No Equipment Needed Workout

Hey, hey! It is looking to be a great week-how ’bout for you?!

Last week was not my best……I missed my family (so freakin’ much!), I went back to work (it was a boring-ish week), it was ‘that’ time in the month (but I guess I’m grateful I have it), I got sick (boo!), and I slept awful one night.

miss these kiddos! <--nephews/nieces

Wahhh. Wahhh. Wahhh.

It is a new week TODAY though, so I am all about making it fabulous! Hence, why I {usually} love Mondays!


By the way, I’ve got to say, I was totally blown away by how MANY of you all buy your pizza dough?! My friends, it is time to save some $dough$ and pull up those sleeves 😉

The greatest pizza dough recipe I posted is by far one of the easiest (and tastiest) things I make–it is a total crowd pleaser and beyond simple to make. I love it so much that right after posting it I decided we were having it for dinner that night.

SO good!

We stuffed our faces with hot, spinach-y (pepperoni-y for the husband), bell pepper-y pizza on Saturday night. SO good.

{By the way, if you pop the pizza dough in the oven for like 2-3 mins before adding the toppings, it makes it even better, in my opinion!}

No hard feelings about chastising you all for buying your dough, right!? 😉


So, I have a bunch of readers and friends out there who don’t have gym memberships, who have little time, and who don’t own any gym equipment. Think I feel kinda bad for them?

Well. Sort of.

But really folks, there are NO excuses for you either!! 😉

I present to you, the fabulous:

NO Equipment Needed Workout


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It is a fun one!

If you have questions about how to do any of the moves correctle, click on these words : burpees lunges pushups plank

It is also great to switch up your workout routine no matter what–so if you need something new, this is the one!

Oh, and now NONE of you have any excuses not to do something today.

You’re welcome.

Have a GREAT day– I am off to PUMP some iron. I missed it over the weekend because of being sick–but I am baaaaacccckkk!!

What is a new workout YOU have tried lately?? WHO is inspired to try that pizza dough recipe now??! What do YOU do to make sure YOU get some exercise in??

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  1. Got my 30 mins of cardio in this morning! I think I’m staying after school today to workout with the gals which means…. this no-equipment needed workout would be PERFECT! If not today, then tomorrow. Our kiddos’ exercise balls came in on Friday, so we get to pump them up today! All 100 of them. Yippee!!

  2. I definitely need to work on switching up my workouts! I tend to get into a rut, so I’m excited to get back to Chicago and do some of the exercise classes at my gym!

  3. I just tried pilates today and really enjoyed it. At first I almost turned if off, but realized that it really creeps up on you…feels like you aren’t getting a workout but I was wrong! I have back problems so this was a bad week for me and I decided to give pilates a shot.

    • oh fun! I LOVE Pilates–and it totally helps with back pain, as it makes the core stronger–making it so there is less pull on that lower back. Good job, girl!

  4. i’m sorry you had a bad week last week… i know how it feels to miss family! i had a rough week last week too, so i’m definitely happy it’s a NEW week! :) we’ll make this one much better!

  5. i have really great feelings about this week, i’m totally sending good vibes your way.

    that picture looks amazing…i’ve been dying to get a pizza stone and finally make my own pizzas.

    that workout sounds kickbutt…burpees always hurt so good :)

  6. That workout looks awesome! I do have a gym pass and some weights at home, but sometimes I think it’s great to switch it up and do something different! And I love the warm-up that you do for it haha…dancing is awesome 😀

    • I agree-sometimes it’s nice to stay at home and do whatever you feel like –with no one around! Just shake it, girl–that’s how I warm up 😉

  7. caroline orien says:

    oh I love when you post workouts! going to do this one. Thanks for taking the thinking out of working out for me. =)

  8. One of my favorite videos ever is this no equipment park workout in Central Park, a little old lady joins in about halfway through, check it out!


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