Weekly Fitness Breakdown

Hey weekend–so glad you’re here :)

I realized I had never told you all what exactly my “normal” fitness week looks like (thanks to Lauren for pointing this out)! I do teach a lot of fitness classes + I need SOME time to myself, so it is a lot–but you also have to understand it is my job to get & stay fit and help others do the same :)

(I’ve gotten snarky comments before about how I exercise too much. Bah humbug<—they’re prob just jealous. okay, I kid, I kid.) I think what is key for me is that I KNOW my limits now and I exercise for totally different reasons NOW than I did before when I struggled with exercise addictions. (And I eat a lot more and a lot more often + I sleep TONS).

I <3 sleep. And beds. And naps. (2009-right after 2nd marathon)

Okay! Here it is (a “normal” week) –so less normal might be more or less activity, depending on if I sub more or not or how many clients I have where I do the workouts with them. All workouts are in the a.m.–but if they are not, it says “evening.”

My Weekly Fitness Breakdown

Monday :

  • 40 minute light elliptical (usually do some reading, prep for classes, study material)
  • teach 1 hour BodyPUMP class
  • teach 1 hour Zumba class (in the evening)

Tuesday :

  • 45-60 minute treadmill workout (at home–NO gym this day); usually a HIIT workout
  • sometimes I sub in the evenings (Pilates and/or BodyPUMP)

Wednesday :

  • 45 minute stair/elliptical workout (moderate intensity)
  • teach 1 hour BodyPUMP class

Thursday :

  • teach 1 hour Zumba class
  • teach 1 hour BodyPUMP class (in the evening)

Friday :

Saturday :

  • 1 hour P90x Plyometrics or HIIT workout on the treadmill
  • teach 1 hour BodyPUMP class (I sub almost every Sat, and if I don’t then I lift on my own)

Sunday :

  • OFF!!!! Major REST day (I go to church, take naps, and go for short walks.)

As you can see I like the gym. I really do. And I like to sweat. A lot. And I REALLY love what I do (+ I am fitness/health coach as my day job–I work from home.) It is SO fun for me to pump other people up in their excitement for fitness, health, and their personal wellness journeys. I am in the midst of it all and I am passionate about it and helping others become passionate about it as well!


I also do some Boot camp style work, personal training, and fitness consults with clients on the side–and offer these services to anyone through the Internet (if you have a webcam, we can set something up).

Anyways, there it is! By the way, the plyometrics and more intense cardio before the BodyPUMP on Saturday is a new thing for me, as I am taking the Holiday challenge (along with all of you…..right?!!)– to kick my fitness up a NOTCH!

And yes, I am always getting foot rubs and back massages from my husband (he calls me “permasore” -because there is always an area that feels good if he massages it out)–he is the BEST! (I don’t even ask, he just does it. He’s a gem.)

he's the best. (Nov, 2011)

And yes, there are some days where I don’t feel like going, or teaching, or I am tired…..BUT the second I start I am SO glad I went. (So is my boss, I’d be fired if I didn’t. haha)

And because it is Saturday….I am off to do some PLYO work and teach a BodyPUMP class :)

Have a great weekend!!

What does YOUR weekly fitness breakdown look like?? Any areas YOU want to focus on or improve upon?? <—I need more Yoga in my life. How to fit it in, I am not sure….The end.

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  1. Ahhh I’m so jealous! I would love to just live in the gym! Especially when Zumba and Bodypump are involved!

  2. Wow you are awesome! I don’t think I would survive if I exercised that much haha. I need to do more ab work. I always do it on days that I lift but it isn’t something I really enjoy so I don’t ever focus that much on it!

    • I thought I wouldn’t either, but somehow I make it. But Saturday afternoon I always lie low. Hah.

      I like plank work for ab stuff-makes it more engaging, but yeah, it is HARD to remember to always stick it in somewhere. :)

  3. You are a superwoman! I wish my workouts looked like your’s every week! 😉 I usually do 20-30 minutes moderate cardio + weights on Mon/Wed/Fri, and then 45-60 mins higher intensity cardio on Tues/Thurs/Sat. I switch up my workouts all the time, but that’s my general schedule. Like you, I definitely need to fit in more yoga and stretching, but the question is, when?!

    It’s awesome to know that you truly are as enthusiastic about your job as you talk about here on your blog. I can attest to it because I’ve witnessed it and been to your classes! 😉 You rock!

    • I like your workout schedule–that is a good one!

      I KNOW, when the heck are we going to do yoga??? We need some sort of accountability…..hmmmm.

  4. I would post my work out schedule…. But I won’t because you might cry. It is pretty non exsistant these days! Si thank you for your holiday challenge to push it up a notch. Do you still do Pilates before bed every night? Amazing Annette. You really are amazing!

    • haha. It will look better soon-promise :)

      I don’t do it every night, but I do some sort of (short) core work every other day.

  5. Wowsers!! That is an intense workout week!

    I usually spin on Sunday, an aerobics workout dvd Monday morning, Yoga monday night, aerobics dvd on tuesday morning, zumba tuesday night, aerobics dvd on wednesday morning, MAYBE spin on wednesday (if I’m not busy), aerobics dvd on thursday morning, spin on thursday night, aerobics dvd on Friday and maybe YOGA on Saturday if I’m not busy. I usually workout 7-9 times in 5 or 6 days.

  6. Hooray for posting this- thanks! I was very curious. Man, you make my schedule seem light- I’m really glad to see that there is a rest day in there!
    I’m wondering if you have issues with lifting on back to back days? As in, what about muscle recovery? I never do BP two days in a row, because I’ve heard so much about working the same muscle group without enough rest in between is very bad and causes injury… any thoughts?

    • :)

      I don’t ever have issues lifting back to back days, but I try not to. I do it if I sub for someone (i.e. tue night and wednesday morning–which is hard and I get really sore!!), but my normal schedule does not do back-to-back…..at least 24 hours back to back.

      For example, I teach PUMP wed morning and Thurs night, but because it is more than 24 hours, I feel fine and ready for Thurs night. I’ve never had an injury either!

      This could be different for each person–so listen to your body :)

      Can’t wait to see more posts from you teaching PUMP. Kia Ora!!!

  7. Lets face it, without people like you to motivate us in a class where would we be…… I love the gym and try to stick to the same days so I meet up with the same people. But also love to run (on the treadmill in the winter) to each their own I say, as long as you get some exercise and you look after yourself

    • :)

      Good for you for going to classes-they are so motivating! I agree with your philosophy, everyone IS different. Thanks for stopping by, Tracey!

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