Circuit Training Workouts

Hey, hey! Did you all have a lovely weekend? I definitely did. I ate rolls, enjoyed being thankful, did a bunch of different workouts, and played tons with my in-law family. Plus I made some crafts and did some killer shopping (meaning I got cute shirts for $4 and sports bras for $2!). It was a super fantastic weekend.

So, as I mentioned last week I am upping my game, and I invited you all to join the challenge to kick it up a notch on the fitness front during the holiday season. However, I never did give options for workouts. This post will give you many options for what to do in your very own living room or in a gym!

grab those dumbbells

Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit training is effective because it combines weight training, full-body exercises, bodyweight exercises, and cardio all into one shorter (or semi-long) workout that sheds body fat, blasts calories, and makes you (and me) feel awesome!

Sounds like a magic pill, right?!

Almost :)

We do actually have to DO something, but luckily it is fun (or at least semi-fun) and it helps us feel amazing. Well, it makes ME feel like a million bucks, so hopefully you get somewhat similar benefits as well 😉

**Please warm-up for 3-5 minutes before doing any of these (i.e. walking, step touches, shoulder rolls, walking up and down a step). Also, please consult a physician if needed for your situation before making any changes to your workouts. For the workouts, don’t use dumbbells for the cardio minutes (usually 2 minutes in the middle of the workouts)

Circuit Training Workout Option #1

  • 1 minute of squats with overhead press (press up when squat down)
  • 30 seconds 1-armed bent-over dead row while lifting the back leg, 30 seconds other arm/leg
  • 1 minute pushups
  • 1 minute jump squats
  • 1 minute ski-twisting (twist from side to side while holding ‘pretend’ ski poles)
  • 30 seconds V-sit ups
  • 30 seconds bicycle crunches
  • repeat circuit 2 more times through

doing a jump squat -August 2011

Circuit Training Workout Option #2

  • 1 minute walking lunges (switch legs each time)-holding dumbbells
  • 1 minute plie squats with triceps extensions
  • 30 seconds leg side raise with opposite arm side raise-using dumbbells
  • 1 minute burpees
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 30 second plank hold
  • 30 second plank with leg taps (out and in)
  • repeat circuit 2 times through!

walking lunges

Circuit Training Workout Option #3

  • 1 minute squats with biceps curls
  • 1 minute bent-over dead row while holding static long lunge (switch legs half way through)
  • 1 minute pushups
  • 1 minute jump-switch lunges
  • 1 minute mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds reverse crunches
  • 30 seconds sit ups
  • repeat circuit 2 times through

These circuits are each killer and a lot of fun. Because circuits use the entire body to work hard you are guaranteed to sweat buckets, shed body fat, and burn calories even after you end the workout!! Another added bonus: you will literally feel like a million bucks all day long, after the workout has ended. And if not, we gotta talk 😉

You can always do these workouts outside, ya know…..

grab those socks and shoes....let's GO!

….but only if you live in a sunny, warm place right now. Hah.

P.s. If you ever have any questions about what these exercises look like, google ’em 😉 Or just ask me!

Have YOU tried a circuit workout before?? What is YOUR favorite strength training combo exercise to do?? Any cool cardio moves I need to know about??

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  1. this post is PERFECT! i have been looking to change up my work out routine and this should do the trick… plus provide me with 3 different options! thank you thank you thank you! what are plie squats?

    • wahooo! :)

      Plie squats are squats with turned out feet, and the heels are spread to about a foot outside of the hips. (Like a ballet plie…..hehe) They are sometimes known as sumo squats, I think?

  2. I love, love, LOVE circuit workouts! They are definitely my favorite way to workout. They keep things interesting, work your entire body, and get your workout done quick!

  3. Hey- just wondering: how many days a week do you typically teach Bodypump? And do you ever lift on the other days? I don’t… but my legs get such a workout when I teach spin, that I’m often trembling by the time we get to lunges in BP. Can you do a post sometime about your typical weekly work out schedule? (or if you’ve already done this in the past- link to it?)
    Thanks girl!! :)

    • I teach BodyPUMP 3-4x/week. I lift on the day that I don’t teach (i sometimes teach 4 times, sometimes only 3)–so I lift 4 times during a normal week.

      I’d be happy to do a post about my workouts, coming soon… :)

  4. I do Jillian’s circuit style DVDs at least twice a week!

  5. I don’t usually do circuits alone because I just don’t have the motivation to keep it going! Pylometrics are my least favorite…. lol. I also usually fall over when I do the lunges where you jump to switch your legs. Dangerous.

    • It is nice to have another person there doing it with you, very true :)

      Yes, those lunges jumping and switching are deadly….hehe.


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