Focus On : Calf Raises

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If there is one thing my husband looked for in a wife it was good calves. Okay, that is sort of a lie. He is a much deeper guy than that, but my having nice (or at least something-there) calves was an extra plus for him and he took it 😉

oh he just loves my calves....and me ;)

Calves are something that can become defined and worked through a variety of different sports and activities, but there is also an exercise to rule them all : the calf raise.

Focus On : Calf Raises

As in other “focus on” posts (such as biceps curls and squats), calf raises can be done almost anywhere, and with anything. My sister with her 2-month newborn can do calf raises in the kitchen! My little bro can do calf raises in the weight room. And my brother-in-law could do them in his office while taking a break from the computer.

So, how do we do them?

Here you go:

  • stand with your heels under your hips, toes slightly turned out
  • option: hold something heavy (either a bar on your back your something heavy in your hands)
  • rise up onto the balls of your feet
  • after a few counts, lower the heels back the floor
  • repeat, keeping good form


Not too hard, eh? But the results are magical :)

Plus, having strong calves will help you run faster, get stronger, and support any movement you do that involves walking, jogging, jumping, or bouncing.

So yah, making life in general even more fabulous.


It could even score you a spouse (if you don’t have one yet)! 😉 Heh.

In other news, I am loving THESE right now:

Pomegranates and dark chocolate! Delish

Oh so delicious. And chocolatey. mmmmmmm

Have a lovely Friday!! It is ZUMBA time up in here :)

What did YOU do to score a spouse–if you have one?? hehe. What do YOU do to sculpt the calves YOU have?? What are YOUR Friday plans??

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  1. caroline says:

    girlfriend. he isn’t looking looking at your calves! wahahaha. What did I did to score such an awesome guy? Still trying to figure out. My Friday plans? not work!! yay!

  2. Voted for you!! Good luck :). I like doing calf raises! Sometimes I also do them in a turned out position (like in ballet) and it feels like they work them in a whole different way!

  3. honestly, i rarely ever work my calves. i already naturally have pretty big calves, so i don’t really focus on them much. :/ you DO have awesome calves though – i remember! 😉

  4. I should probably do more calf raises. I used to work them into my leg workouts all the time but I haven’t recently and this week I had a horrible cramp in my calf for two days! Also probably a product of all the sitting and studying…


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