What Teaching BodyPUMP Has Taught Me

Hey friends! Monday just keeps showing up somehow. That’s weird 😉

But, as I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE Mondays. A day to just start the week off on the right foot. The week is full of possibilities, wonderful opportunities, and even more moments to laugh, run, and dance. SO seize ’em!

And it’s also there…..to stretch your limits.

Yes, my friends. The week has come. I have kept it from you, but alas, no longer.

{Dramatic, much?!}

{I am past the contemplation stage….This suspension bridge is in Switzerland. Photo Summer 2010}

This coming weekend I am taking the next steps in BodyPUMP instructing…..and fulfilling a 2012 goal of mine : I am attending an Advanced Instructor Module I.

What the heck is that?!!

It means that I am taking the journey to becoming {possibly AND hopefully!!} an advanced and/or elite instructor in BodyPUMP!!!….and from there could do another training, audition to become a PUMP trainer, teaching at huge fitness quarterlies, and/or presenting in a BodyPUMP DVD (!!).

This is exciting for me because A. It is pushing me outside my comfort zone B. It is the start of something new.  C. I love education and becoming a better instructor D. I love having my butt kicked (weird?!!) E. And lastly, because it is gonna to be H&%4A hard, I know it will be good for me.

You see, BodyPUMP is something very special for me. Yes, yes, here comes the cheese.

BodyPUMP was the start of a new beginning for me. A new me, I guess you could say. BodyPUMP instructor training (the 3 days from hell -but the good kind–no other way to describe it-sorry) helped me come out of that somewhat nervous, shy, and still-getting-out-of emotional eating-restricting-binge-cycle person.

{no photos of that weekend-but this was 1 month after it-with my favorite other BP instructor–the tall,cute blonde}

The journey began during those 3 days of intense, push your limits and then go beyond them, training. I left feeling exhausted, exhilirated, and SO very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead. I had never even taken a BodyPUMP class before that fateful day in October, 2010. I only had heard about it because of Julie’s love for it.

The gym I was teaching at invited me to the training, so I went.

I had NO idea how good it was going to get!!

What {Teaching} BodyPUMP Has Taught Me

For lack of a better way to do it, here some bullets of why I freakin’ love BodyPUMP and what teaching the class has done for me. Because let’s be honest here, teaching BodyPUMP has helped me become a better version of myself.

Teaching BodyPUMP:

  • has helped me end the emotional eating, binge eating, restrictive eating, and even “diet” mentality completely
  • has leaned me out in a very good way (I was too skinny for a few years & had a low BMI & body fat %, but that’s because there was nothing to me; and there was NO way I could’ve lifted anything back then–but then I added fat to my frame–for both the good and the bad)
  • has made me even more thankful for what the human body can do
  • has made me even more confident in speaking, teaching, and being in front of people
  • has made me bossier 😉 hah
  • has made me recognize the true beauty in working past your limits and stepping outside where it’s uncomfortable
  • has helped me see the {HUGE} benefits of following a strict weight training schedule (!!!)
  • has brought me to meet SO many awesome people at the gyms I teach at (one of my favorite parts!)
  • has made me have definition in places I never knew possible for me (um biceps and back muscles anyone?!)
  • has improved my mood, lifted my spirits, and brought me out of a personal funk too many times to count
  • has gotten me a whole bunch of new friends, new Facebook groups to follow, and new athletes to watch and be inspired from
  • has helped me aspire to something greater–I no longer aspire to be like those photoshopped skinny models like I once wanted to look like….NO, now I want to add muscles to my frame, lean out in certain areas, and look FIT-just like the BodyPUMP instructors I see on the DVDs :)
  • has helped me know what it means to be physically tired — and then be able to push myself (in a good way) to reach a little further —success is not giving up, my friends
  • has helped me realize the beauty of a rest day and what it can do for the mind, soul, and most especially, the body
  • has done so much more for me than I ever could have imagined…..and I am sure there is more, but we’ll stop here

After all, the dude in “Contagion” (the movie that makes everyone want to wash their hands 500x per day) said, “blogging is not writing, it’s just graffiti on a page”

HAH. Had to laugh at that one.

If this was graffiti to you, I am sorry. But teaching this class has meant SO much to me- I just had to say (umm, write) it. I have been inspired, and hope to help others become a better version of themselves too :)

Even if it means being a bit nerdy. Hah

Have a GOOD day!!

And with all that lifting talk……I am off to PUMP (wahooo!!!)

If YOU take a BodyPUMP class, what has it done for YOU?? Any type of fitness activity make you become a better version of YOU lately?? 

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  1. katie!!! you and katie were my top faves! 😉

    i love everything about this post… i’m so happy for you, annette! you have so much to be proud of. you will ROCK the elite/advanced instructor training this weekend!!

    • Awww. thanks. YES, Katie is amazing–she was my inspiration for sure!

      THANK YOU!!!! I hope I make it through…I am just a TAD nervous. Hah

  2. I love my BodyPUMP class. It forces me to concentrate on form, and to push my muscles past the point of anything remotely “comfortable”. I pretty much hate it the entire 60 minutes, but LOVE it on the 61st. I have a great instructor (I’m sure not as great as YOU) who also preaches the importance of weight training and healthy living.
    I’d love to be an instructor. Do you know what the cost involved is, and do you have to be a certified trainer first?

    • HAH. YEs, past anything remotely comfortable < ---love it! BECOME an instructor--that'd be SO cool. There is a cost, but if you teach fitness classes at a gym already, they might make the price lower. You have to be "sponsored" by a gym to do it <---not just anyone can become a BP instructor. Go to LesMills.com and search for trainings. Also, reach out to your instructors at your gym-they might be able to put you in touch with THEIR boss who could help you out. Good luck :)

  3. Sounds like Body Pump has had a great impact on your life! I wish I could take a class here, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I absolutely love body pump! i love what it does for my core & arms!

  5. its really lovely to see all the passion that you have for this class, its so infectious, i want to get out there and try it today!

    i think spinning is amazing..and i think it helps me become a better runner by helping with endurance..its hard work, and i love it :)

    • Spinning is definitely a mental game, that’s for sure!

      I hope you get to try BodyPUMP out some day. It is seriously intense :)

  6. Definitely pushes me to my limits and challenges my body in ways I wouldn’t otherwise!

  7. I’m so happy that body pump has done such amazing things for you! That’s awesome :D. I definitely still want to try it someday, hopefully when I’m making money I can find a gym to join that offers it! I definitely think that shorter, more intense workouts are making me a better version of myself!

  8. Congrats! Though I don’t teach Body Pump, I do teach CX Worx, also from Les Mills. The short, 30 minute, intense efficient approach worked for me and got me excited again to teach challenging classes. Glad you get pumped about your classes!

    • I want to do the cert for CX Works!! Do you love it?!

      Yah for Les Mills classes –and welcome :)

      • Honestly, I normally do NOT like pre-choregraphed, branded programs. But I do enjoy CX Worx for sure! The cert and training are fun and sorta worth it. (get paid for only half an hour but still have to join the Les Mills music/ DVD program that costs full price)

        • Oh that makes sense why that would be a bummer.

          I actually love when SOME of my classes are choreographed–b/c it is less planning for me. Haha 😉

  9. I love this.
    your body pump is my weight training.
    that said now *I* wanna try bodypump.
    perhaps your body pump is my bodypump. I need to try to know.

  10. Good luck! Is BodyPump more effective than traditional heavy lifting with the 8-15 reps for 3 to 4 sets?

    • Thanks!

      It is a different kind of effective….the reps are higher, the weight is about the same. It is a full-body class that fatigues every single major muscle group–and when that happens, this is where we get fit, strong, and lean out.

      Huge weight for less reps works the body differently (which I love as well) and can be more explosive.

      I also really love a group X atmosphere -with great people and music–but it is definitely not for everyone!

  11. Aww! I love this!! Goof for you, girl- and WOW! Becoming an elite instructor is awesome!!
    I love your list of things that Bodypump has changed in your life… these should all be on the next poster they send to advertise the new release. :)

    I have a photo of my husband and I on the Capilano bridge in Vancouver- I thought that’s where yours was at first. :)

  12. Ah it’s wonderful that you’ve learned SO much from your workout! I haven’t had the opportunity to try Body Pump, but I’m very interested, because I used to take the Les Mills Body Combat class and LOOOOOVED it! Is Body Pump at all similar, with weights of course? I’d love to try the classes or the DVDs.

    • Body Combat is one I want to try SOOOO bad!!

      BodyPUMP is similar in that it is pre-choreographed moves to music, but it is a barbell class that works every single major muscle group to its’ max. It rocks!!

  13. Ah Les Mills has great programs. Body Pump use to be one of my favorites as did Body Step which I was getting certified to teach but the day before the training my body practically broke down from being too underweight and overworked. Once I get my life straightened out I plan on returning because I love Step and am dying to teach it :)

    I’m glad that BP teaching has helped you. That class always empowered me and I can tell that it empowers you. I’m glad that you’ve gotten past the restrict/binge phase (which is the worst).

    • I am so sorry to hear that :( Best of luck to you–I am sure you’ll be a GREAT Step instructor!

      I love the empowerment that comes, so if you have questions, just let me know, girl. Life is beautiful and so are YOU!

  14. Johanna Quiñonez says:

    I want to become a bodypump instructor, and open a gym in my country, but i can not find information on how to become an instructor if there is no gym with LesMill method here.

    Can you help me with that info.


    • Unfortunately you have to have a certified gym that ‘hosts’ BodyPump to become a BodyPump instructor. I would email Les Mills & see if they have plans to come to your country (email contact info on the lesmills.com page.) Sorry!


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