Recaps and Resolutions

Hey friends! It is THE last day of the year! Holy moly.

I don’t know about you, but this year flew by! This year was also crazy fun, challenging, and really exciting for me. It definitely had its ups and downs though (trust me, several days of 2011 were spent crying), but overall it was a fantastic year!

there were moments like these and my face was a mess. Hah.

I made goals (aka resolutions, I like the idea of goals better) at the beginning of the year (I love doing this!) and was able to meet many of them. I also completely changed my views on exercise and lifting weights, and got h#$%a stronger!

In no particular order……

Let’s see, in 2011 I graduated with my M.S. degree in Exercise Sciences (having completed an intense thesis project that I passed in Dec 2010), I became a certified wellness coach, I began teaching at least 3 classes of BodyPUMP per week, I got my own Zumba classes (not just subbing), I moved to another state with the husband, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary(!!), we started Fitness Perks, LLC (and offer a variety of services), I came to total peace with food anxieties, body weight, and the scale, we skied for a week in March, and lastly, I started this blog/website!

we celebrated a year in April!!

Whew–what a year! Some of those things were very unexpected, while others were planned and had goals set to reach them. I am a person who is realistic when it comes to setting goals, because I know the intense failure and disappointment that comes from setting unreachable and impractical goals and not reaching them (it blows) :(

So I give to you the idea to set a few goals for 2012, but to also allow for unexplainable, happy moments and opportunities that could pop up in the new year as well!

For the new year I loosely set at least 3 goals in the areas of:

  • fitness
  • faith
  • family
  • my relationship with my husband
  • my relationship with God
  • service
  • finances
  • personal

For personal reasons I don’t share ’em all, but my fitness ones I most definitely will!

bring it, 2012!

My 2012 Fitness Goals are:

  1. To complete a Half Ironman Triathlon (I have my eyes on a certain one….and if you want to, you could help me raise the funds to complete this goal by clicking HERE to vote for me -every day until Jan 15!!- to be a part of Team Refuel and win a grant!!)
  2. To attend AIM 1 in the BodyPUMP elite training.
  3. To try CrossFit.
  4. To do yoga at least 2x/month for 15 minutes (at least).
  5. To do another half marathon (I love that distance), and possibly PR (it’d have to be less than 1:50). I’ve done 2 already.
  6. To create a brand new recipe per month. (Its related to fitness, I promise!)

These are things I wantΒ to do and have set my sights on. If one of them does not happen, I will be okay, but it is best to put it in writing, work as hard as you can towards it, and see where life takes you –using a backup plan if need be!

p.s. I’d LOVE to hear your goals and such in the comments section :)

Also, if YOU are wanting to start a NEW you in 2012 and have your disordered eating tendencies begone, fit into your favorite jeans again without dieting, or want a fitness plan designed just for YOU, Fitness Perks, LLC is here for you :)

And what I am most excited for in 2012: the beautiful unknown. Our lives are heading somewhere and I’m not sure where exactly, but it’s going to be good-I can feel that!

Happy NEW year! Bring it 2012! And HAPPY birthday to my awesome dad!

What are YOUR goals (fitness or food) for 2012??? What are YOU doing tonight to party?? What are YOU most excited for in 2012??Β 

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  1. Yay! Happy birthday to your pops! My goal is eat vegan in 2012 and maybe MAYBE start a blog…. Haha MAYBE! I can’t wait for your new recipes! We just have dinner plans tonight with another couple :) happy new years girly! Xoxo

  2. Happy birthday to you dad!! Those are some great fitness goals! I would love to try crossfit at some point :). I don’t ever really make goals because they just stress me out and then I forget about them haha. And Chris and I are still struggling with plans for tonight. Oh well, as long as we are together! I hope you have a great NYE girlie!

    • I’ll let him know you told him happy-birthday πŸ˜‰

      So true–as long as you’ve got him, you’re sure to have fun! Happy NYE to you too!

  3. those sound like some great goals for 2012, and a lot of accomplishments in 2011! My biggest goals for 2012 are to run my first half marathon and my first marathon!

  4. caroline orien says:

    good luck on your goals! If anyone can achieve their goals- it’s you!

  5. Good luck with the half Ironman training!! Great goals for this year. I’m sure you’ll achieve them with ease :)


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