A Swiss Cookie Recipe

Hey friends! How have you been?

Wasn’t that article so sad? I feel totally devastated for that little boy and hope that he can find his happy way along a journey to health. If only I (or ahem, the govt?!!) could reach every house and share the good news of fruits and vegetables! P.s. my parents did an awesome job of having tons of healthy options available when I was a kid, even when we did not have much when my dad was in residency.

Guess it depends what types of things we place as important when it comes to our money? Maybe the govt. should think about that one…….

Moving on.


My mom is Swiss, as I have already mentioned, and we have strong traditions in our home, especially around Christmas. One of those is baking traditional Swiss cookies together and giving them away (and keeping some to eat ourselves). This is a beloved tradition and something I cherish every year.

candles are everywhere at Swiss Christmases

Last year was my FIRST year being married AND I was at my in-laws for the holidays instead of at home. (I did celebrate 1 Christmas in Austria when I lived there in 2006–they have similar traditions to my family’s and so that was fantastic!)

And so last year I made this recipe for cookies and they were all blown away. They took one bite and realized these were BEYOND amazing.

with my sister-in-law's kiddos last year

And they are.

They are called “Spitzbuebe” and they are full of butter, sugar, and deliciousness. Sure to make anyone swoon.


Spitzbuebe Swiss Cookie Recipe


  • 4.5 sticks butter
  • 1.75 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 4 Tb water
  • 700 gram cake flour (buy the 900 gram box of cake flour and take out 1.5 cups of flour; the remaining amount is 700 grams)<—-because of Swiss measuring!


  • Cream together butter and sugar
  • Add a pinch of salt ONLY if not using salted butter
  • Then add the rest of the ingredients (vanilla, water, flour)
  • Mix well and let it chill, covered, overnight in the fridge
  • Allow dough to return to room temperature before rolling it out on a lightly floured surface
  • Using cookie cutters, cut out equal number of lids and bottoms (lids have holes for the jam to peek through)
  • Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes, checking often to be sure the edges are not too brown
  • After they are cooled, dip the lids in powdered sugar, dab a blob of jam on the bottoms, and then gently squish the cookies together, powdered sugar lid on top, to make a sandwich cookie.

me last year with these awesome Spitzbuebe Swiss cookies that I made. I was WAY too proud. hah.

These cookies are a bit labor intensive, but they are NOT hard to make. And they are out-of-this world. Granted they are full of butter, but they are very nostalgic for me to eat so when I bite into them I could care less about how much butter are in them.

Because they are so delicious and rich, I can never have more than 2………at a time :) For real though, sometimes it is SO much better to eat delicious, rich food than the lower-calorie versions. A time and season for everything, I guess!

Besides, we are all totally immersed in our intense holiday fitness challenge that 1 buttery cookie won’t do too much to us. Heh 😉

Off to get SWEATY!

What is YOUR favorite holiday cookie recipe?? Any fun traditions that YOU all have?? 

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  1. Oh my gosh those cookies sound amazing!! I need to get in a good sweat today at the gym, I’ve been indulging a lot these past few days and I’m starting to feel gross haha.

  2. Those look soooo good! I always make sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles every year (of course in holiday shapes). This year I bought a gluten free sugar cookie mix that I’m going to try out – I’m hoping they are just as good!

  3. Those look yummy! I had one cookie this morning so far. I’m off to workout now : )

  4. these look yummy, Annette! thanks for sharing! my favorite cookies are definitely either my grandma’s chocolate covered peanut butter balls or Reese’s PB Cup Cookies…. i know you would totally disagree since you don’t like PB (crazy girl! 😉 ), but obviously i am huge fan! :)

  5. caroline orien says:

    those are sooooo yummy! I love the almond star cookies. (I would butcher the spelling if I tried…)

  6. Jasper Tommy says:

    These are DANGEROUS for my new years resolution, but I guess it isn’t the new year yet haha. Have you tried cutting the recipe in half, does everything turn out the same? There are some people sharing their recipes on the USPS Facebook page, we would love to see your recipe(s) there as well! http://on.fb.me/ujGGtE Thanks!

  7. The cookies sure look sinful!
    It’s hard to be away from your own family on holidays, even if the other family is great.
    I’m not going to be spending time with my family this year, going to my in-laws. I know it’s going to be great though! :) Holidays are just fun.

  8. That’s the type of cookie that LOOKS complicated to make, but it has so few ingredients… that’s always a plus! Christmas cookies are my weakness. I made some last night, had one, and then swiftly packaged up the rest for co-workers! I think I’m going to stick to my “one cookie a day” rule through the holidays. :)

    • your cookies look great! That is a good/fun rule to have….but if I have rules I’d die a slow death again….hah. I am eating the treats that STAND out to me –so far so great :)



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