Weekend Eating

Oh hey! How was your weekend?

Mine was totally awesome -full of family time, fitness, fun, and food. Lots and lots of delicious food.

I definitely had a “weekend eating” type of weekend these past 2-ish days….and boy am I feeling it!

What is weekend eating, you ask? Let’s talk about that, shall we?!

Weekend Eating 

Weekend eating for me used to be defined as indulging in the more fatty, salty, and less healthy foods in abundance, that I would not allow myself to eat during the week in those earlier years of my disordered eating. I had rules ya know, so one of those was sticking to eating crappy foods only on the weekends.

This was quite unhealthy and could even be seen as a type of binge eating: waiting until a certain moment or planning a time when I could eat a lot more of “not-so-good-for-me foods” and then using Monday to ‘cleanse’ or eat way below what I needed.

Now, it is understandable that eating on the weekends tends to be quite different from the week’s way of eating for most people, but if it is a deliberate attempt to consume more food than normal, that is of the unhealthy variety, and then slap the self back into obeying certain strict ‘rules’ during the week, it could be a very dangerous, slippery slope.

Some studies even show that this type of eating could wreck a healthy mindset, ruin a ‘diet’ (if on one), or even wreak havoc on normal eating habits.

With all of that in mind, I am in a much better place than I was even 8 months ago. As mentioned in a post about those delicious Lime chips, I eat foods on a regular basis that are not always 100% awesome for me or my body. I am both okay with this and understand that this a healthy mindset about food.

I believe that restricting any food too much could just lead to worse consequences, and frankly, I believe that is unhealthy.

I even ate ice cream for dinner, remember?!

So back to this weekend. My sister had a birthday and so we all went to The Cheesecake Factory. I LOVE that place because there are so many options! I also know there are many unhealthy dishes on that menu. I went there a few months ago and tried their sweet potato fries…..ohhhhh were they good!

I dreamed about them on Thursday night, so I knew on Friday I would have to have those fries or I would die.

Kind of dramatic much?!

But for real, HAD to have those fries.

We ate them as an appetizer, and I had them as a side to my turkey burger (on wheat). I was SO satisfied it’s not even funny. (I did not even finish my meal and had some leftover for the next day–even better!)

The crazy thing is, I did not overeat at all at the restaurant. I ate until I was happily full, ate the salty goodness to my heart’s content, and left so satisfied.

{Sidenote: I understand that for people who have never suffered from disordered eating, and have always had a healthy relationship with food, this is not anything new!}

During the rest of the weekend I ate cake, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate. I also had ice cream. Looking back at it I never felt upset, mad, or even worried about the scale, my weight, or even that I “needed to be better on Monday.”

What happened was, while eating my 2nd cinnamon roll, my body did not feel awesome–felt kinda sick, actually,- and I knew I should not feed it any more sugar. So I didn’t. And I went to bed happy.

Moral of the story is this : eat what you crave BUT in moderation. Recognize what your body is telling you and go with it. Trust that beautiful temple you have!

What I think the biggest difference from then to now is, is that instead of setting rules for myself, I just listen to what my body tells me and I deliver that.

Besides, I have a fit body to maintain and fuel, and there is no way it is running crazy mileage or lifting lots of weight on pure sugar!

I do not promote “weekend eating” in any way to anybody, in fact I probably discourage it and would say eat small amounts of deliciousness every day, BUT I wanted to recognize that this weekend could have been a horrible example of what “weekend eating” could have been.

By the way, amidst that all I still ate my veggies, salads, and delicious spinach smoothies–this helped me stay in tune and not just “go numb” with sugar, fat or salt shock. <—-to help those who are working on this

{spinach smoothie + cinnamon roll + egg German pancake + pineapple}

I believe that is often what happens to those who consume such large quantities of sugar, fat, and/or salt–they eat it so much that it puts the body into shock and they are past feeling what their body is really telling them.

I hope you all have an AWESOME Monday! I can’t wait to PUMP again<—so freakin’ obsessed!

How about YOU–do YOU tend to eat differently on the weekend?? What do YOU crave when YOU go to Cheesecake Factory?? How do YOU handle lots of sugar/fat/salt in a weekend?? 

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  1. ah! i just posted about how much food was involved during this past weekend! but it wasn’t that i went totally crazy, it was just that we went out for every.single.meal. and that was just abnormal compared to my regular eating schedule. also most of the foods were richer and i did indulge in dessert more than i am used to… no regrets, but just ready to clean it up a bit this week and not make a pattern of it!

    • I know–so much different on some weekends<---it feels good to eat veg and less salt. I agree! Glad you had fun though!!

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly that lots of restrictions end up hurting overall health more than helping. I also do a little of something delicious each day. Thanks for this post!

  3. i used to to do the “weekend eating” thing too… eat all strict and perfect throughout the week, and then go crazy on the weekend. BAD IDEA. now i enjoy a small treat each day and eat what my body is craving (for the most part). on some weekends, there’s a few more indulgences than on a normal weekday mostly because of social gatherings, special occasions, etc., but like you said, that’s OK sometimes! :) glad you enjoyed those sweet potato fries – YUM! i LOVE their cheesecake… obviously. 😉

    • I know, BAD idea x 1000!! haha.

      It is ok to indulge once in awhile–but still within moderation. I believe it is diff for each person at what point he/she feels full but not stuffed. SO it’s a tricky subject 😉

  4. Um what is an egg german pancake? And I’ve actually only been to the Cheesecake Factory once, I’m not really a fan of it, their huge portion sizes, or chain restaurants in general. Lol plus I don’t really like cheesecake, so I think that made me partial against it right off the bat…

    • I guess a German pancake is eggs, milk, flour, and some salt + a tad butter and when it bakes it pouffs up HUGE! So fun. Mine was kinda flat (whoops)<---but it's not even German. I lived in Germany and they had no idea what it was too. Haha I don't like cheesecake either, but the menu is SO fun--so many options!

  5. i used to do this SAME EXACT THING! it was so unhealthy and it was definitely binge eating on my part. i do eat different on the weekends, i’m definitely more lax..i usually eat pretty well on saturday but sundays i’m very relaxed with my eating..my hunger kicks in from my long run the previous day so yeah :) but i do not eat to an uncomfortable full anymore…i also let myself have things when i want them now. i dont believe in restriction at all…the whole key is moderation. great post girl!!

  6. Great post! Such a good topic to discuss. I do eat a bit differently on the weekend, especially when I’m home and go out to eat with family and friends- at school I usually eat the same. I thankfully have learned to recognize a true craving and to let myself give in to them!

  7. Ironically we went to cheesecake factory Friday for my bday and I didn’t even get dessert :(
    Mainly because everyone else was full and wanted to go..I wanted cheesecake but alas didn’t have any :(

  8. I used to starve myself during the week and binge on the weekends….but when my husband lost 60 lbs, I had to temper our weekend meals. Now I really don’t eat any differently…I’m so used to eating healthy I can’t!

    Your workout tips really helped, btw…totally overhauled my routine! It’s all about joy, not obsessing about cutting body fat! No more pylos for me! :)

    • SO glad they helped you out :)

      Nice work–for you and your husband! Way to revamp a lifestyle and eating habits. That feels good, eh?!



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