Focus On : Reverse Fly

Hey friends!

The weekend has touched down. Woot. Hope it’s going to be a lovely one for you!

We all know I am a fitness fanatic (if not, then, here ya go: I am a fitness fanatic). What you might not know is that I am passionate about helping others reach their fitness and health goals.

Well, weight training can pretty much help you out in any fitness or health goal. Almost 99% guaranteed!

So, let’s talk reverse flys today-shall we?!

Focus On : Reverse Fly

The reverse fly is similar to a chest fly (uh, duh) but turned around. Meaning, your face/chest faces down toward the floor–whether that is on a bench, standing, or kneeling is up to you.

A reverse fly works the back, upper back, and shoulder muscles. Remember how we’re bringing sexy back? Oh yah.

Because I am not feeling wordy today, I’ll leave you with a bunch of pics and a tad of explanation.


double the fun:


To do the reverse fly correctly:

  • Tip forward (this is vital if standing/sitting/kneeling)
  • Squeeze the back muscles to bring the weights to the side
  • Don’t fly the weights above the shoulder level <—could cause injury (and may engage in swinging, which does NADA for you)
  • Keep back strong by bracing the abs



If you’re looking for a good back and shoulder workout, do the reverse fly 3 different ways for 12 reps each. The 3rd set (the 3rd way) should be hard to get through, but not impossible (for suggested weight selection).

Have a GREAT weekend!

Which of the above ways is YOUR favorite to do a reverse fly?? What is YOUR favorite way to work your back?? 

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  1. Love the reverse fly! My favorite way is to just stand while bending over. Adding a stability ball into the mix with one leg is always fun to make it more challenging too. Standing on a BOSU can make it even MORE challenging! 😉

  2. I’ve only ever tried it standing and bending over! i should try some other ways!

  3. I LOVE doing the reverse fly! My shoulder’s naturally round forward which makes me look like I have kind of bad posture, so doing these really helps! I’ll have to try them with the stability ball!

  4. I always do the one on the top, the simplest one.
    But now that I have an exercise ball, I might have to give the second one a try..
    Since I play volleyball, I want to strengthen my shoulder!

  5. Oh wow.. I have never actually done reverse fly before – think I might have to try it ! I usually just work my back doing a series of floor poses, like in pilates and yoga – maybe I’ll have to get a little more adventurous :)



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