Pin Down The Motivation

Hey friends! Happy FRIDAY!

Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday’s very honest post–not an easy thing to do when you feel like a jerk, ya know?!

So on a lighter note, I thought I would share with you the many hours minutes I’ve spent pinning down some motivation to work harder, lift heavier, and get fitter. I find it inspiring to see others who have worked hard, or even just to read some quotes that resonate with me.

It motivates ME to get fitter too –but in a very non-competitive way. It’s like their hard work makes me think, “I can work hard too.” Kinda cool how that works, eh?! (P.s. it’s easier not to judge and/or compare when you hardly know a person, too!)

And I thought it’d be fun to share with you all :)

By the way, if you’re not on Pinterest, I would join the bandwagon (Janetha describes perfectly HOW to do it). It is seriously fun to check out your future mansion, brand new wardrobe, or glittery shoes that you’ll probably have in a couple of million years.

Oh, and it’s slightly addictive…..

…but not too bad. The good outweighs the bad, my friends. There are ALL kinds of fitness motivation on that site–so today I pin down the motivation for you (well, a smidgen of it)!

You’re welcome.

Oh yes.

So grateful I have a healthy body.

Right in there!

Make ’em cry, baby.




Yes, yes it does.

Have a very FIT Friday :)

P.s. Click on any picture to go to the original source.

P.P.S. for constant fitness motivation, follow me on Pinterest.

P.P.P.S Have an AWESOME day!

What are some of YOUR favorite pins to motivate you–quotes or pics?? Which of these that I’ve pinned resonates with YOU the most?! What are YOUR Friday plans?! <—dinner for a sister’s birthday and another sister coming into town! Wahoo! + BodyPUMP

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  1. I like The Sweat. The Time. The Devotion. It Pays Off. That is totally true and a good reminder for everyone! We have some cousins coming in town tonight and a family dinner at an aunt and uncle’s house to kick off this celebratory weekend. Yay for family weekends! :) :)

  2. caroline says:

    HA. HA. HA! “Love doesn’t need handles.” HAHAHAHA I like the “success isn’t connected with action.” Hopefully we get to see family this weekend- we are expecting a bad snow storm today. =(

  3. LOVE all these!! i’m a huge fan of these motivational mantras on pinterest!

  4. all of these are great!! im not on the pinterest bandwagon yet but i’ve scrolled through a few times and i could totally see how it’d be addicting!

    today= 5 mile run and then tonight i have plans to clean my apartment, eat, and play video games. i love my ME time on friday nights :)

  5. I love going to Pinterest for motivation! It seriously can change my mood in an instant.

  6. Oh you know I love pinterest :D. It can be motivating for fitness and give you great ideas for other things as well!! I love the one that says “sweat is fat crying” haha.

  7. I love PInterest!! And yes, it is very, VERY addictive!

  8. What great quotes…I feel so motivated after reading this post!

  9. I also am a bit addicted to pintrest…. my fav from your list: ! “Love doesn’t need handles.”

  10. Haha, love doesn’t need handles! Too true!
    Pinterest is great for workout motivation! I think I need to follow you!

    • Yes, YES you do. Not gonna lie–I have some pretty good pins (but of course, I can’t really take any credit since I made like zero of them. Hah).

  11. great stuff here!! love using others to help motivate me to push harder!! going to pin these!



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