No Bad Foods

Hey guys!

How is YOUR holiday fitness challenge going? A few ladies at the gym are taking the challenge too, and they are loving how strong they feel. Woot! As a check in— I DID what I promised–P90x Plyo followed by BodyPUMP! Hard stuff but feels so good!


Seriously, what a totally awesome weekend–full of relaxing, good friends, hot tub time, hard fitness work, and delicious foods.

Let me tell you a story about those delicious foods (buckle up, because you might have to run to the store/pantry/kitchen! Can’t say I didn’t warn ya πŸ˜‰ ) And food anxiety.

No Bad Foods Story

Over the last several years I would’ve hated this weekend because of what I ate. Back then I would have hated myself for eating it : 7 or so years ago I would’ve avoided the screaming in my head and not eaten them at all; 4 or so years ago I would’ve eaten half the bag in a hurry, while hoping no one would see me; 3 or so years ago I would have eaten them out of stress or sadness; 2 or so years ago I would have eaten them and then thrown ’em up and then lied to myself about having eaten them.

Well, NOW I just “mmmmm” my way through ’em.

You see, I bought some chips that I had been craving for monthsΒ now. Remember my fun survey from Friday?! Well, I mentioned those chips in it. My husband likes ’em too, so we’ve been happily chomping our way through the bag last week.

{I don’t usually eat chips but I’m pretty sure my body is craving salt–I’ve determined that this is the reason I was craving them in such a bad way!}

On Friday I ate the rest of the bag.



I wanted the chips so I ate the chips. They were the Tostitos Lime Chips (and they are killer. SO good) There were probably about 1.5 servings left in the bag and I ate ’em all! And they ended up being my lunch. Haha.


I did not feel bad about myself, I did not throw them up, and I did not worry about how much I would have to exercise the next day because of what I ate. I simply ATE the chips, loved it, and went back to work.

That is CRAZY awesome.

The only reason I remembered all this was because a few hours later my husband asked me where the chips went.


{It is of note that I ate some other chips later on in the weekend—I need salt! holy!!–and my stomach did end up hurting. Deliciousness and overindulging CAN lead to stomachaches as well. Just throwing that out there lest anyone think I can eat whatever, whenever and that I only eat junk.}

So friends, any diet or fad or gimmick that tells you there are foods that are labeled as “bad” are trying to sell you something completely evil and false.

There are NO bad foods.

The second you understand, believe, and embrace that, you free yourself from constant worrying about what you’re going to avoid, what you have to limit yourself to, and what foods your mind will be thinking about

At least that is what it did for me (for someone who suffered from various disordered eating and food anxiety).

I don’t eat fast food, really. I don’t like mushrooms (yuck!). And I really hate the smell of peanut butter (so sorry!!). But none of those foods are necessarily bad. I just don’t like them.

Chips can be unhealthy for us if eaten in copious amounts and if eaten too often (this is science), but chips in and of themselves are NOT bad.

very special times equals very special food (Christmas Eve Cheese Fondue, 2009)

Same goes for any food that might be in the “bad”category. Even donuts, butter, and cheeseburgers (which I used to consider as the “death” foods) are not “bad.” They just should be saved for very rare, special times, and eaten in small amounts.

Embrace this idea and you’ll be free of food anxiety during this holiday season and forever! *For those of you who have suffered, are suffering, or might suffer from these worries, please reach out to me if you’d like extra help (holiday special price!!)

And for those of you looking to lose weight, this is KEY to embrace as well – because the second a food is “off limits” you will want that food. Guaranteed.

Have a LOVELY day. I can’t wait to get back to the gym and teach some BodyPUMP. I think I am addicted to that instead of sugar….. πŸ˜‰

Have YOU ever labeled a food as “bad”?? What foods do YOU usually avoid or dislike?? Any stories about this out there??

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  1. Great post! I’m so happy that you are now able to eat those chips with a worry free mine! That is awesome. I definitely used to label foods as bad, but now I really try hard to do what you’re saying and just eat the less healthy foods on occasion and in moderation…and enjoy them when I do!

  2. I definitely still have certain foods that i have a hard time eating because I know how many calories are in them, such as pasta or olive oil. Trying to not think about that though!

    • It is VERY hard to get over that mindset, I totally understand! I think focusing on the good parts about things and eating them in small amounts to begin with helps.

      Good luck with finals!

  3. girl, i still don’t understand how in the heck you don’t like peanut butter. it’s one of my all-time favorite foods – you crazy! πŸ˜‰

    i definitely have struggled with this, and still do at times! it’s definitely a mental thing that is hard to conquer, but is definitely necessary to overcome a disordered mindset. i still struggle at times with calorie heavy foods such as baked goods (which I LOVE), pasta, and high fat foods but i’m slowly starting to work them back in my diet and loving every bite of them. πŸ˜‰

    • I don’t know either, PB smells nasty to me and makes me gag. I am SO sorry πŸ˜‰

      It IS a mental thing….but with small steps you’ve got this. And focusing on the good parts about it and the hard work in the fitness dept totally help!

  4. I avoid fried foods. I don’t really “like” many fried things in general, but they also make my stomach feel awful. Rich desserts do that, too, but I don’t avoid that completely. :)
    And not liking PB- are there any nut butters you DO like? (or did I miss that?)
    And no mushrooms?? You are missing OUT!!!

    • I agree on the fried foods/rich desserts. It’s like 1 time a year. Hah.

      I LOVE almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, flax seed butter πŸ˜‰ But no, PB makes me gag. It is the smell. But I don’t like peanuts…..

      And mushrooms are a fungus πŸ˜‰ heh.

  5. What a great inspirational post! I agree with everything you just said, but its so hard to get into that mind frame and allow yourself to believe that! I try to eat healthy food most of the time and that way i don’t feel so guilty about the “bad” foods as you called them but sometimes that guilt is still there. Trying to work on it though! Thanks again for the inspiration!

    • :)

      I agree, it is hard sometimes–but every little step toward getting in that mindset counts! You’re probably doing better than you realize, Val!

  6. Your post mirrors my post today ONCE AGAIN. I can’t believe how in sync we are sometimes…I absolutely labelled foods as bad…Such as chips, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, nuts, nut butters, pasta, rice, etc. Basically it didn’t matter if it was highly processed or just high in calories…I stayed away from it. NOT ANYMORE.

    I have been indulging more over the holiday season and that is tough at times for me but I’m getting better every year!

  7. You are so right – there are no bad foods! I struggled to realize that same thing for almost a decade. I’m so happy you are in a better place now and were able to really enjoy those chips! :)

  8. Thank you for posting this Annette! :) I am completely guilty of labelling foods as bad – fast food, potatoes, white rice, pasta, white bread, chips, chocolate, sugar, desserts, full-fat dairy AND most recently cereal – ahh you name it !! I can eat some of these things (rarely..), I do strive for that balance, but it’s the guilt that comes after that gets me.. I was able to write about it a little in my last post, which helps to put it in words, but I know my whole mindset needs to change. Thank you for showing that it IS possible!! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh yes, it IS possible. But it is not an easy road….and I guess that should be said too. However, the chips were delicious! Once we come to peace with food it won’t and can’t control us. Have a lovely day, Clare :)

  9. Oh, those hint of lime chips! They could kill me…I love them so much!


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