You Never Regret A Workout

Hey friends! How are you doing?

What a day yesterday was…..let’s just say it was intense to the max.

Something that got me going through it all, however, was the mantra “you never regret a workout.”

Let’s back up, shall we?

Zumba in the a.m.!!

I taught a Zumba class in the morning and a bunch of my sisters and friends came to it–it was awesome! Even though I did not get enough sleep the night before….. Issue number one: don’t go to bed too late (darn, fun family!) when you teach a bunch of fitness classes –it makes it SO much harder.

BUT, I felt amazing for having done it, nonetheless. You really do never regret a workout, my friends–even when all hell wants to break loose!

I also went to the zoo with the fam and nieces and nephews (fun!) afterwards and had a total blast. We had to hurry back though, because we had a meeting with some people from our church for work we do in the genealogy section.

Apparently I was stressed about making the meeting (issue number two: don’t stress out about trivial things), because as we drove over, my eyes started to get blurry. Uh oh, I thought. YIKES, I said. I knew a migraine was starting. BOO.

The entire meeting I wanted to die. Legit. I almost threw up all over the man’s million dollar home….luckily I made it to the bathroom in time……and……… ‘Nuff said.

After yarfing I felt better (what’s with me and wanting to yarf and yarfing this week?!), but still felt like crap after!

When I work up I decided I would do it–even if I had to lower my weight selection. And you know what?! It was AWESOME. I felt SO much better! It helped that a bunch of my family came to the class too-they’re the best 😉

BRING it. (Source)

I’ll say it again, no matter what, YOU never regret a workout. (Disclaimer: unless you’re on your deathbed). If I can have the end of a migraine and teach an intense weight lifting class, you can GET your workout done–and done well :) You are more than you think you are–and I believe that!

Remember, the holidays are still upon us, so fight those cookies and get in on the action at the gym, outside, or in your living room. I believe you can do hard things, do YOU?

Have a GREAT Friday! Thanks for staying for the pump it up/work harder post! Apparentely I am in one of my moods to motivate and encourage :)

YOU can do it!

Off to dance!

Tell me, have YOU ever regretted a workout?? Because I can not think of one instance for me…..Any other favorite exercise mantras for YOU?? What are YOUR Friday plans?! 

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  1. “you’ve never regretted a workout” is on my screen when my alarm goes off at5:15am! And no of course k have never regretted a work out!!

  2. Totally love that mantra. I think the only time I’ve really regretted a workout is when I’ve done one when I’m sick and I know I shouldn’t have pushed myself haha. I am so impressed that you were able to teach that class after having a migraine!

  3. Never regret a workout… once going it feels soooo good!

  4. i never ever regret a workout… even if they aren’t top notch, it still feels to get a good sweat sesh in!

  5. Talk about dedication! I just tried my first group weight class. Loved it!
    I have never regretted a workout and hope… I never do. 😉

  6. Soooo so true, you really don’t! I am going to need to use this for motivation tomorrow to get my butt out of bed on a Saturday haha

  7. Honestly, that is what I tell myself EVERY morning. You won’t regret it after your’re done! Most of the time I am okay as soon as I get to the gym — it’s just getting there!

  8. The only times I’ve regretted a workout is when I was injured and should not have worked out because it made it worse! I have a hard time taking days off…


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