Is Sugar Addicting?

Hey you guys! Glad to hear you all love circuit training–it is such a great workout, and I sure had some fun with it during my days away from a traditional gym (where I usually like 1/4th of my life. Heh.)

I am on a plane headed home and I am full of family, smiles, rolls, a new haircut (!!!), memories, crafts, gifts, and sugar.

Yes, sugar.

I did eat sugar over the holidays (about 8 days total for me) in many forms. I did not go {too} overboard. Hah. And I definitely enjoyed every bite (except for the 1 time I did go overboard and had seconds on ice cream. My stomach said no but my head said yes…..and, well, not enjoyable afterwards. I will write a post about this interaction in the next few days).

Is Sugar Addicting?

Anyways want to see some sugar!?

I thought so.

So here is the beginning of an answer (in few to no words) to the very complex question: “Is Sugar Addicting? (I will write a more scientific post with LOTS of words in a few days…..suspense is the bomb!!)

Without further ado…..

cookies on the plane

My butterscotch chia cookies were very appreciated on the long flight to visit the in-laws.

cinnamon syrup is like really good candy!

French Toast with homemade cinnamon syrup on the morning of Thanksgiving. Ya know, to stretch the stomach out 😉

gotta have it

Caramel…..and some frozen yogurt in there too 😉 We went on a little date and I had a coupon for a fro yo place–so of course we needed to get my fill of it! They had pumpkin and eggnog flavors (both were pretty good even though I don’t like real eggnog–I love nutmeg though.)


There was pie…..and I ate some of the apple pie filling, but for some odd reason I don’t like pie crusts. I think it tastes dry. But I do like certain fillings. So I had some of the apple one with ice cream! No picture, but I had a pic of the pumpkin pie before being baked. You’re welcome for that long story.

The Rest Of the Sugar (non-pictured items) from the 8 days: 4 York Peppermint patties (LOVE!) + ice cream (1 good-sized serving with toppings plus another small scoop) + 2 squares dark chocolate + 1/2 a piece of pumpkin roll + 2 servings of chocolate chips

{writing that all out makes me kind of laugh! luckily it was all spread out over 192 hours!}

So, did that sort of answer the question “Is Sugar Addicting?”

Kind of.

For me at least, once I eat some sugar (or something very dessert-y), I tend to crave or want it again the next day or later in the day. If I don’t eat really sugary foods (I am not talking about fruits here), I don’t usually miss the desserts.

Weird, eh?

So with all of that being said, there is scientific backing to this explanation as well. Plus there are a myriad of other factors such as holidays (food! duh!), family, social gatherings, parties, celebrations, etc. that usually involve sugary foods and may contribute to the ‘addictive’ nature of the sugary foods because of the association between food and memories or gatherings.


There was your teaser. Think about it, and let’s discuss shall we?! I’ll bring some science to the table in a few days.

So, more on all of that later–I have a plane ride to enjoy, a book to read, and some serious napping to take care of 😉

What desserts did YOU enjoy this last week?? What are YOUR views on the addictive nature of sugar (or lack thereof)??

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  1. I definately think it can be addictive, but for me I find it draws me in more when something is bothering me. I’m an emotional eater and I feel like I crave sweets more when i’m stressed, upset, bored etc.

    When I’m in a good place with nothing really bothering me sweets seem to loose their appeal a bit. I have thought about giving up sugar, but I can never bring myself to do it. I feel like that makes me want it even more.

    I’m curious to hear what you have to say on this topic in the coming days.

    • Sweets definitely draw us in in our weak moments because our bodies (and hormones) shout out at us that we need that rush in our systems (because of the chemicals that are released once sugar and other ‘feel’ good foods are eaten) < ---more to come :)

  2. I had a couple pieces of pie throughout the course of the week, I helped my siblings and husband devour a brownie sundae one evening at dinner, I had a couple pieces of chocolate, and I had a cup of fro-yo one day with a good friend. I am a HUGE lover of sweets! I notice that if I am eating them often, I consistently crave them more. When I used to drink diet soda all the time and other artificial sweeteners a lot, I noticed I craved sugar all the time! It was horrible. I’ve noticed that since I cut a lot of artificial sweeteners out of my diet, I don’t crave sweets nearly as much as I used to. I still need to have at least SOMETHING sweet each day though. 😉

  3. I am completely addicted to sugar, I now put Truvia in everything rather than using real sugar, but it’s still not a good thing! Once I get started, I just crave it like crazy! I try and not have anything sugary until after lunch though, otherwise I want sugar all day long!

  4. I am like you! If I eat a lot of sugary things then I crave more of it, but if I don’t then I don’t want it that much. I did eat a bunch of sweets last week though, and they were all delicious and totally worth the splurge!

  5. caroline says:

    sugar is totally addicting and I am an addict. I would love to know what you do to nip the addiction because during the holiday seasons there tends to be even more around. This thanksgiving pumpkin pie really hit the spot for me.

  6. I might be addicted to sugar! I notice I always feel like I should eat something sweet after dinner. I try to eat mostly home baked goods so it is somehow healthier. Ha!

  7. I’ve noticed that a few days of eating “regular” refined sugar – my craving for the stuff comes back. It’s totally addicting… once you ween yourself off of the white stuff for good it can be so liberating. Check out how I seized my sugar cravings once and for all!


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