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Hey friends! It is FRIDAY. Which means extra fun around here!

You know how back in the day (for me it was junior high days) you’d get email chains from a friend of her questions and answers survey style?? Those were fun, but when they’re insanely long (or all the same) it can get.very.old.fast.

Well, this one is a fun one because each person I “tag” gets to make up 11 new questions. Fun, right?!

I was “tagged” by my blog (and real life) buddy Ashley <—check her (well….her blog) out!

Here are the survey “rules”:

#1: You must post these rules.
#2: Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
#3: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

{jet skiing in Alaska, 2009}

11 Things About Me

  1. A lot of you readers already know this, but I am a dancer at heart-through and through. And will always be. It is my FAVORITE way to exercise. 
  2. I am extremely competitive–but so are almost all 9 of my siblings. To say things get heated while playing board games is an understatement….. and I can no longer play Risk with some of those siblings. Luckily we all love each other tons, so this competitiveness is no big problem—until Hearts, Monopoly, or Settlers is pulled out….. 😉  {all 10 kids-Christmas 2011, taken with a fish-eye lens}
  3. I married the man of my dreams–but I just did not know it when we first met! Hah. He was intrigued by me when we met (especially after a date with another girl fell through) and convinced me to go on a date with him……the rest is history {January 2012}
  4. I could eat York Peppermint Patties every single day and never be sick of them.
  5. I suffered from disordered eating for several years–but am FREE (finally) and am happy to share tips, advice, and coaching for those who are struggling.
  6. The only bone I have broken is my toe. Twice. It is SO painful.
  7. I have never had stitches, but my little sister (she is 2 years younger and is a nurse<—amazing!!) has had them 4 different times. Every time I was nearby when it happened. One time I actually caused it : I threw a ceramic cereal bowl at her head when we were younger. Hmmmmmm. I’m lucky she still likes me.   {she has scars to prove it–why was I so mean?!}
  8. I never wanted to go to Grad school, but I did and LOVED every single minute (except for when I had to do a bazillion revisions on my massive Master’s Thesis. Blech).
  9. Some of you know this already too: I am a Mormon, I am Christian, and I believe in Jesus Christ as being my Savior. I pray often. And yes, most of the ‘crap’ you hear about Mormons is wrong. Very wrong. By the way, feel free to ask me questions– I love sharing about why and what I believe! I especially love sharing my opinion on how Mitt Romney would be a fantastic president and why Gingrich would utterly fail the American people……but let’s not talk politics here, mmmkay :)
  10. I don’t drink coffee (it smells terrible to me!), but I love herbal tea–especially lemon. I don’t drink alcohol, but I love sparkling water. I have never smoked a cigarette, mostly because when I was younger my dad would come home from surgery and be so sad that all his patients ruined their spines and brains from smoking. He pretty much made it very clear to me that if I wanted to live a healthy life, smoking is out of the question. Don’t need to be told twice–I am allergic to cigarette smoke!  {I love my dad!}
  11. Teaching BodyPUMP has made me 10000x times more confident in my abilities in all aspects of my life. And it’s changed the way I look –leaning me out. I am addicted to BodyPUMP and totally can’t get enough (luckily I get paid something to do it. hah)!

Now, the questions Ashley asked me:

What is your favorite food of all time?

Ice cream or fro yo for dessert “food” and homemade pizza for “food” <—yes, I need both

How did you discover the healthy living blog community?

A friend of mine had a link from her personal/family blog to a healthy living blog. I don’t remember which one, but I found Julie’s blog through that one and immediately related in many aspects to her, so I kept reading.

What inspired you to start your own blog?

I read a few blogs after reading Julie’s, and decided that because I had so much health/fitness information swimming around my head I wanted to share that with others too. That’s what I love to do–share what I learn with others! It’s also helped me to be completely done with any type of disordered eating<–bonus!

Sweet or savory?

Mostly savory….but really both. Gotta have both.

Cooking or baking? Or neither?

Baking because it’s FUN. Cooking, ummmm well, I do it because if I don’t my husband would eat hot dogs and frozen burritos without blinking an eye.

Describe your “perfect day.”

Waking up next to my husband. Teaching a BodyPUMP class and then teaching a Zumba class. Showering (I love to shower. So weird!). Reading. Playing in the waves on a beach in Hawaii with my husband. Getting a massage. Relaxing under the sun. Eating a romantic dinner outside under the stars. Eating a decadent dessert with my entire family and chatting. Sleeping in a 5 star hotel on the beach with my husband.

How would you describe your personality?

I am outgoing, friendly (at least I think so, hah), excitable, passionate, spiritual, independent, a go-getter, emotional, romantic, and very much a family-oriented person. I LOVE being with other people, but at the same time I need my quiet, ME-time every day. I am definitely a homebody, but I love meeting new people as well. I guess I am a mix of introvert and extrovert!

What is your favorite store?

That is a HARD one. I would say Banana Republic. But I also love J.Crew, Shade, Zumba.com, Target (workout clothes!), and the Gap. For food: Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Would you rather get new workout clothes or everyday clothes?

Another hard one. I would choose workout clothes because that is my job(!)-well one of them. I work from home for my day job (love!!) so I could wear whatever I wanted there….I’ve actually worn the same thing twice in row a few times. Hot, right?!

Treadmill or Outdoors?

Outdoors if it is not too hot, cold, or humid. Hah. I love treadmills because I can control the speed. I trained for a marathon totally on a treadmill once. Would NEVER do that again, though. I prefer longer runs outside and shorter runs on the treadmill. I’d say anything over 7 miles needs to be outside –for my sanity.

Tell me a funny story.

Um, well, funny story: I thought this survey would only take a few minutes….this has taken way too long and has been a lot of fun! I am a nerd. Real funny story: WATCH this now. <—–it’s a hilarious story and it’s less than 1.5 minutes long. It’ll make your day. My husband and I watched it like 15 times in a row. We’re cool, ya’all.

And now I tag the following people to do this fantastic survey:

Here are my 11 questions for those I tagged above to answer (after they say 11 things about themselves):

  1. What do you like on your toast?
  2. Which country do you want to visit next?
  3. How do you squeeze in yoga and/or stretching into your workout routine?
  4. Who is your favorite athlete to watch/follow?
  5. What is the last meal and dessert you would request?
  6. What vacation has been your favorite so far and why?
  7. What workout did you do today/going to do today?
  8. Which one makeup tool MUST you have (i.e. mascara, lip gloss, etc.)?
  9. What do you never leave the house without?
  10. Which book have you read lately that you would recommend to someone else?
  11. What’s something embarrassing that has happened to you?

Have a GREAT Friday!!

Guess what–YOU get to join the fun & answer two of the above questions of your choice–GO! :) What are YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. ive been enjoying reading these surveys on a bunch of blogs…haha some of the answers are awesome.

    lets see..one makeup tool i must have is eyeliner. as long as i have eyeliner, all is right with the world :)

    and what i like on my toast is just butter and strawberry jelly…winning combo always in my book!

    im hoping to see beauty and the beast in 3D this weekend, yay!

    have a great weekend girl!

  2. How fun! I love learning tidbits like this about other people.
    I’ll add your questions to my new blog post. :)

  3. love it girl! thanks for playing along! :) i loved reading more about you… we’re pretty similar in a lot of ways, except for the fact that you don’t like peanut butter. hehe. 😉 have a great friday!!!

  4. yay! thanks for the tag! :) i think you know what my weekend plans are…. :) :)

  5. Loved reading all of your answers!! And I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know more about you through your blog :).

  6. NINE brothers and sisters!? Holy moly! The holiday season must be very busy at your house!

  7. I’ve been seeing these types of posts all over the place and I just love them! I’m still shocked that you have 9 siblings… i’m an only child so 9 siblings is totally unimaginable to me!

  8. caroline says:

    Favorite on toast? Peanut butter and banana. yum!

    I never leave my house without my iphone.

  9. you have 9 siblings?!!?!!? that’s crazy! I bet that was so fun too!

  10. I love that Julie from PBfingers.com inspired you to start your blog! She inspired me too!!! 😀



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