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Hey friends! Weekend TIME :)

As it is the holidays, that can also mean major party time. Woot. It is fun to see friends outside of work, the gym, or busy personal lives. It can be a fabulous place to unwind and enjoy the small things in life.

holidays '08

However, this party mindset can be problematic for some who struggle with choosing foods or for any who often overindulge. Let’s be honest though, everyone gets to have treats during these parties, it is about reigning in what YOU personally want and going for it. Because I’ve had holidays where I was a ‘normal eater,’ ‘anorexic eater,’ and ‘binge/emotional eater,’ I do understand a lot of what goes on in a lot of our heads. Let’s check it out, shall we?

There are a variety of types of eaters (did you know that?!) Each has a unique style and each of us may have several types “in” us. What is important during the holidays is to figure out how to best handle that party eater type when in delicious food situations so that we are not upset after a party because of total overindulgence.

The Social Eater This eater loves to eat when others eat. If you are this type, hold off on eating at the buffet until your friends (or who you came with) are ready to hit up the food table. This is important because this type of eater will NOT be satisfied if she/he has to eat alone, or has already eaten when her/his bff’s eat-which then may lead to overeating.

gotta eat with them!

The “I need to try everything” Eater It is totally fine to want to try everything, but this type of eater needs to be very careful about portion sizes and second trips to the buffet. If you must try EVERY thing, take a thumb size worth of food. If you can handle only trying 5-7 main things, stick to small apple-sized portions. This type of eater will NOT be satisfied with just eating 1 thing.

I am sometimes this type of eater. I like to try things that look delicious, but there seems to be things at holiday parties I would never usually eat. I tend to try the more decadent foods in very small quantities and fill my plate with other delicious (but healthier) foods like veggies and fruit.

so many different kinds! (Halloween is still a 'holiday' hah)

The Favorites Eater This type of eater knows his/her favorites and goes for just those. If you are this eater then holiday parties are not necessarily any type of navigation issue. Head for your favorites, be wary of portion sizes, and enjoy!

I can also relate to this type of eater too! I know what I like and I GO for ’em. I love stinky cheeses with thick crackers, hot spinach/artichoke dip, and shrimp. For desserts I go for anything with caramel, dark chocolate, or almonds. And I hate/avoid peanut anything, mushroom anything, and red meat.

The Load My Plate Eater This eater loves to have a full plate and will only feel satisfied if the plate is full. Totally fine, but at holiday parties be wary of hidden calories in some of those heavy, home-cooked dishes. Just stick to smaller-ish sized portions and load up on fruits and veggies and this eater will leave totally happy :)

The “once a year” Eater This eater lives for the holiday parties and can not wait to get his/her hands on the goods. This is a fabulous way to live it up every year but it could lead to binge type eating. For this eater type, eat slowly, try taking only the foods you MUST have, and forgo the foods or dips you can easily make at home. As for most holiday party eating, stick to drinking lots of water and chomping on fruits or veggies if you are still wanting to munch.

This can be a sticky “type” to discuss, and I totally understand. There were a few holidays in my life that I dreaded huge parties….because I would eat and eat and eat OR the years I would stare at the food wishing I could feel okay to eat some of it and not hate myself for it.

The years where I literally would eat all my favorites until I was sick was NO way to enjoy the holidays. By the way, if you do struggle with this, I do coaching and offer services to any who are or have been suffering (or you can email me). Also, please also see other posts on this topic in my Disordered Eating Page.

oh yes

The MAIN Tips for Holiday Parties:

  • eat before a party so you’re not starving (snacks like nuts, cheese stick, yogurt, fruit/veg)
  • survey the goods before digging in <—seriously do a lap or two to figure out what you really want
  • try to eat while sitting down (this may be hard but it is worth it–you’ll enjoy the food way more!)
  • focus on what the party is about! Friends! Holidays! Fun! Faith!
  • share with a significant other if you want seconds
  • drink LOTS of water
  • wear clothes that are not too baggy  😉
  • talk, talk, talk <—this means less stuffing the face
  • if you must/can/feel its appropriate, take some of the goodies home on a plate <—this helps reduce the feeling of “must eat now” and avoids the “too full from holiday goodies” feeling

with Santa, 04

I went to a Christmas party the other evening and I had actually just eaten dinner. I forgot that the party (it was a church gathering with some women) would even have food!

I drank 2 cups of water during the music/story part of the evening and ate some veggies and fruit while chatting with some ladies after the program was over. As I left I grabbed a small plate of goodies to bring home. I then shared the goodies with my husband, parents, and sister. I ate the last caramel bar piece the following day.

I simply listened to my body and to what it wanted. It did not want sugar at the actual party, so I ate the veg/fruit. When my family ate the sugary stuff later on, I felt like I was wanting some too (maybe I am a social eater too?!), so I had some. And that is THE most important tip I can leave with you all–to those of you who have never struggled with disordered eating, and those who have or are still struggling– LISTEN to that beautiful body of yours.

Holidays come every year, so there is NO need to stuff or deny that body. Simply enjoy the experience of living, loving, and savoring delicious tastes.

Cheers, and HAPPY Holidays!

Have a great weekend–I am off to kick some serious fitness butt. In the meantime, VOTE for me please!!!!! :)

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I’ll love you forever!

Any other types of eaters I missed?? What do YOU feel like YOU tend to be?? Any fun parties for YOU coming up??

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  1. caroline orien says:

    I am totally a social eater. Thanks for the tips, will use them this holiday season for sure. and I loved your “fat cells crying” tweet. so funny!

  2. I think I sometime fall into a few of these categories!! I’m for sure a social eater but I also love trying a bit of everything and especially the foods that you don’t have at other times during the year.



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