It’s In The Food

Hey friends! It is Frrrrriiidddaaaayyy! Wahoo. I swear work days on Friday go by SO much faster than other work days–anyone else feel the same way about that?!

It also means you have T-minus THREE days left to VOTE for meΒ (you can vote every day). I would SO appreciate it, especially since I have my sights set on a certain Half Ironman Triathlon (where the grant money would go to)–those entries are $$$! VOTE :)

Friday also means a fun time to show you some delicious things I’ve been eating. I get questions all the time about why I am so crazy (mostly from my gym class people) –and how I have so much energy!!

Oh my friends, the answer is : it’s in the food. When you EAT the right food, you fuel you’re body right (and eat often!). Of course, I also love sweets and yummy desserts- so I have those too :)

I am feelin’ lazy today (and you’ve had to read SO many wordy posts this week), so here are some yummy eats in picture form –if you have questions about the eats (or how I eat often), leave ’em in the comments:

French Toast!


Mexican Bean Chili + Greek Yogurt


Eating leftover Swiss cookies (!!)


Eating clementines like it’s my job. Seriously.


Goat Cheese Toast + Tomato Soup


Pomegranate Spinach Nut Salad

It’s In The Food

Like I said before, I eat often, and I eat to fuel my body. I am a person who eats to live, NOT the other way around. My body is fit, strong, and healthy and I support that by eating well. That is THE only way my body CAN be that way, let’s be honest :)


Exciting NEWS!! K, I am so excited about this weekend! Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone: I was asked to take over the Saturday BodyPUMP class at one of the gyms I teach at (!!!) and my debut happens to be TOMORROW -which is the day we re-launch a brand new BodyPUMP release : release 80.

Talk about scary excited!!

I am most definitely PUMPed (pun intended!) and I am so excited to share the news with you all. This now puts me at teaching 4 BodyPUMP classes per week, consistently. Dreams really do come true, my friends! But sometimes we need to DO something about it first :)

Have a LOVELY day!

What awesome foods are YOU fueling your bodies with?? Any exciting news on YOUR front?? Weekend plans??

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  1. Congrats!!!!! That is SOOO awesome and you are totally a rockstar! Weekend plans include hanging with my neice and nephew tonight and my other nephew tomorrow during the day. Besides that… NADA and lovin’ it! :) Best of luck tomorrow … you’ll obviously dominate!

  2. Yay! You will be awesome tomorrow!!! I’m not familiar with 80 because I am still banished to a lifetime of 79 until I get my official cert, but can not WAIT to move on. If I have to do 79 one more time… :)
    How cool that you got the Saturday class, too! At my gym, that one is PACkED. Lots of energy in the room- love it!

    Oh- and the French toast looks soooo good!

    • Haha–I know that “banishment” feeling. Hah.

      Yes, Sat is SO packed–that’s why I am so glad I got it–I feel honored :)

  3. caroline says:

    NICE! I so wish I could be there for your debute and release 80. Congrats!

  4. caroline says:

    p.s I VOTED!

  5. Hilary says:

    I voted too!

  6. couldn’t agree with you more about eating the right foods to fuel you properly! congratulations on the new bodypump class girl!!! how exciting! you’ll do awesome – no doubt!

    p.s. i’ve been voting for you almost everyday! πŸ˜‰

  7. Yay! Congrats!! That is so exciting for you :D. I still haven’t taken a body pump class because none of the gyms I go to offer them…it makes me sad! You will be awesome!

  8. Congrats on the body pump class, sounds very exciting! And you are very right about food making you feel better, I’ve not been eating as healthy while visiting home and I feel like I need a serious detox. On my way back to Chicago now and ready to get back on a real schedule and some healthy eating!

  9. yay!!! congrats! i wish i could take one of your bodypump classes!

    your eats seriously look delicious…i have a secret love affair with goat cheese (sshhh!)

    i actually just bought plain chobani this week because i wanted to try it in replacement of sour cream…i cant wait to test it out this weekend!

    i’m cooking up a storm this weekend since my family is coming over tomorrow to hang out, i’m really excited. it’ll be a nice mixture of…healthy and not so healthy eats, hahaha. but thats ok, balance is the key to life :)

    have a great friday girl!

    • I wish you could come TOO!!!

      I won’t tell anyone about your secret love affair with it, if you don’t tell about mine–mmmkay?!

      YES do it–use it for sour cream. It will throw your world upside down!

      YOU have a great Friday!!

  10. Fablehafen Annette!!!! I voted! Love your blog!

  11. Good luck on the class! I know you will kill it!

  12. janetha says:

    I will see your clementines and raise you five.

  13. Have a great release!

  14. and how freakin CUTE ARE YOU?
    if only I looked that pretty at my, uh, pom-eating job :)



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