Focus On: Overhead Press

Hey friends! Happy WEEKEND :)

As this post goes up, I am heading out to launch BodyPUMP release 80, to my brand-spanking-new class (read the news here)! Woot. I am so stoked, and really excited to have such a great opportunity to share my fitness love with such a packed class. Steppin’ out there, y’all 😉

Be looking out for a full recap and review of the release (other reviews)–it’s a good one (I have all the choreo memorized, don’t you worry! Took forev-aah though!)

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As I go pump some iron, here are some tips of how to press your own iron; over your head.

The overhead press is a fantastic move for the shoulders. And because the muscles in the shoulders are smaller, make sure you choose a weight appropriate for the move and your fitness abilities.

Focus On: Overhead Press

To do an overhead press with a barbell correctly:

  • split your stance, so that the pressure is not in the lower back
  • using the elbows and back, pull the bar to chin level
  • press the bar from the chin level to above the head
  • as your press overhead, make sure you can see the bar slightly in front of you (this avoids ‘cheating’ and putting the weight/work in the back and legs)
  • keep the abs braced the entire time, and the chest lifted
  • lower the bar back to the chin level and repeat the press

This move can be done almost anywhere and with anything! Grab a barbell, dumb bells, plates, cans of food, children, etc. 😉

Overhead press can also be done seated, standing, or sitting on a stability ball.

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A word of caution: do NOT lock the elbows in the overhead press position! This will cause all the weight that you’re working with to go right into your joints, and not the muscles. Which is exactly what you DON’T want.

We’re here to build lean, sexy muscle right!? Right.

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Have a lovely day, my friends!

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P.s. Happy Birthday to my little bro!!

What do YOU usually use to do the overhead press?? What is YOUR favorite way to work YOUR shoulders?? Anything fun happen last Friday night for YOU?!

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  1. i’m a fan of dumbbells for an overhead press, but anything works for me! i usually try to challenge myself even more by balancing on one foot or standing on a bosu to work on my balance & stability too. great, great shoulder exercise! i also love lateral raises – they always seem to make me sore!

    i hope your bodypump class goes awesome this morning!! i have no doubt it will. 😉

  2. Hope you’re having a great time teaching!! I usually do the overhead press with dumbbells and my shoulders are fairly weak so I definitely have to use lighter weights haha. I also like to work my shoulders with lateral and front raises!

  3. Haha good to know shoulder muscles are naturally weaker, I always thought I was just a wimp!

  4. You read my mind– I was doing overhead presses during my workout today! Didn’t look as hardcore (or as shirtless) as that man does, but I still loved ’em 😉

  5. This is great information Annette, thank you! I always thought I was such a weakling with my shoulders… but good to know it’s not just me haha

  6. LOVE lifting weights.

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