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Hey friends!

How’s the week looking for you?! I had a blast with my sister and mom yesterday–spent a few hours just shopping and talking and running errands. It’s amazing how such simple things can be glorious when done with family!

So I totally agree with so many of your comments from yesterday’s post–weekend eating can be a challenge if faced with delicious food, but it is all in how you handle it in your mind. Plus, balancing it out with delicious smoothies, apples, or crunchy carrots as snacks can make the weekend feel less of a total sugar and salt bash.


As I was flipping through some online articles a friend had posted, I got so excited! I love reading other peoples’ thoughts on what fitness does for them, and more specifically, what weight training does for them.

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Weight Train To Get Fitter

As some of you might know, my fitness overhaul and disordered eating recovery all began mostly because I started weight training more (or at least weight training with a plan), and ditched the 2+ hours on the cardio machines.

I weight train to feel powerful, strong, sexy, lean, and confident. But ultimately, I weight train to get fitter–in ALL aspects of fitness.

You see, when you pump iron, all areas of fitness AND life improve. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

I weight train to get fitter because:

  • Weight training improves my balance, coordination, and agility.
  • Pumping iron makes me feel more confident –in the gym and outside of the gym.
  • Lifting weights builds lean, strong muscle (!!!)
  • Doing resistance training helps me run faster! (So true. I never used to be able to hold a 9.0 pace for more than 2 seconds).
  • Lifting weights improves my mood–AND I get out all my stress by fatiguing those muscles. Hello WIN!
  • When I pump iron I feel sexy at all times of the day (and night) 😉
  • Regular weight training has been proven to reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases.
  • Muscles are SEXY -and FIT is the new answer.
  • Weight training is one of the best ways to avoid Osteopenia and/or Osteoporosis.
  • Being skinny never did make me happy, but lifting heavy weights makes me feel ON top of the world!!
  • …..and on and on

I really do believe that being able to use your body to do powerful things is very liberating, confident-building, and can improve ANY area of your life.

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Lifting weights regularly has literally changed ME (inside and out), and because of that, I could not live the rest of my life without some iron on the schedule!

If you want to run faster, jump higher, cycle quicker, or dance with more energy, go lift some weights. It is really that simple. If you don’t know how, email me or talk to a local trainer. If you want some more motivation, check out this article. If you want to look really ready to lift, order these (<—me likey!)

I am off to RUN my butt off–I have a long, fast run on the schedule for this a.m.–wahoo!

Have a FANTASTIC day!!

Why do YOU weight train?? What other aspects did I miss?? What type of FIT are YOU working on currently??? 

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  1. i weight train to build lean muscle! plus i always love switching it up at the gym!

  2. caroline says:

    I weight train to feel strong. Enjoy your long run!

  3. yesyesyesyesyYES!!!!!
    I love me the weights.
    I DO the cardio :)

  4. i love the feeling of a good weight training session–i’ve been trying hard to keep on top of it, i’d love to add even more to my schedule!

  5. I want to be seen as strong, not skinny – but it’s good for weight loss, too. :)

  6. Laurie says:

    I’m just getting back to going to BodyPump again, but my gym offers weird hours for it (I work) and only manage to go twice a week for times I can go after work. Do you think that is enough to see results?

    • That’s annoying (that the gym offers weird hours) —two days per week is DEF a good amount to see results. Make sure that if the weight starts to feel pretty easy (or it gets boring) that you play around with your weight selection < ----this is how {fit} changes are made :)

  7. Weight training for life! I kind of wish it’s all I could do, but I have to do a LITTLE cardio for my heart. Loved your list of why you lift. I love that you can actually eat more when you possess more muscle. Who doesn’t love that?

  8. I love weight training! I haven’t really gained or lost weight in the past several years, but my body has definitely changed because of lifting! I am more toned and firm and I feel much stronger….and I love it!

  9. Muscles rock!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE weight training!! i love the feeling of being strong and how it makes me look and feel. your list for loving weight training is spot on – couldn’t agree more with them all!

  11. I just started strength training! I am loving it. It has been hard to do less cardio though.

    • Yes, it is hard to make the switch–esp if you’re like me (who was the cardio queen). But it is SO worth it!! Promise.

  12. YAY weight training!!!! I’m currently training for my half, but being sure to include AT LEAST 3 days of weights as well! I like to add a 4th day if I’m feeling it, as well as some bikram!

    • GOOD for you for making sure you’ve got weights in that plan–lots of people forget about that. You’ll rock that half because you’ll be getting faster/stronger with those weights! Wahoo :)

  13. I am a triathlete / runner, so I will go in spurts where I don’t weight train at all because I am flipping through the 3 spots. Right now, I am doing 2 days a week of weight training and it makes me feel so STRONG and SEXY! I just feel a *glow* from the inside out! And I know it makes me a better athlete, wife and friend. I am MUCH happier! Thanks for the great post!

  14. I recently started taking BodyPump for weight training and I love it. I can already see what a difference it has made in my body and I feel stronger!

  15. It’s really a great post..I would like to appreciate your work and I am going to recommend it to my friends.Thanks for sharing.

  16. asmaa says:

    hi annette, recently i moved to my in laws and all day i m siting ,on floor, chair, reading a lot cause is nothing that i can do, even that i would love to.i used to be very active before this, and do loats of exercise.So i notice my body changes in about 2 months, muscle colapsing, specially butt area and i do not even have my own room where i can exercise.Do u think is something that i can do about this?or sitting diffrently.i gain a belly too,and i eat less then before moving in my moter in law house.pls can u give e a advice? i love your recepies, your advices ad the pics of pregnancy :):):)may God bless you:))

    • Hi :) Yes, any movement at all would help, especially because you’re right, sitting does weaken the glutes and that can wreak havoc on the lower back and abs.

      Can you go walking? If so, that’d be great. And/or going to a gym and finding a class you love would be nice too. If you do exercises at home, I’d look on Pinterest and search “at home workouts” -those can all be done without equipment.

      Also, you can always do squats, lunges, pushups, dips, diamond pushups, crunches, planks, step ups, hovers, and wall sits all within the comfort of your room if you have a chair!



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