Not-So Obvious Benefits Of Being Fit

Hey friends, and HAPPY New YEAR to you all!

So exciting that 2012 has arrived! How cool that this year we can commit to being awesome, to make positive changes, and to work harder to be better versions of ourselves :)

my new Zumba pants are DEF going to help me be a better me! hah.

To help us all get and stay on track for this year, I wanted to listed some of the not-so obvious benefits of being fit. Hopefully some of these will be a nice motivator to get our butts (and legs and backs and arms, etc.) in gear!

Not-So Obvious Benefits of Being Fit

  • Better sleep quality. When you are highly physically active you sleep like a baby. ‘Nuff said.
  • More positive outlook! A post on giving yourself a pep talk!
  • Healthier skin. My routine.
  • Huge confidence boost. Being and feeling fit can translate into being more successful in work and super confident in other aspects of life.
  • Healthier insides. You can’t see it, but being and staying fit can do amazing things for your vessels, organs, blood, and even the cells. Once you’re fit, you almost ‘glow’ from the inside out!
  • Brain power. Most studies show that physical activity is a huge brain boost-so being fit can translate into more smarts. Score!
  • Better food choices. Having a strong fitness routine and ‘being fit’ can promote a healthier outlook on food and avoiding labeling any foods as “bad.” This translates into eating better to fuel the body for fitness purposes and not just because of hunger or cravings.
  • Keeping sanity. Being fit can keep you sane when the world falls apart around you!
  • Higher self-esteem. It is not so obvious, but when you work your insides, your mind, thoughts, and desires can become more aligned with that positive feeling your body gets. There is a very strong mind-body connection when it comes to fitness!

Have a lovely day! I am off to run (literally)–can’t wait!

P.S. check out my friend (who gifted me the Bikram Yoga class)’s new blog!!

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What are some of YOUR not-so obvious benefits of being fit that YOU’ve noticed or felt?? What are some of YOUR desires this year in the realm of fitness??

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  1. Haha I’m off to run too! And very true, being fit comes with TONS of benefits!

  2. I have to say- one major benefit of being fit to me is being able to do anything you want! I can’t imagine being limited physically because I wasn’t in shape (even though I was there for much of my life!) or getting winded by walking up the stairs or a big hill- there’s a great satisfaction to knowing that your body is capable of pretty much any challenge you throw at it.

  3. For me being healthy brings a positive attitude that I really dont feel if I’ve eaten too much junk/crap. Annndddd I’m lovin’ the Zumba pants πŸ˜€

  4. I couldn’t agree with your list more. I love those benefits that come with being fit! Also, I think that the example we set with our healthy habits is a benefit. Not one that is always pointed out to us, but it’s always so encouraging when someone tells me they made a healthy change because of my example. Happy new year <3

  5. these are all so true! love this. i think people often mostly just focus on the “looks” or weight aspect of exercise, but there’s SO much more to it! i always find that i sleep so much better and all around FEEL better – i’m more positive, higher energy, more confident, etc.

    • You’re right-there is SO much more to exercise, and I think most magazines and celebrities have it all wrong…… my kids, one day, will know what’s up πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh I love exercise…I majored in exercise science in college and it was awesome to learn all of these ways that being fit is beneficial to your body!! One thing I have noticed is that I don’t get sick as often!

  7. thanks for the shoutout!! :) :) YAY to all of the benefits of being fit!! love love love that! my desires this year in the realm of fitness is to lift weights 3 times a week… my weight lifting is so sporadic and i want it to become a part of my regular fitness routine.. on that note.. do you think it would be better to do 3 total body workouts each week or choose a couple parts (chest/back, shoulders/arms, legs) and focus on those for each of the 3 days? which would i get better results?

  8. I liked the links you have shared in this post…they are really worth reading to get inspired.


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