Easy As 3-2-1 Cardio Circuit Workout + BONUS

Oh hey friends! It’s February up in here. The month of LOVE <3

{I am a nerd and love LOVE. I really do….aaannnnndddd my husband (how we met here) proposed to me on the 12th of February, so I really love this month}

{Feb 12, 2010. A pic taken a few hours before he asked me to marry him…I had NO idea what was coming!!}


Alrighty, enough mushy stuff.

Easy 3-2-1 Cardio Circuit Workout

On the wellness front : Now that we know what should be on our plates, here is a workout that can be done ANYwhere to make the ‘mush’ be gone (pun intended from earlier).

Plus….there’s a {secret} BONUS at the end of this post.

I promise this workout can be done–you name it–in an attic, cellar, family room, storage room, bathroom (okay that’s a stretch). I did it in my parents’ family room. Kinda awkward when people barge in, but whatever.

Fitness FIRST, people 😉 By the way, I love circuits–SO fun.

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I really love this cardio circuit. Plus it’s orange–so it’s gotta be good. I love orange (um, could you tell by the website?!) BONUS!!! AND because I love my readers so much, below is a fun treadmill workout I did yesterday. “FUN” as in it kicked my butt and got the sweat drippin’ within like 4 minutes. It is do-able for anyone though, I promise. I love doing HIIT type workouts because it makes the time fly by, and it gets that heart rate pumpin’ and the fat loss comin’ 😉 Add 1 mph or subtract 1 mph depending on your fitness abilities. Some of you readers run like sub 5:00s, so yah, just make it work for YOU. HIIT, RUN, and WALK Treadmill Workout

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That’s how I roll people. I am here to make YOUR life easier and to help YOU be your best FIT ever. To be a better version of YOU.

Mostly because I feel good when I am fit, and I want others to feel AWESOME as well.

So go and do these workouts-and report back to me how amazing you feel :)

Have a HAPPY Wednesday!! I sure will-it’s starting with teaching some BodyPUMP!

Which workouts do YOU like better–with equipment or little-to-no equipment, and why?? What kinds of workouts do YOU want to see more of?? Why is it going to be a great day for YOU??

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  1. yay! another no equipment necessary workout that can be done after school!! (i like those better… i have more trouble coming up with those types of circuits vs machine stuff) it’s going to be a great day because it’s wednesday at 6:30am and i already got my workout in! woot woot! oh, plus i have a manicure scheduled for this evening. :) hehe

  2. Aw, I love LOVE too :). I wish I could be with Chris right now…we have about 5 weeks until we see each other, bahh that’s so far away! Anyway, that circuit workout looks awesome- and I love the warm-up! Sometimes I really enjoy workouts with little equipment and other times I’m all about it…I guess it just depends on my mood haha.

    • Awww that IS a long time! WOw. But props to you for being so cheery and awesome despite the sucky situation. I am all about a dancin’ warmup-let’s be honest 😉

  3. you and your hubby are so cute! 😉

    i always love your treadmill workouts… they always challenge me but don’t feel like i’m going to die either. ha. i think i’m going to plan on doing the above treadmill workout tomorrow for my cardio – thanks girl!

  4. hahaha im a sucker for february too..valentines day is such a hallmark holiday but i love the sentiment and hello..all the candy :)

    i def want to try out this treadmill workout..woohoo, i love HIIT.

    its going to be a great day for me because its one day closer to the weekend and its my dads birthday, so that fact already makes me happy!

  5. February 12 is my birthday. We won’t talk about how old I’m going to be. :)
    I’m a huge circuit fan- not only do I think you get a better workout over all, but it makes the time fly by! I’m definitely not one to be able to stay on a cardio machine for a long period of time – the only exception is when I break my tredmill runs into sprint and hill intervals. But still, I’d take circuits combined with weights, body weight exercises, short bursts of cardio and plyometrics any day!

  6. I love no equipment needed workouts! I don’t belong to a gym so all my workouts are at home, with small weights, bands and creativity!

  7. I’m very confused about inclines on treadmills. Is 1 what it’s set at, or when you say 1 do you mean that I should up the treadmill to level 1?

    • 1 is the added incline (0.0 is NO incline). I almost always add at least 1.0 –because it’s more like outside.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Oh my goodness this workouts look kickass! I love interval cardio workouts because time flies! You’re too busy changing speeds to ever get bored :)

    Oh how I hate mountain climbers…

  9. Thanks for the workouts. They look great.

    Cute pic of you two! :)

  10. The HIIT modality was the only one that really brought visible results to my body.
    I spent about 7 years overweight and even attending gyms 2 to 3 days a week my body remained the same.

    I started to do HIIT and the first results were already noticed with 15 days of exercises, my measurements were already reducing and a lot, especially in the abdomen that was where I had a greater concentration of fats.

    Super Highly recommend. HIIT is for anyone who really wants to toast it all!
    Ana Clara Retic recently posted…Sedentarismo – Acabe com esse mal.My Profile


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