A Hilly HIIT Running Workout

Hey guys!

I like hills. Call me crazy but I really like the feeling of running uphill. Once during a marathon I was running with my sister I told her this as we were running straight up hill……let’s just say the look she gave me was not a pretty one. But she made it–and she was speedy!

So, I also like running fast. Those two favorite components of mine make up this workout I am going to show you.

hello HILLS.

It is a workout that will make you sweat and smile :) It is not too hard, just because there are some slower running breaks. And, as always, feel free to change the speed higher or lower if needed.

As a word of caution, this workout is all over the place with hills, speed, high intensity intervals……as it helps me keep boredom at bay. I mean I can only run on a treadmill for so long and keep my sanity!

Watching HP7.2 helps a lot, by the way.

A Hilly HIIT Running Workout

get your sweat on

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I just want you all to know I do not have ADD, but that this workout was just one I came up with to have fun. My treadmill changes the incline and speed pretty quickly, so if you need extra time for that, allow for it in your workout.

Remember, these workouts are ones I designed to make me sweat buckets and push my limits. I am totally weird and like feeling like I am almost going to die–but don’t.

oh yes.

These workouts are ideas for YOU to enjoy and push your workouts a tad harder. It’s always important to switch things up and do something hard EVERY day.

You’re welcome 😉

Off to PUMP some iron with my sister!!! Woot. She is coming to my BodyPUMP class–I love when friends/fam come, so if any of you are ever in town, come to one of my classes :)

P.S. ****Please VOTE for me!!! Click HERE to vote –every day until January 15!! I was chosen to participate in the running for a grant and to be part of the Chocolate Milk Refuel team. And you all know how much I <3 chocolate milk after a sweaty workout!

see my pic on the bottom right corner? go to the site and find that pic, and click on it!!

What do YOU want to see as a workout idea?? What do YOU do to stave off boredom on treadmills??

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  1. Ooo that workout looks great! I love adding in running on an incline..I totally feel it in my booty :). I would love more treadmill workouts! I’m always looking for new ideas haha. And I voted for you again! Good luck!

  2. looks like a great treadmill workout!! i’m honestly not a huge fan of hills at all… i’d rather do crazy fast sprints than hills, but that’s just my preference. i suppose i should push myself to do the hills though! i know my body will thank me later. :)

  3. Great workout!! I haven’t done a HIIT style workout in awhile, so I might just have to incorporate this into my routine tomorrow!

  4. I really should add some hills to my treadmill workouts, I just get so lazy! Haha my excuse is that we have ZERO hills in Chicago so it’s not like I’ll ever run into any!



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