Why Greek Yogurt ? + Thankful Thursday

Hey friends! How are you doing today? It is almost Friday, so let’s just get er’ done….and the holidays are right around the corner. SO freakin’ excited!

This holiday season my entire family is going to be in town–that is 9 siblings (some of ’em are married and have kids too!) + my two parents. Hello full house, literally! 😉

some of my fam (in 09)


Did anyone try the crazy fast workout from yesterday? My sista did, but I never got the verdict because I was at a gym dying (teaching class #2 and class #3 of the day : Zumba and ZumbaToning…had taught BP in the a.m.) and she had to work a night shift (she’s a nurse). So I hope she’s still alive 😉


So, I love Greek yogurt. That is no secret around here. And as I’ve noticed from some of your blogs and comments, you all have a love affair with the stuff too. Cool.

granola + Greek yogurt = perfection

We can all be buddies and talk about Greek yogurt yumminess, okay? Sweet.

Why Greek Yogurt ?

Back in the day no one even knew what Greek yogurt was, let alone how to use it, why it is so amazing, or why Greek yogurt is a super food. But now it is ALL over the grocery stores and our fridges. And for good reason. This stuff is legit.

An article from USnews reported, ” …our Mediterranean friend [Greek yogurt]—which is strained extensively to remove much of the liquid whey, lactose, and sugar, giving it its thick consistency—does have an undeniable edge. In roughly the same amount of calories, it can pack up to double the protein, while cutting sugar content by half.”

Greek yogurt:

  • is 30% protein! This is ideal for muscle recovery and rebuilding, and staying satisfied. Hello post-workout snack!
  • is lower in sugar than regular yogurts
  • has a slightly tangy flavor which is ideal for replacing sour cream in recipes and meals
  • is obviously lower in carbohydrates than regular yogurt (less sugar)
  • a 6-ounce serving packs about 20% of the DV for Calcium
  • can be used in almost any recipe, meal, or snack
  • comes in full fat, reduced-fat, and fat-free varieties
  • is ideal for anyone who watches his/her weight and/or health
  • is offered in a variety of flavors including plain (and my fav, raspberry)

There are obviously TONS of companies that jumped on the Greek yogurt train, so there are now several different kinds to try. I like Chobani, the Costco kind–Kirkland, and Oikos. I am not necessarily partial to any company, I usually buy what is cheapest and available.

atop quesadillas!

I use Greek yogurt in the following ways:

  • as a cereal base
  • as a post workout snack
  • in smoothies
  • as a topping to any type of Mexican food
  • in soups
  • in any type of recipe that usually calls for something sour-cream like
  • in oatmeal to fluff it up

Pretty much Greek yogurt deserves its status as part of the super foods, and I am a-okay with that. Why Greek yogurt you ask?? Well, I say WHY not?

The only downside is that some varieties of Greek yogurt could be more expensive per ounce than regular yogurt. But in my opinion, in the long run the benefits of eating that Greek yogurt may totally outweigh the small cost difference.

in smoothies!

Alright, I am off to bust out some more Zumba! I love shakin’ it–even if I am totally exhausted 😉

P.s. I was chosen to be a possible team member with Team REFUEL…..so PRETTY please vote for me EVERY day until January 12th to win a grant (I’d use it to race a huge race….the half Ironman!!) and join that chocolate milk Team REFUEL. I will love you forever! Voting HEREstarts at 5:00 p.m EST tonight!!

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful you all are voting for me starting tonight at 5 pm EST!! :)
  2. I am grateful my body can do so much for me!
  3. I am thankful that my husband rubs my feet. SO amazing.

Have a lovely day!

What do YOU use Greek yogurt for?? Why Greek yogurt in YOUR life?? What is YOUR favorite way to use the stuff?? Are YOU going to vote for me daily, starting tonight?!! :)

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  1. I am obsessed with greek yogurt, Chobani in particular. Yum.

  2. Hannah says:

    Just left the gym where I did the crazy fast workout from yesterday. Downside: I’m nice and sweaty and am heading to the library, upside: I’ll be burning calories for the rest of the day while I sit still and study. Upside 2: it only took 25 minutes out of my study time. Win!!! Also.. I’ll be eating Greek yogurt dalloped oats for breakfast once I arrive at school. Yay!

  3. LOVE Greek yogurt! I use it for all sorts of stuff… with my cereal, in smoothies, by itself, as a substitute for sour cream and mayo – the list goes on! i love the creamy, rich taste it delivers, and the protein it packs is awesome! i have a hard time getting enough protein sometimes, so it helps me out a ton. it is a little more expensive, but i agree, the extra cost is absolutely worth it to me in the long run.

  4. I love greek yogurt…I worked with a woman YEARS ago who made her own Greek yogurt…She made me an ICE CREAM PAIL full once. That was a tad too much 😉 Greek yogurt really is all the rage right now for sure…And for good reason!

    I use it in overnight oats, smoothies, preworkout snack with cocao nibs or pb, etc. It’s my go to!

    Have fun boogeying! I’m yoga-ing tonight. Looking forward to it too!

  5. Can you believe I just finally took the greek yogurt plunge?! I’m so happy that I’ve made the switch, though! I love having it solo or with fruit and granola and I’ve also used it to make a skinny version of egg salad.

  6. I LOVE greek yogurt! Chobani has been my fav brand so far…and the raspberry is my favorite flavor :). I usually just eat it plain, but yesterday I sprinkled some cinnamon on the vanilla cho and dipped apple slices in it. It was delish!

  7. I love Greek yogurt, but am partial to Fage 2% plain. I could eat buckets of the stuff!
    I throw Greek yogurt in my ice cream maker along with some fruit, and it’s awesome (you have to eat it right away though- it does not freeze well).
    And your hubby rocks- having my feet rubbed is one of my favorite things in the world.

  8. I literally go through about 2.5 tubs of Trader Joe’s 0% greek yogurt every week. It’s a huge staple in my diet!

  9. Shalayne Villarreal says:

    I love greek yogurt too! (And I LOVE your website) But I have a question…you say it can be used in “almost any recipe”. What kind of recipes can it not be used in? Does it heat well, etc.? Ex. When breading chicken for recipes I use plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise (which some recipes call for) because I don’t like mayonnaise, but could I use plain greek yogurt too? Just curious what kind of recipes to stay away from. Thanks!!!

    Love you!!!

    • thanks girl :) It does heat well, but if there is baking soda involved with the sour cream I don’t believe the greek yogurt will work….the chicken recipes sounds like it’d be fine, though! :) xoxo!

  10. yanni says:

    Oh well, it is just great. If you ever go to greece, try some buffalo greek yogurt (i mean it is from buffalo milk, tastes super, full fat, low cholesterole but a bit more expensive and rare to find), and the Kri-kri brand, especially the sheep’s milk stuff…. Just perfect



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