11 Fun Survey + Kick It

Hey guys!

So Fridays are “fun” around here. Sometimes you learn more about me. Sometimes it’s all about fitness. And sometimes it’s just plain silly or random ramblings.

Today is kind of a continuation from last week because I was “tagged” by another blogger, Katie, in her 11 survey! Wahoo!

Sing it with me now, “getting to know me…..” πŸ˜‰

I will not repeat the beginning part, but want to answer the questions she left for me this week (thanks, Katie!). To see the first part from last week, go to this FUN 11 Things Survey.

1. What is your favorite movie?

Not fair -I have favorites in different categories. I love Legally Blonde (first movie the husband and I saw together! He watched it with me the night I got in my bike accident. Sweet, huh?), Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Stardust, A Walk to Remember, Ever After, Titanic, and Pearl Harbor.


2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Slow drivers. Gahhhhhh. No one drive below the speed limit when I am around, please. Especially when in your in the left lane on the highway. :) Thankyouverymuch

3. Do you carry cash with you or do you pay for everything with plastic?

No cash.

4. What aisle of the supermarket do you spend the most time in?

The fresh produce one. Grabbing those bags and opening them up takes forever. Plus–finding and selecting the best-looking stuff is time consuming! BUT it is worth it for a healthy plate :)

5. What is your favorite restaurant?

Jason’s Deli. Β Or Cafe Rio.

{love Jason’s Deli unlimited salad bar….mmmmm}

6. What is the one song that has the ability to put you in a better mood?

Any Britney Spears song (seriously), Amazed by Lonestar (first dance as husband and wife, and the song he played before he proposed), and Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

{right before our 1st dance}

7. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Curling up in bed with a really good book and forgetting life for several hours. Oh, and sometimes (shhhhh) I order a diet Coke with Lime—about twice per year.

8. If your house went up in flames and you had time to take with you only 1 possession before evacuating, what would that possession be?

My MacBook Pro andmyshoesandmyclosetandmyscripturesandmypassportandmyvitaminsandmyworkcomputer. That was one thing-I promise.

9. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

HERCULES!!!! (honey, you mean HUNK-ules. hah)

10. What do you spend most of your money on?

Fitness clothes. Health-y food. Essential Oils. Bills (blech).

{gotta buy those veggies!}

11. It’s your last day on earth, how do you spend it? What do you do, who are you with, and what will you eat?

Similar to last week’s….(in no particular order): I’d teach a BodyPUMP class and Zumba class for all my family and friends (you guys included too!), I would relax on the beach in Hawaii. I would dance under the stars with my husband. I would read a good book. I would catch up with my sisters (and brothers). I would play with my nieces and nephews in the water. I would jet ski and swim. I would eat sweet potato fries and spinach salads and smoothies. And I would eat caramel ice cream with salted nuts for dessert. My husband and family would be with me for that day!!

FUN times.

Play along….and I tag ANYONE who wants to join in :)


And just for a kick in the pants, here is some more motivation that helps me get my {fitness} butt in gear:

{hah to that one}

Thank you PINTERESTΒ (click any pic for source–all found on Pinterest. Follow me HERE)!

P.s. CHECK out my link-it-up love for FLOW! Thanks to Lindsay :)


Have a GREAT Friday!

What is YOUR favorite Disney movie?? What is YOUR biggest pet peeve? Any fun Weekend PLANS?!

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  1. Jason’s Deli looks good… I initially thought it was one of your college places because I had never heard of it, but then I was surprised and excited to see there is a St. Louis location… yay! I want to try it. I love salad bars! Pet peeve would probably be people chomping their gum or chewing with their mouth open. It’s just gross!

  2. caroline says:

    ah! How can you ask my to pick my favorite disney movie?! I adored Tangled, grew up on Little Mermaid and secretly wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Hercules because the songs were fantastic and Mulan because who doesn’t love a story of a girl saving her country? Sorry dude, couldn’t pick just one. =)

  3. favorite disney movie, hands down, the little mermaid. i love most disney movies..but that one is definitely my all time fave :) im really excited that they will be rereleasing it in theatres this year!

    we are doing a nice dinner for my dad tomorrow night and i’m always excited to spend time with my family…and superbowl is on sunday, even though i hate both teams, i definitely will enjoy food and company :)

    have a great friday girl!

  4. LOVE that you unabashedly admit your love for brittney spears music. =) I love reading your ‘about me’ posts! so fun!

  5. i wish we could go out to lunch together at jason’s deli, load up on and free ice cream, go shopping for workout clothes and healthy food, i could go to one of your bodypump classes, and then we could go to cafe rio for dinner. πŸ˜‰ jason’s deli and cafe rio are definitely two of my top favorite places to eat too!!! LOVE!

  6. Love getting to know more about you! Those pinterest pics are awesome :D. I have way too many favorite disney movies haha…I love all of the classic princess ones!

  7. Love the pinterest pics and I am right there with you – left lane slow drivers are the WORST!!!!!

  8. I cannot get enough of Pintrest, I follow you and I love your beautiful marriage board. I have been married for 16 years! Favorite movie Shawshank Redemption.

  9. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie!! And I love that you love Britney Spears so much, she really does have great songs that make me smile!

  10. Legally Blond is one of my favorite movies! Elle is my idol, I swear. Have you ever tried the picante grill sandwich or Texas chili at Jason’s? My new obsessions!

  11. Do you like Lady and the Tramp? It’s coming out on DVD–making it a dinner date w/ the hubby–speghetti of course! πŸ˜‰ Even some for Queen Bitty and Bear.



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