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Hey friends!

Anyone break up with the scale last night? :) I am glad I did that awhile back–my life has been much freer, happier, and honestly, better. Besides, body fat percentage and the way your pants/clothes fit is a much better way to check anyways.

Before we move on, ALL pages have been vastly updated (i.e. Disordered Eating-drop down page, Fitness, etc.). And a NEW page has been added : WorkoutsΒ page (drop down from Fitness page). Wahoo! Now you know where to go when you want a new routine, and fast!

Okay, on to another fun topic……why I eat often and the science behind it.

Eat Often

I (normally) eat:

  • right when I wake up
  • right after I work out (usually an a.m. workout –teaching)
  • lunch
  • afternoon snack
  • dinner
  • evening snack

I have found that for me, this style of eating works. Normally I don’t ‘graze’ all day long, nor do I snack all day long (on special occasions or days I am super hungry I would if my body told me to). These meals/eating times happen when I get hungry, and NOT because it is a certain time.

I just eat often, folks :)

love me some pomegranate arils in my salad!

That was a huge thing for me to overcome–eating on a schedule (and restricting it to just that) versus eating when I felt hungry and my body needed food.

Science does agree with the point that the idea of “eat often” may be beneficial for women as the food might help to balance out hormones and hormone level changes during the day.

This connection can be for good or bad —emotional eating happens because of the hormone/eating connection, but healthy, fit bodies are forged by using this connection as well –eating at the right times to fuel the body properly and take care of hormone imbalances or swings.

Each person is different, and I recognize that in all my clients, but I have seen the good it does often enough to let the topic pass us by on this blog.

feed me!

Eating 3 meals per day used to be the norm, and for some that might work (usually for men this is best–they don’t seem to have such a hormone/food connection, and many don’t like to stop and eat often throughout the day), but for me it just does not work. I need to eat often!!

I get hungry (duh!), and I know that to keep my fit body humming and performing the way it should, I need to feed it right and OFTEN. I guess you could say this is another secret or trick those who keep a healthy body live by πŸ˜‰

Here is an example of eats for me :

  • figs, fruit, or bites of a Cliff bar (before a workout)
  • egg, spinach, cheese on toast + chocolate milk
  • leftovers or tofu with quinoa, veggies, and nutritional yeast or veggie burger
  • apple, nut butter and/or smoothie
  • salad + meal (i.e.Β veggie pizza, enchiladas, etc.)
  • smoothie, chocolate, nuts, cereal+ almond milk, or fruit

Here are some other healthy snack ideas.

LOVE this meal. I <3 eggs

I know for me, as someone who is very physically active, I listen to my body and feed it what it wants –this just happens often throughout the day :)

Overtime, and because of the intense workout schedule I have, I often crave the ‘healthy’ stuff more than the sugary or crap stuff. It is seriously cool to know that my body KNOWS what it wants to fuel the body to do the hard work it needs to do in the gym.

Our bodies rock!!

With that, I am off to rock some bodies via BodyPUMP! It’s the last few days before the newest release makes it debut…..can’t wait to review it for you after I present it (!!!) at the gym!

Have a LOVELY day.

(p.s. VOTE for me ….please!! Thanks SO much!)

How often do YOU eat?? Do YOU eat with a schedule or more so ‘listen to the body’ schedule?? What is YOUR favorite Β  quick snack to make??

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  1. I eat with a schedule at school just because I have to… I don’t have time to eat when I want. Boo. My favorite quick snacks are apples, almonds, or bars of some sort!

  2. I am the same way as you I always need a mid morning snack and an afternoon snack. I usually never eat after dinner mainly because I eat dinner on the later side then head to bed not long after.

  3. I broke up with the scale last year and am loving it!! Tired of having the scale determine my mood for the day….the way I feel and look in the mirror will be the determining factor. I eat 6 small meals a day as well! It works so much better for me and I don’t find myself starving at the end of the day.
    I don’t often write comments, but enjoy reading your blog daily. Thanks so much for all your helpful tips in my journey to a better me!!! :)

  4. I also eat multiple small meals a day. I just can’t go very long without getting hungry, and when I’m hungry I eat!

  5. Oh I eat all the time! And I love it :D. I eat my standard 3 meals but then I also have several snacks throughout the day. If I don’t, I get so hungry and when that happens I get lightheaded and grumpy- and that’s no good haha. Voted for you again pretty lady :D. And I’m going to go checkout your workouts page!

  6. i have a similar eating pattern that you do… breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack. what can i say, i love to eat?! :) i do find that i have more energy and i’m not starving when it comes to each meal if i eat every few hours.

  7. I haven’t broken up with the scale yet, but I think today is the day! I put on a pair of jeans last night that I hadn’t tried in a while and to my surprise they fit! You are so right that the scale is just not needed. I know when I feel good and when my clothes are fitting properly.

    I also eat about 6x per day. I feel best that way.

    • YES!! GO you, girl :)

      P.s. the email thing –I asked my hubby and he checked it all out–it is working for him. What part of it is not working for you? Make sure you’re typing in your email address correctly, and that you don’t already have a subscription to that email–if so, then use a diff email. HOPE that helps!!

  8. when i had disordered eating problems, i would eat on a tight schedule…now that i’ve broken free of that, I really usually eat when my body tells me its hungry…it tends to be the same kind of thing you have going on..snack after the gym if i work out in the morning, breakfast, snack, lunch..maybe another snack (depends on when i workout that day, obv) then dinner..and i always need some sort of desserty snack (usually in the form of ice cream!)

    i need to work on incorporating healthier foods into my diet, i love some of the ideas you threw out there.

    have a great day! :)

    • I love dessert-y snacks too! Fro yo, Greek yogurt with granola…mmmm tasty!

      Healthy foods help me feel MY best during the day –glad to help :)

  9. As a nursing mother I have to eat when I’m hungry. It was even more so when I was expecting. So I believe you when you say what we eat balances hormones! We are what we eat and we feel what we eat!

  10. Thank you for this informative post! Sometimes i am alarmed by how often I am hungry… and i eat so much more than people that it bothers me! But I must remember this is what works for me, and of course, this sort of method keeps our metabolisms humming!

    • Don’t be alarmed–this is your body telling you that YOU are recovering and being YOU –needing the fuel it has to have to live the active life you do :)

  11. I eat about 5-6 times a day and try not to grab anything in between. The thing I have to focus on is to focus on my food while I’m eating it, and not just mindlessly snack. And eat for a reason- because I’m hungry and/or because I’m about to work out and need a little fuel.
    Back in the day, I used to do back to back Bodypump and Spin in the morning on an empty stomach, and not eat for almost an hour after I was done- which was usually around 11:00! Pretty sure I did some major damage in the long run by doing that.
    I’ll have to go check out your updates. :)

    • Oh yes–I understand that pain. Why did we think starving ourselves was a good idea?!

      Glad you know when you get hungry and such–not mindlessly eating is always an important thing to work on :)

  12. SO here’s the thing. I work an office job and my lunch is at noon. It seems like almost every day I am starving by 11 and I tell myself to go eat BUT then I get busy and end up eating at noon. I WANT to eat when my body is telling me I am hungry (during the week) but it doesn’t work out….

    On the weekend, all bets are off. I eat when I am hungry and I eat what I crave, which is exactly what I would like to be free to do during the week.

    I too LOVE that my body craves the healthy foods…That makes me so warm and fuzzy inside!

    • Oh yes, that is a tough one, eh?? I say, do what is best for you (and keeping your job. haha!) and live it up on the weekends, eating when YOU want to. I bet that feels awesome :)

      Go YOU for craving those delicious spinach smoothies! hehe


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