Need For Speed Treadmill Workout

Hey friends!

How are you doing?! Has it been a lovely week for you so far? If not, then make it so! :)

Some of you have read my running story, so you know my relationship with it all. For those of you newer readers, let’s just say “it’s complicated” 😉

{2nd marathon with my sis, 2009}

However, with my upcoming Ironman, I obviously need to get my butt in gear. Er, well, my legs and my butt in gear.

What I have noticed lately, however, is with all my weight training and BodyPUMP teaching antics, I am a faster runner! This is pure science, which I will address at a later date, but yes, as my (or your) muscles get stronger and as the body becomes fitter (and/or) leaner, it is more equipped to go at faster speeds.


I think this means fewer longer runs in my future–and more speed runs. I like that idea (so do my knees!)

Besides, if you want to run or compete fast, you have to train FAST. The law of specificity, my friends : if you want to get faster or be better at something, you have to train in that something the way you want the outcome to be. (i.e. if you want to run a half marathon, you have to run, not just bike).

However, ANY run can be boring if done on a treadmill — so spice it up with a movie, TV show, and the following workout I did on Tuesday. Check it:

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9.0 mph for 1 minute 2 different times! Talk about awesomesauce! I know for some of you that is nothing, but for me, I felt on top of the world for doing that. Wahoo!

P.s. I will spare you the sweaty pic of me that I did not take. You’re welcome.

{Any runners who want to go slower or faster, just subtract or add 1 mph from each of the suggested speeds}

Running really can be fun 😉 It is such a great outlet, and I get to watch so many movies by doing this in front of a TV/DVD player. I think I’m in heaven….. (see other workouts I’ve posted)

Have a GREAT day lovely people!

Off to teach some PUMP (butt is still sore from Sat/Mon)!

What do YOU need to make it a good treadmill run?? What speed makes YOU feel like you’re flying?? Any good movies out there I need to watch while running my life away??

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  1. holy cow that looks like a FAST workout!! i can handle 7.5… 8 is flying for me! i watched Made of Honor a few nights ago… it’s really cute!

    • it was FAST. But it felt good. It was hard but now I know I CAN do it. I had to work up to it though–so yeah….

      I think I saw that movie once?! Who’s in it?

  2. That is a fast workout! I have a knee that does not like to go fast, but I might bring the speed down a notch to at least try the workout. When I was in high school, I like watching funny movies when I am on the treadmill like Wedding Crashers.

    • Yes, just bring the speed down and your knee should be fine–also make sure you’re doing squats and other quad exercises in your routines. Most people don’t know this, but when your quads are not strong, it pulls on the muscles surrounding the knees–causing them to feel sore or hurt. Hope that helps!

      Fun movie!

  3. im so bad at incorporating speed into my runs…which would be why i’m such a slowpoke runner :( need to work on that. i would say i could handle 7.0-8.0 ok for short periods but i dunno about 9.0 for more then 30 seconds, hahaha.

    i hate the treadmill but its a necessity especially during the winter season…i use my ipad to watch movies (with subtitles) and i listen to music on my ipod shuffle and the time flies by. i watch a mixture of silly movies and serious ones…the last two i watched was memoirs of a geisha and the departed. next one def needs to be a comedy!

    have a great day girl!

    • I thought I couldn’t do 9.0 for more than 30 seconds either…..and then I did. BUT it’s taken me some time to get there, that’s for sure!

      Yes–after those, you need a movie like “Just Go With It” -funny, stupid movie 😉

  4. Super impressive! I HAVE to do intervals on a treadmill. I get bored too easily. On a related note, I just got back into working out and the treadmill wears out only my right knee- to the point I can’t stand to run anymore. Any explanation on why? Or advice how to prevent this? I try to keep my form in check, but I think I may have a tendency to put too much force on my right knee when landing.

    Lovin’ the blog!

    • Me too-must have intervals!

      So with your knee, make sure you’re doing quad exercises like squats in your weight routines–strengthening the quads helps take pressure off the knee and knee joints and surrounding muscles. Sounds weird, but it’s true. The weaker muscles will pull on other muscles, causing them to give you pain. Try that –otherwise, stay at a 0 or .5 incline–don’t run hills. Maybe try striking forefoot first, instead of heel striking? Maybe you just need a break too–once again, I am no doctor, but some of those things might be helpful to consider :)

  5. Ooo I like the looks of this workout!! I’m pinning it now so that I have it at my fingertips when I want to try it haha :).

  6. great lookin’ workout girl! 9.0 mph is the speed at which i feel like i’m flyin’ too – it’s a fast one! 😉 i love catching up on gossip girl episodes on netflix while i’m running my little heart out on the treadmill. i get bored pretty easily, so i’m all about intervals and watching tv!

    • I know “flyin'” right :)

      I get bored easily too! I thought I just had ADD, but now I know….it’s just the treadmill trap. Haha

  7. I love doing speed workouts! I usually make them up as I go, based on how I’m feeling, but I need to try out some that are already made, like yours! Unfortunately, my gym just has a bunch of big TVs which are usually set to the news or ESPN. Although it’s good because it’s the only time I watch the news since I don’t have a TV at home!

    • Ewwww ESPN. hehe 😉

      Yes, the news at the gym is a great place to catch up on it all- I would watch the Olympics a lot there too–SO inspiring!

  8. Pheww this is awesome! If I am going to run on the treadmill, it has to be some kind of interval or speed workout… I would die of boredom otherwise!

  9. New blogger here. I have to say, I LOVE your blog and I’m going to follow it from now on.

    I need to kick my butt into gear and try to incorporate sprints and quick runs into my workout program. Right now I am trying Insanity, so it is hard to fit anything else in. I’m not sure if you’ve tried it but it is really tough! Anyway, great job on your workout and sticking to running even though it isn’t your thing! I wish that I had a treadmill in my apartment … I have to go to my apt complex gym which has ONE for like 700 people!

  10. caroline says:

    yay! Another treadmill workout!

  11. Whatever the kind of workout, level of speed, if it gets your heart pumping and make you feel good, then all is well! 😉 Just found your blog and am enjoying reading it so much, continue with the awesome updates in your life. <3


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