Shake The Soreness

Hey friends! It was a short work week over here, which feels nice :)

After talking about all that sugar it made me want to just bust out some sprints! Or grab the weights. Or shake it all off :)

Let me explain.

See, I was so sore from teaching 3 classes within a 17 hour period (2 of them BodyPUMP) after taking a week off of that type of exercise, that I couldn’t do much more than pray and hope Zumba (which I teach the following day-Thurs-) worked the kinks and soreness out.

ZUMBA clothes!!

Shake The Soreness

The verdict?? Zumba helped TONS!

Who knew that a great cardio session of high-intensity dance moves, shakin’ it, and lots of booty and hip movements could help reduce the soreness I was feeling from weight training?!

Actually, I did know that. It is WORSE to sit around and do nothing when you’re totally sore. It is so much better to move around and do something light and cardio-central. Granted my Zumba classes are not defined as “light” by anyone who has tried them, but it is pure cardio-without any weights at all.


I was able to teach BodyPUMP again last night, and it was rough, yes, but not as bad as it would’ve been, had I sat on my butt all day working. (As an instructor I feel it is my duty and responsibility to give the class the best, meaning I do not go light on weights nor do I stop even if I am tired or sore. It is crucial for them to have that motivation when it gets tough!)

Why Soreness

When we get sore it is because the body has been loaded (or a specific area or muscle group has had a load placed upon it that was) greater than what it was used to. Soreness is usually a good sign that you trained an area that hadn’t been trained (or at least in awhile).

TOO much soreness, however, can cause problems and may lead to further injury. If you are sore more than 48 hours (because of DOMS–more to come about this later) from a certain class or workout, you might have done too much and may need to back off a little. Otherwise, if the soreness is only mild after 48 hours, it means your body is changing (!!) and your muscle cells (aka muscle fibers) are rebuilding themselves & the tears that were caused by the training—making for fitter, stronger cells…..and a fitter/stronger you!

{And yes, 1 week of not weight training will make you insanely sore when you go back to it. Especially if you’re usually lifting 4 times a week like I do!}

Ideas To Reduce Soreness

  • foam roll
  • Zumba (or other cardio)
  • stretch

sttttrrreeettccchhh (right after my 1st marathon-2008)

  • yoga
  • sleep extra!
  • ice baths
  • use/wear compression clothes
  • go on a walk
  • get a massage <—my absolute fav!! (thanks to the husband)
  • rub some muscle soreness cream on it

I am off to teach some more Zumba! Wheeee! I love shakin’ my booty :)

What are YOUR ways to reduce soreness?? What cardio do YOU love to do to ‘shake’ the soreness out?? Any new muscle groups YOU’ve recently found out about?? <—my hamstrings and adductors are on fire!! Love it.

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  1. I’m actually incredibly sore this week too… Like you said, after not doing anything strength training for a week (since we were in AZ), my muscles have been on fire this week! It sure did feel great to be sore though – I love the feeling. It makes me feel productive and like I’m doing something good for myself. When I’m sore, I do some light cardio and stretch, a lot. Today I think I might try a yoga workout that will help me loosen up a bit.

  2. I was so sore a few weeks ago from a new workout that I couldn’t work out for a whole week, now I realize that I pushed myself too much. I usually find streching usually helps.

  3. i ice sometimes to reduce soreness..i also like stretching and massaging :) I always find I feel a bit better after some cardio when i’m sore…usually something a little lighter like elliptical or biking!

    is it weird that i love being sore though? it makes me feel so much stronger knowing that i’m feeling the effects :)

  4. I got a massage for my sore hamstrings and shoulders last week – yoga wasn’t cutting it!


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