DOMS + Thankful Thursday

Last night I went on a special date night with my husband……it was festive and brought back SO many memories.

date night!!

Any guesses??

Well, okay.

If you guessed that we went to see the Nutcracker ballet performed by the exact same professional ballet company I apprenticed with when I was in high school, then you’re right 😉

It was magical and brought back a lot of bittersweet memories. I will always be a ballet dancer at heart….but I just couldn’t give my life for just that. If you want to make it your job, you pretty much have to give up everything else to become a prima ballerina. I went to college thinking that was the path I thought I wanted…..but alas, it was NOT for me.

BUT, with that being said, dancing for me is therapeutic. When I am dancing I am living totally in the moment–and it is awesome. It is a need I have and I definitely shed a few tears at the beautiful ballet last night! I danced in that ballet for over 6 years–and had a lot of roles. Just for fun, here is a list of what I was over that 6 years (some years I repeated parts and/or had 2-3 parts).

Parts I danced: bunny, soldier, angel, parent, snowflake, Arabian (coffee), understudy for Russian (candy cane), flower.

I'm in the middle--as an Arabian. 2001, I think?

Such nostalgia. Le sigh.

Luckily the husband was not too bored 😉 P.s. The company gave us those 2 complimentary tickets for being an alumni–very cool! But if you’re in the area and still have not seen it, this is a MUST event for the holiday season. Get your tickets fast!


So, on to a fitness topic I had planned for today and promised to share with you all: DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.


If you have ever had a really hard workout or been introduced to something brand new to your fitness routine (or done the hilly workout from yesterday!), you may have felt DOMS.

Now you have a name to shake your fist at 😉

DOMS is: the soreness or pain that is felt in the muscles that were used in an intense or new workout; it is felt starting from a few hours after the bout to several days after, depending on how intense or new the exercise was.

DOMS occurs when there are disruptions or changes to the muscle fibers’ structure and/or when there is damage to the muscle’s connective tissue. Thus certain DOMS experiences can be dangerous and debilitating if the workout was too much of an overload to the body, or the exercise was done too fast after an injury or rest period.

ouch (source)

‘Tis true as well that a really intense workout can make you feel extra sore not until 48 hours later (hence the “delayed onset” part of DOMS). It is also true that you can be sore for an entire week if you started an exercise program that is quite new……or did a marathon.

For example : after my 2nd marathon my sister and I were so sore, I even walked funny for like 3 days after! This happened because I had trained up until about 19 or 20 miles for that marathon, so once I hit the 26.2 in the actual event my body was reacting to the newish feeling of running that far.

Other thoughts on DOMS:

  • DOMS can be killer come January for those just starting a brand spanking new routine–so beware.
  • DOMS is felt anywhere where the muscles were recruited in new ways, in greater intensities, or for longer durations (check out the FIIT principle).
  • DOMS can be a good sign as it probably means you did something MORE than last time.
  • DOMS can also be a very bad thing if it makes the person totally immobile or in great pain.
  • DOMS that occurs for longer than 72 hours should be carefully scrutinized, treated, and avoided (by not doing that exercise or program again and/or stretching, getting a massage, seeing a physician, etc.)
  • As I mentioned before, some exercise can be beneficial to get the soreness out, or even to alleviate some of the pain and/or swelling. Apparently I forgot to say the name for it, “Exercise increases pain thresholds and pain tolerance. This effect, called exercise-induced analgesia, is known to occur in endurance training (running, cycling, swimming), but little is known about whether it also occurs in resistance training.” (source)
  • And as I always do, drink some chocolate milk after a workout and you may just have less DOMS to deal with.

It may sound weird but I do like a little soreness in my life–it makes me feel like I worked hard and got some sort of quick reward (so crazy, I know).

BUT, I do not like debilitating soreness or soreness that really hurts. DOMS is no fun when in large doses or for long periods of time (read: right after coming back from T-day break!), so I do my best to reduce it. And I really like the foam roller to help it out (hint, hint if Santa is reading this……!!)

I want! (source)

And as always, I drink my chocolate milk to help my muscles recover quicker and more efficiently. Works like a charm :)

P.s. thank YOU for all of you are voting for me every day–you all rock! The rest of you, pretty please jump on that wagon and VOTE for me! Thank YOU –many blessings upon your head for helping me!


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for egg sandwiches with jam. Can’t.get.enough.
  2. I am thankful for the Christmas season–I love celebrating the birth and life of my Savior.
  3. I am grateful for family and that I feel so loved among them all. Love is a beautiful thing <3

When was the last time YOU experienced some serious DOMS?? How long did it last for YOU?? What are YOU thankful for today?? Have YOU seen “The Nutcracker”??

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  1. I think I experienced DOMS last month when I did a new workout. I was sore for a week! I had never been the sore before.

    I’m thankful for my family. I just attended a funeral last night. My cousin lost her Mom and I know how hard that must be right before Christmas. I’m thankful that my family is healthy and that we can be together for Christmas.

    I haven’t seen the nutcracker, but I would love to someday. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. i experienced some serious DOMS just last week! i did a new lower body workout that was pretty intense. my quads were on fire for a couple days afterward. it felt really good to me though… i enjoy feeling a little sore to know that i pushed myself and worked hard. stretching, foam rolling, and moderate intensity cardio always feel good to relieve it.

    today i am thankful for the sunshine that is out! we’ve had some ugly gray weather this past week, so it’s nice to see the sun again!

  3. I experienced DOMS yesterday and today from going to Jazzercise with my mom! It definitely works different muscles!

  4. Sometimes I love having DOMS! It makes me feel like I’ve had a really successful workout haha. Actually the last time I had it was last week. I worked my glutes extra hard with strength training and I definitely felt it the next day!



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