out :) i’m thankful for time with my boyfriend that I will get to spend tonight and i’m thankful for your blog, because i enjoy reading always!

    • That’s a very good point–calorie counting CAN be helpful, but once it becomes an obsession, the weight loss becomes a dangerous thing.

      SO happy for you! You are doing amazing, girl :) Have fun with those yummy meals!

  7. I love this post! I’m one of those that is struggling with getting over binge eating and I still need to loose about 15 lbs to get to a healthy weight. I find that the minute that I start to keep track of my calories I get obsessed or want to binge. For me I just try my best to have a normal portion and if i’m still hungry I go for a healthy snack. I do allow treats everyday too, but it is coming off very slow!

  8. What a great post, Annette. I am guilty of 1,2,3 and 5. I’ve had a horrible time trying to lose about 10-15 lbs and there are so many LITTLE things that interfere. I especially like #5 about being honest with yourself.
    Also, about #1- I was doing Weight Watchers for a while, and since fruits and veggies were ‘free’ i was eating far more calories than I thought! I’ve noticed a big difference in my calorie consumption since I started logging on My Fitness Pal instead (I’m doing a post about that tomorrow).

    • Yes, the little things–such buggers :(

      What a great way to log things in MyFitnessPal –cant’ wait to read about it! You’re amazing, Lauren!

  9. Great post! Those are good tips especially about eating more later in the day. I’m a big fan of eating more early and also a lot of women don’t eat enough and put their bodies in “starvation mode”

  10. Great post today! I try so hard to not look at the scale either, and judge how I am doing by the way I feel and how my clothes fit. But..it’s hard not to be locked on that darn number!

    I find it harder to eat less than move. I have to keep moving for my sanity, and that makes me hungry all the time!! Overall I do pretty well, but I know that if I ever REALLY want those washboard abs, I have to give up some favs like cheese and dessert. And I’m not ready to say goodbye yet!!

    Thanks for your honesty!!

  11. I heard that I needed to eat more to build muscle, but I ended up gaining about 4lbs over a couple months but not muscle (granted this included the holidays). What do you suggest to eat to build muscle but not gain weight? (and I know it’s not muscle weight, my pants were getting uncomfortably tight!).

    • It’s not necessarily true that you need to eat MORE in general, just be more open to eating more protein and less white stuff. This is for SURE the reason why you felt like you gained more than just muscle.
      Muscle needs food, yes, but when we feed it higher quality stuff (protein, fruits/ veg) and reduce the white anything (sugar substitutes included), the muscles respond AND you lose the body fat as well. It does take time though…. :)

  12. I struggle with eating on weekends and events, and then waiting until Monday. In the past, I also struggled with eating too much in the afternoon, but every since I increased my breakfast and lunch (keeping my snacks the same) I have been A LOT better!

    • Nicely done on upping the b-fast and lunch nutrition!

      I’d say that with the weekends and events, choose 2 things that you HAVE to have and go for ’em with excitement, THEN see how you feel from there. It always helps me to drink a lot, talk a lot to people, and remember that I have to show up in tighter fitness clothes the next day -haha πŸ˜‰

  13. Great post!! I don’t know if I have any personal tips because the last time I lost weight, it was done in a disordered way. But, I do think that many people trying to lose weight underestimate their caloric intake, or they think that if they workout they will be fine to eat whatever they want!

    • THAT is a good point–I forgot about that : the feeling of “I workout so I CAN eat whatevs” -thanks for the reminder of that point!

      Have a great FRIDAY: )I am lovin’ FLOW!

  14. These are so true, Annette! Another one that I would add would be not eating ENOUGH for the amount of working out someone is doing. That was definitely my problem at the beginning of my weight loss journey– I was a compulsive worker-outer, and was practically starving myself into retaining weight.

    It’s so hard to find that balance– people usually fall into the trap of eating too much or too little!

  15. i thought i was being real, but haven’t seen the changes in body fat that I thought I should. so i’m getting more detailed with my tracking by testing out the bodymedia armband…could be that I think I’m still burning as many calories as when I was heavier. should be an interesting lesson!

    • It totally makes a difference! When I wear the BodyBUGG, I SEE exactly what I am burning–which reminds me that it’s not like I can eat whatever even if I work out a lot. So I am SURE you’ll see success with it!

      Also, truth: when we lose weight, we burn less calories overall…..that’s the only ‘sad’ part of getting to a healthy weight, but in the long run, it’s not that sad at all! CHEERS to ya :)

  16. With your story you are inspiring others with eating challenges to reach a healthy weight and stay healthy. I also was anorexic in my teens and then I was also struggling with some excess weight. Now I am at a normal healthy weight and do not use the scale
    Yudit H recently posted…12 Law of Attraction weight loss secrets: #1 Align LOA with motivations to lose weightMy Profile



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