Focus On: Deadlift

Hey guys! Hope you’re weekend is going smashingly!

I am off to teach my (new!!) BodyPUMP class today (and with a sibling coming along-woot!), so as I am pumping away, here is some info on how to do a great move to tone and strengthen your back.

The deadlift is a fabulous move to help bring sexy back (just like the bent over dead row) –seriously here are some pics of really strong backs:

{click pictures for source}

Inspire you to go and do some deadlifts, much?! It does for me.

Focus on: Deadlift

To do a deadlift correctly:

  • Start with the bar or dumbbells being held (the grip) right outside of the hips
  • Keeping the back blades squeezing together, tip forward from the hips, bending the knees slightly
  • Slide the bar or dumbbells close to the body until they hit knee cap level
  • Squeeze the back muscles and hamstrings to rise back up–keeping the weight close to the body the whole time

{click for source}

The things that people do incorrectly are the following:

  1. Not keeping the abdominals tight <—this will pull on the lower back :(
  2. Not keeping the bar or dumbbells close to the body <—this too will pull on other muscles, such as the shoulders, and could compromise form –leading to injury
  3. Letting the shoulders roll forward <—this is the most common mistake I see! When the shoulders roll forward, the back muscles are no longer engaged….so then you’re just wasting your time. Major boo-boo.

Hope this helps!

A sexy back is definitely a wanted item. This move will most assuredly get you there, my friends :)

For a workout (idea) set: do 8-12 deadlifts using a weight (or weights) that are heavy enough that you can do at least 8 but not too light that you can do more than 12. Repeat the set 2x more.

Have an awesome weekend!! P.s. Happy Birthday to my little sis tomorrow!!

What appeals to YOU about having a strong back?? What of the deadlift is ‘hard’ to YOU that I could help with?! Any fun weekend plans I don’t know about?? :)

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  1. what appeals to me about having a strong back? not having back fat! haha

  2. I love having a strong back and seeing some muscle tone in it! And I have recently really come to love deadlifts…it’s fabulous that I can feel them working so much of my body!

  3. ahhh yes, LOVE the deadlift! i always feel it more in my hamstrings, but it sure does work my back well too. have fun bodypumpin’ it up! 😉

  4. I’m always so confused about the deadlift! I’ve also seen ones where you squat!

    • Yes, there is a way to pick the bar OFF the floor (where you bend your knees even more). The trick in the deadlift is to squeeze the blades toward each other and to keep the chest lifted even as you tip forward from the hips.

      Hope that helps :)

  5. That does help, thank you! I’m glad you did this move today too, I’d tried deadlifts before but it always hurt my lower back, haha now I know why!!!

    • No problem! yes, the lower back will hurt if the abs are not kept tight and pulled up to the back and the slight bend in the knees–because all that pressure is going down into the lower spine–ouch!


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