Why The Scale Hardly Matters

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*Disclaimer: Because I’ve been on {almost} all sides of eating, exercise, weight, etc., all opinions are my own –but they are backed up by science and my own research during my schooling. Also, please don’t read if you’re not ready to give up the scale…..OH wait, maybe you should continue reading……

With all my strict deprivation, body image issues, disordered eating, exercise addiction, emotional and binge eating episodes, and scary obsession with the scale from my past, you’d think I was completely lost.

Luckily though, I came out on top, and am not lost. Luckily (now) I feel amazing, am fit, love myself (finally!!), and totally enjoy sharing this journey with others so they too can beat it and come out on top. Luckily I am here for you all so you too can beat it–and stop beating yourself up.


As of late I have seen one too many blog posts, facebook status updates, and heard complaints from gym goers about how the new year is so ‘tough’ and how many feel discouraged but are ready to do anything to get to that goal weight or pants size–even if it means it is unhealthy or might become an obsession. It almost sounds like some are beating or berating themselves already. Or are already stuck to their scale.

This is not good, folks.

I understand the want to be a certain weight (meaning body mass, actually) –as measured by a scale (trust me on this one). But the scale could (and will) OWN the person if he/she does not remember a few things about it all:

Why The Scale Hardly Matters:

  • the scale shows everything : the skipped workout, the extra water drunk, and the sleepless night
  • each scale is different–which could drive ANYone crazy!
  • the scale can NOT tell the difference between muscle weight and fat weight <—this is a HUGE problem (hello lifting!)
  • the scale is an inanimate object that does NOT measure success, confidence, or worth of a person
  • the scale can haunt, taunt, and discourage anyone –NO matter the number
  • the scale goes up and down with your emotions, hormones, and water intake
  • the number on the scale does NOT determine your happiness. If it does, we need to talk (email me)
  • (almost) no one ever sees the number on the scale –it DOES not matter if you weigh less or more than a friend


Some could argue that the scale helps –and YES, it can be a good tool for weight loss–BUT if it is used as a more than an inanimate object in that relationship of weighing and marking down progress, then the scale has WON and the person has lost.

I was a person who “lost” for several years. For a few of ’em I was “winning” the number game….and then I started to “lose” the number game. All times I hated the scale every day –it owned me. No matter what, it always read the wrong number. Weird.

SO, my hope is this: I hope that the scale takes NO more hearts, energy, lives, emotions, or first or second thoughts from any of us.

Let’s just break up from the scale already.

(I have, and my life hasn’t been more full, happy, awesome, and FIT since doing so!! Not to mention my jeans feel better than ever!)

Besides, muscles are sexy. Being strong is the new black. Being FIT is the latest trend. And the scale hardly measures ANY of that. (Yah PUMP!)

muscles ARE sexy!

And I am HAPPY to have those muscles!!

I'm SO happy!!

p.s. if you DO have goals to lose some body fat (a fine, worthy goal–I am too!), then check out this post for TIPS on how to shed body fat and how to help measure success along the way.

Have a GOOD day! I am off to run my heart out —-not literally 😉

What do YOU do to check up on YOURself –other than using the scale?? What are YOU waiting for–what is holding YOU back from being the happiest YOU?? <—rhetorical. Don’t need to answer out loud if you don’t want to 😉 Who tried yesterday’s NO Excuse -No Equipment Needed Workout?? 

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  1. We did the workout after school and it was AWESOME!!! Halfway through the first circuit they were like uhhhh have you ever done this before??? And I was like NOPE! :) Haha we loved it… it totally kicked our butt and can be done ANYWHERE!!

  2. Great post!! I try to only use the scale ever so often just to see if my weight is staying about the same. Other than that though, I try to use how I feel in my clothes and how I feel overall instead of focusing on my weight!

    • That is a good point . You prob don’t have that ‘bad relationship’ with it that I (and many other readers of mine) had –so for you that is possible! :)

  3. Love this post! I have tried several times to give up the scale as I feel it rules me sometimes. I think I’m giving it another shot. I have to break the habit!

    I tried to subscribe to your site by email, but it wasn’t enabled : (

  4. i voted for you, good luck girl!!

    i do use the scale to make sure i am still on the right track but i try to just measure by how my clothes feel…there are moments where they have been tighter and looser but its all just a part of the maintenance game for me..i am really all about being balanced and happy, i’m done with any negative attitudes about myself.

    have a great day! :)

  5. man, i just love you, annette. i love how you always tell it how it is while being encouraging and caring and how you just know your stuff! you’re awesome. i’ve definitely been in the “scale trap” in my past, and freeing myself from it has been one of the best thing i’ve done for myself.

  6. Great post! Muscles are hot :). Go pump!

  7. Great post. I have no clue what I weigh, and I don’t want to know. I am actually gonna review this cool scale soon called the Zero scale that doesn’t tell you your total weight, just tracks gains/losses over time. I am still on the fence about using it, though. I think it’s best when maintaining or when trying to drop or gain a solid chunk of weight.. not like the last 10 lbs. Plus, when gaining muscle, the scale will totally mess with you! Body percentage is where it’s at for sure. I loved reading your thoughts!

    • I don’t have a clue either–I just know my clothes fit better than they did 2 months ago :)

      That sounds like an interesting scale–let me know if you try it out!

  8. Good to remember! What is a good way to make clearly defined health-related goals? I think people revert to the scale b/c it is easy to see change. Thanks Annette!

    • A good way to make defined goals could be “I will be able to lift X amount by ____” or “I will run 3 days per week for ____” OR “I will be _____ body fat percentage by ____” <---these are all fitness and health focused, instead of DIET or skinny focused. thanks for the good question!

  9. LOVE this post! I have ditched the scale and it is so freeing because I know I can go by my own health and fitness. It makes me much more balanced and healthier than when I was caught up in reaching a certain number.

  10. I do what most of the other commenters do…see how my clothes fit. I HATE shopping and buying new stuff, so when stuff feels a little tight, I know it’s usually time to take a good hard look at my diet (I run about 6 days a week and do some strength training, so the exercise is not the problem:). Thanks for the reminder that the scale sometimes holds too much power!

    • Good point–I hate shopping for new stuff too…..it’s all about the balance!

      I no longer give that scale power –Wahoo :)

  11. I could not agree more! I actually weighed myself for the first time in months last weekend, and I was up almost 5 lbs! I have not felt so fit and great in a long time, so I know the scale is definitely not showing me my treu sucess. My pants are even a little looser. I am convinced those 5 lbs are muscle, and I will not let the scale tell me otherwise!

  12. I have definitely had my obsessions with the scale (and numbers in general!) in the past. Right now I do track my weight every so often- but I am MUCH more concerned with how I feel in my own body (and in my clothes- whether they’re a size 4, 6 or 8!) For me, it’s just about being comfortable and strong- and there’s not a magic number that does that for me, and that’s what I’m trying to get back to.
    Ever since I got into my 30s, losing FAT is much harder, but I am convinced that all of my dedication will pay off, however long it takes…
    Oh- and NICE backbend! Love it! (And love the little headrush that goes along with it!)

    • Good for you–it’s awesome to FEEL good in your body :)

      ……it DOES pay off in the long run. Promise!

      Thanks–I love back bends!

  13. Workouts for me is about having fun. Zumba allows me to have alot of fun and its a great workout too!

  14. Seriously, I know i just wrote this on my last comment, but I LOVE your blog. I actually just wrote a post about my issues with the scale … I hadn’t had one for about a year and a half, and then my boyfriend bought one, causing me to become really afraid I would go back to my obsessive self! I had the most worry-free 18 months! So we worked out a deal where he actually hid the scale, and when I weigh myself each week he will go get it. That way, I won’t be weighing myself 1-2 times a day like a psycho! Whatever works, right?

    • Thanks girl!!

      That is kind of a funny story….esp since I was the same way with my husband! Haha. Now I can laugh about it–but I was just like you : hide the scale -get it away from me, or else I will get on it! Luckily he knew I wasn’t TOO crazy 😉 SO glad you’ve found your happy place!!!

  15. “Gain some bulk this second. Click this link to begin!”.

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    for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The website style is great, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  17. I want to compliment you on one of the best sites I have ever read through when searching for weight loss tips. I know that all the advice that you give here is optimal as I have done it all but seem to fall out of routines, get stressed at work and many other excuses. I’m beginning to think that the only way to permanently control myself is to become a fitness trainer. I’m beginning again this January, wanted to get fit, joining a group of folks at work who do a contest in teams. My plan includes early rise to walk the dogs, faithfully keeping up with scoliosis exercises, being aware of water intake, cutting down portions, eating less at night. Is there anything in my rant here, in your experience that would set me back, prohibit me from finally losing that 40 pounds?

  18. Jamie says:

    I don’t know about you, but my ‘relationship’ with the scale was more like hypochondria. At some point or another, I became obsessed with cancer ( I’m sure it’s merely a phase in my young life ), and I would always find things wrong with me, from the amount of water I drank, the food I eat, blah, blah, blah.

    When it came to the scale though, it really screwed me over. Every time the scale goes down a few pounds, I always think “Oh my god, no, something’s wrong!’, and I keep forgetting that the real reason my weight changes often is water, and food ( I’m usually 130 – 133 lbs, and definately on the lighter side of the BMI scale. )

    However, thanks to you, and my parents, I’m slowly beginning to learn that weight doesn’t matter – if you’re happy, healthy, your clothes fit and you don’t look malnourished, even with a bit of ribbage showing, you’re fine!

    Dunno why I even bother listening to some of the mainstream medical advice.

  19. Annie says:

    I have read a lot of Blogs and ultimately most of them have a little something to offer but nothing was comprehensive enough for me to go back to every day. Yours is fantastic! Love the workouts! You are my “go to” every day and I love all of your posts…The workouts are just the kind of workouts I want-HARDCORE!!! Keep up the great work!! So jealous…I wish I was the author!


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