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Hey friends! Wahoo for a SHORT week. It’s Friday already (in case you didn’t know) :) And I am loving that!

Thanks for weighing in yesterday on the female athlete triad, by the way. It is never easy to write about hard things that have happened–but I am grateful my bone density is back to normal–thanks to pumping that iron! (fyi: most people do NOT know this fact–so share it with your friends!)

Fun things on the agenda: late this afternoon I get to watch my cute sister in a swim meet (!!), and this weekend I am working on some major exciting stuff for the website/blog. Score!


One of the moves that almost made me throw up during the 3-day BodyPUMP instructor training (in Oct 2010) was the burpee (or usually said in plural: burpees). Hard stuff behind those letters, my friends.

source :)

One of the days during the intense push-your-limits workshop (legit) of that training we had to run fast for 20 minutes outside. During that time though, whenever the whistle blew (by our trainer), we had to do 10 burpees wherever we were….and then continue running until the whistle blew again.

Reminder, this was for 20 freaking minutes.

Let’s just say that after that day, I all of a sudden hated (yet loved) burpees.

Burpees are everyone’s nemesis, but because everyone hates them, this means they probably really rock the body. ‘Tis true, friends. Burpees are hard, yet effective. Challenging, yet fun. And yes, they are one of those famed total body moves (hello pushups!)

Burpees can be done in many ways, but the most common way someone does a burpee is jump straight out to plank and straight up and down jump.

Focus On: Burpees (doing it right):

  • Squat down, tucking the knees to chest
  • Jump out/extend the legs and arms into a plank/pushup position
  • Jump the feet back in to that hug-the-chest-with-knees position
  • Jump up with the arms extended toward the sky
  • Repeat

    source (in D, JUMP up!)


In any Burpee (whether done to the side, twisting, extra jumps, etc.), it is important that:

  • the core stays locked and strong (a weak core would put pressure on the lower back)
  • the legs extend out into a proper plank position (no extra, bad pressure on the knees!)
  • the knees and elbow joints DON’T lock
  • the jump is executed using the legs to push away from the floor (“D” in the above pic, but pretend she’s jumping up!)
  • the person smiles 😉

Add this move to any total body workout and you’re sure to get your heart right kickin’, sweat drippin’, and calories blasted.

Workout Idea:

To add in to a workout (hard, fun idea!): after every full set of work (i.e. squats), do 10 burpees. Then move to chest press. Then 10 burpees, etc.!

Have a GREAT Friday!

I miss my cute nephew!!!

Thankful Thursday (…er, Friday)

I forgot to do this yesterday…… I blame it on the short work week 😉

  1. I am thankful for being a fitness instructor–it is SO much fun!
  2. I am grateful for my warm sheets.
  3. I am super thankful for lemon herb tea.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister-in-law!

When did YOU first do burpees?? When do YOU normally incorporate burpees into YOUR workout?? Fun weekend plans??

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  1. Burpees area always a killer!! Usually if I do some type of circuit (push ups, mountain climbers, sit ups, etc.) I throw in some burpees… Doing it between weight exercises would be really hard!!! Weekend plans: dinner with friends & a housewarming party. Have a great weekend! :) :)

    • :) Try it–it is totally insane–but makes you feel SO good.

      Have fun this weekend! I wish I could go to the party, but we’ve got other plans–have a good time!

  2. I love burpees…they are so hard, but I feel so good when I do them! I also really like doing one-legged burpees now. Those babies are super challenging! I try to incorporate burpees into tabata workouts or into strength workouts to incorporate some cardio!

  3. I don’t mind burpees as much as much as mountain climbers because mountain climbers get too exhausting for my arms!

  4. Burpees are one of my favorite moves! Obviously so difficult but fantastic all the same :)

  5. burpees are a *itch!! haha. i truly have such a love/hate relationship with them. i do love what they do for you and the various modifcations you can do to make them easier or harder. i usually incorporate burpees into my workouts if i’m doing a circuit workout – they’re a great addition to get your heart pumpin’!

  6. Love the diagram of the Burpees…did what felt like a hundred of those today…and I realize now that I’m not tucking my knees in far enough! Thanks for helping me out!




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