Foam Roller (and Christmas) Magic

Hey friends! What a totally lovely holiday weekend that was!! How was yours??

I ended up spending the entire weekend just like I thought I would and just how I wanted to. With:


little nephew as Santa!

me and my sista



red and green!

{remember, I said I was going to do this workout? DONE and it rocked!!}

all sweaty --2 sisters went with me and did it!



Swiss cheese fondue, baby

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Christmas Eve is Swiss cheese fondue, Christmas Day evening is a Thanksgiving-type dinner, complete with butter crescent rolls!


turkey, salad, roll, yams, cranberry salad

Dessert(yes, dessert gets its own category!)

a LOT of cookies (we are a lot of people)

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3 types of traditional Swiss cookies were made (by me, my mom, and sisters!) And they were SO delicious this year!

decorated sugar cookies

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we all got new PJs! We were quite the sight! (not everyone wants their pic up)

Christmas Day (above), Christmas Eve (below)

oh hey --we got lots of laughs once we were all in these bad boys


Swiss Traditions

Swiss pyramids (the candles make the people spin) and REAL candles on the tree





Spiritual Moments

Christ is born!

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{What I believe}


and, Presents

look what I got....


Santa brought me a foam roller (and it is PINK!!) and I almost died of excitement. It was such a fantastic gift and I am so stoked to have it! I have already used it 3 times since Christmas day.

Holy smokes–it makes my muscles so happy–especially since my weekly workouts can be really intense. Did you know that a foam roller is really like a cheap massage?

Foam Roller Magic

While receiving a professional massage a few years ago, the masuesse showed me that by pressing the hand (or a foam roller) over a sore or knotted area and taking a deep breath, it can actually allow the tool (hand or roller) to penetrate those sore muscles even deeper, making the action even more effective. Score!

Foam rolling can help alleviate sore muscles and is done by “rolling the foam roller under each muscle group until a tender area is found, and maintaining pressure on the tender area for 30–60 seconds.” (source)

It is really a self-myofascial release (fancy term for a do-it-yourself way to reduce pressure and relax the muscles, making them become more pliable and less sore). Foam rollers are relatively inexpensive and can make a world of difference!

P.s. Tina had some great tips about foam rolling correctly (like not necessarily ‘rolling’ per say, but more holding it over the muscle and allowing it to penetrate the sore areas), so check those out.

I love my very PINK roller:

I love it so much I pose with it--p.s my glutes got a nice release during those photos!

Have a GREAT day–and stay on track with your goals 😉

For my workout I am off to do something really hard (so I’ve heard…..because it is new to me!!)……and guesses?!

How was YOUR holiday weekend?? Did Santa bring YOU something fun?? Do YOU regularly use a foam roller?? What will be YOUR workout today?? 

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  1. Aw your holiday weekend looks like it was great!! I love that you all got pajamas…they are so cute. I’ve actually never used a foam roller, I should really try that out because I know I would probably love how I feel afterward. I had a great Christmas, but I’m sad it’s over!

    • :) You gotta try the foam roller–it is AHmazing! I know, the day after Christmas is always so sad to me too! Happy holidays, girl!

  2. I LOVE those pajamas! So adorable!!!! I got some great cold-weather running gloves!

  3. I taught a 90 minute spin class this morning- my class demanded it! It felt good!
    I hate/love my foam roller. I don’t use it nearly enough (though I did this morning)- but it makes a big difference when I do. I used it A LOT during Bodypump training!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas- thanks for sharing all of the lovely photos!

  4. love all these photos!! you look so cute in your Christmas pajamas. :) i’m so glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas!

    i love foam rollers too – they truly are magical!

    i’m going to guess you’re off to try CrossFit today?? can’t wait to hear about it, whatever it is! 😉

    • I definitely did, thanks! :)

      CrossFit sounds like something I want to try one day, but nope it was something else….and I got REALLY sweaty.

  5. First of all, let me say that you are seriously SO gorgeous girl!!! 😀 And your nephew, omgness…He’s so cute I thought he was actually a doll. And your food! Ahhhhh that swiss fondue is calling my name.

  6. Love the jammies, decos, and foam roller! Shoot I love this whole post! Glad you had such a nice time with your family! Thank you for sharing! – PS – your nephew totally stole this post with his cuteness factor!!

  7. loving all the polka dots! and i want that whole basket of rolls. mmm.

  8. caroline orien says:

    what a perfect Christmas!! I love that you are so excited about your foam roller. I am curious to know what your workout is????

  9. I def have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller… Similar to a feeling I had today… Wasn’t feel so great during but feeling great after!! 😉 my foam roller really helped with my IT band issues during half marathon training

  10. Yeeesss I got a foam roller too!! Absolutely love them, and have always wanted my own. Can’t wait to start using it :)

  11. HAHA! We both got a foam roller for Christmas!

    I love that you all are wearing long sleeved pajamas. I was just thinking about how I want to start a tradition in my future family of wearing matching PJ’s every Christmas :)


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